Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 27

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It was just starting and she was jumping around again? Well, like that was news but still…

Anyway, should they be talking about other people’s height? Well, he could since he was mad tall already, but her? They were joking, but still might be a touchy subject? But they moved away from that already. (Or will they bring it up later again?)

Games: 風色英雄傳 Online, 穿越火線CF Online, 光速城市 Ray City, 飄邈之旅 Online

I especially liked the segment where they had the interviews since we got to hear it from the creators of the game as well as see a bit into the developmental process.

What is she doing again? Oh…demonstrating for the PS Move thing? (Or was just being random? LOL!)

He’s not going to hand that over to her later, or is he? Just explaining, right? (LOL)

I knew it! With a gadget like that, how could she resist? Is he going to give it to her?

Yay, she got to play! (LOL) OMG, I could so relate. She was so trigger happy. (She shot her own side, LOL!)

She’s excited, too excited. Something’s up. Oh…only talking anniversary? (Thought she was up to something again. Like up to no good, lol.)

Exaggerating much? And was he mocking her? (LOL)

OMG, the confrontation! (And random, but I still have no idea what he’s wearing…so serious here.) And that was so funny. You buy a game and you get food for free? DARN, that’s a first. LOL! But why not, right? Oh well…moving on, lol…

This was sooo cute, LOL! Nice pose.

It would be funny if he said he didn’t understand, lol. Then all her efforts would be wasted, lol.

I don’t know what round it is, but she gets to pick on him again. YES, he messed up because he got too excited. He was looking at girls again and didn’t pay attention? Nothing new. BUT YES, time to test him (if he really listened).

This is priceless! LOL! So the reason he knew it all was because there was a big poster right there? LOL! No wonder. Busted, I guess.

That was messed up! Trying to conceal his tactics by doing that? Slick all right, weaved right out of that one by introducing the next part.

What was she doing bouncing around like that? Ooooohhhh, finally saw the sign when she stopped bouncing, LOL! (At least temporarily…) Really? Was that a hint? Awww…it wasn’t what I was thinking, lol. Oh well…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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