Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 30

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Eh…have they ever been in yellow before? Maybe, maybe not.

They changed place to introduce the next segment? Well, was just trying to stir the atmosphere up a bit after the previous announcement.

Games: 希望之光 Online, World of Hero 英雄世界, 神泣 R Online

OMG, what in the world are they doing? (LOL) Oh, he’s trying to show off, lol.

He admit he’s not sure either? (A first.) Oh…okay, not a big deal. But still kind of funny how he went on and on ever so convincingly yet he wasn’t sure either.

Making weird faces. Or trying to mimic some game character again? And he’s definitely paying for all those comments later.

LOL! NOT that Zhu Ge Liang, lol. What was he trying to pull?

Really, dude? That guy died quite a horrible death. (Well, those times were quite crazy and everyone suffered one way or another, but that dude’s death wasn’t worth all the strength anyway.)

Good one! I agree with her! LOL! He hit her for that comment, lol. (She did say it was a misunderstanding, lol.)

OMG, getting carried away. (But had to admit it was kind of funny.) Okay, they tried to pull each other out of the laughing fit YET it was useless.

Oooohh, someone was changing their statement! LOL! OMG, he messed up the whole thing. Crazy all right. Trying to edge his way out of it. (But some of the stuff he said could be turned into some lame film right away. Seriously.)

Looking tough, eh? Trying to prove something? LOL! Oh, introducing a game character. YET that was so funny with how he had to look at the cheat sheet while introducing “himself.”

This is kind of cool. Well, except when he’d gone all nuts and exaggerated, LOL! Maybe that was the purpose?

Her turn. Awww….she only spoke one line of English. I was expecting more. Oh well…

So funny, all that fussing around and she was still sticking with the story that he was an alien. LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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