Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 24

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Debating about the ways of greeting the holidays? Great…

Yup, she’s going crazy AGAIN, so he has to pull her back. Reality check, lol.

She ate too much stuff since the holidays that she’s a tad off? NICE…he’ll pay for this. Trust me, he will.

Games: 惡魔法則 Online, 蒼狼傳 Online, 雷神戰記 Online

Okay, ready for round 2? LOL! She’s jumpy again.

Yup, ignore him. LOL!

She’s praising him? Definitely a catch coming up somewhere, lol. He was trying to show off? Too bad he couldn’t keep his balance? Or was he just kidding? Probably was kidding. LOL!

Time to verify the facts again. Let’s see who’s right this time. Oh, they were both right since one was for Player Station and the other version for Wii.

His turn to complain about her messing him up? LOL!

Yay! Playing a game where they’re fighting–literally. Well, I’m just excited to see them PK since I miss that.

Oh yeah, she’s Tyson and he’s Ali. It looks like he’s taking most of the beating, but we’ll see what happens since it’s too early to say. Oh nvm, he beat her during round 1.

Switch-over now. Let’s see if she could beat him this time around. Okay, she won this time. I wonder if it’s just the characters they get to choose or the technique.

What? More harebrained ideas? LOL! He stopped her. PHEW! (LOL)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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