Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 28

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Cosplay again. Nice shades of blue. But weird costumes? (LOL) But let’s hear the explanation before jumping in, eh?

Okay, this could get sooo interesting. (YUP, remembering back to all those other times where she confronted him, etc.) But they were back to portraying a couple again? (That was ages back.) OMG, that was sooo wrong, asking if they have boyfriends or not–right there. Tsk…tsk…yup, and he still dared say he wasn’t a pervert? They were arguing again. Like it was news. Yet it was so funny how the two girls were informing everyone of stuff, etc and he jumped in to provide his own–and Xiao Xiao Yu said, “No one asked you.” (LOL! Jealous again, right?) He got her back with the ‘love letter’ comment. These two are seriously priceless. So funny that he felt cheated since the contents were the same, lol. So those weren’t love letters after all. Oh well…

Games: 神鑰王 Online, 星空戀曲 Online

Time to set the record straight? (OR NOT!)

Arrogant much? (LOL)

Yet she got him back! (Double LOL)

OMG, seriously, man? That’s how you translate it to English? (I’m sure he was kidding.) That was a good laugh all right.

She had every right to scold him. How could he forget? (LOL)…if you didn’t get it, their characters were Si Ma Zhao (司馬昭) and Wang Yuan Ji (王元姬) from the 3 kingdoms era. (Si Ma Zhao was Si Ma Yi’s son and Wang Yuan Ji was Wang Su’s daughter. Look it up. It’s quite interesting.)

OMG, he still dared say? She should beat him up already.

YUP, she’s still going. (But on the random side, I’m starting to get used to her outfit. His? The shade is nice but I don’t like the design as much.) Seeing their characters in the game was cool though.

Time for more giving him a hard time? (LOL)

Eh…okay, back to a game where they could complete. Let’s see who wins this time, LOL! (Aka will he let her win?)

(smacks head) Here we go again with the picking on her. But then since the show’s ending, she gave him a break? (LOL)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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10 thoughts on “Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 28

  1. they’re doing another video game related dress up thing? do they do that a lot or do you just like posting them in cosplay attire? lolool

  2. I did post them in regular attires, probably you only spotted the ones with cosplays. But I guess it’s like they shift back and forth at times, depending on what games are being introduced. It ended already, I’m behind on updates because I want to spread it out.

  3. hmm wonder if it gives them more viewers to dress up… it sure caught my attention… not sure if it’s good or bad. ahahah

  4. What? YUP, that was random all right. I don’t like V-neck on girls either, lol. Fair? Or were you just completely off topic about other stuffs? OY!

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