Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 25

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Just starting and she was asking him questions already? LOL! Oh well…just a way to start the show. They weren’t too random though since it was part of a way to introduce a new gadget.

Kind of different with this segment that after the commercial, they went into covering a promotional event–instead of the usual randomness before introducing more games.

They were trying to be cute with the welcome back greeting? LOL! Honestly, I was expecting a bit more randomness after some cute move like that. But it was all right. They were aiming for tuning it down a bit after the craziness of the last few episodes? But then again, they could come back for another surprising moment.

Working up a disagreement again? LOL! We’ll see.

I so didn’t see that coming. LOL! (Though I should have.) How did she turn that around to targeting him? (Well, wasn’t like that but still funny in directing it toward him.)

Showing off their ‘Wing Chun’ moves? (LOL)

OMG! That was a priceless move! LOL! That got her reaction all right! He sure got a good laugh out of it. After she supposedly calmed down, she was protesting? LOL! That was cute though. Getting dramatic, but it was all right. Seriously compensating for the first part of the segment–since they seemed a tad more serious? (LOL)

Trying to explain themselves? But I already guessed that they must have a good relationship off-screen to be able to bicker like that on-screen. I meant their friendship/bond, NOT implying other relationship or trying to cause misunderstanding here. But their expressions were so mischievous that makes you wonder, LOL!

YUP, two seconds later and they were back at it again! LOL! So much for the explanation and peaceful embrace seconds ago.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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