Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 31

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Eh…making that expression from last time again…OY!

Oooohh, things are getting interesting. (My obsession kicking in again. They were just being dramatic. Wait for it. They will strike at each other again. Just brief sympathy towards one another.) And after all those talks, I thought they were going to play games, but oh well. (Probably going to stick to the schedule and play games near the end like always.)

OMG, mega awkward moment. What was that? (Oh, just him dancing and she walked right into the scene…)

Good one! LOL! YUP, he reacted quite strongly. YET he was too into defending himself about ‘dancing’ that he didn’t pay attention to how she just called him “lao xiong” (老兄), lol. (And see what I mean with ‘brief sympathy’ from earlier? They’re back at tearing each other apart.)

He lost it, lol. YUP, she was driving him crazy. (Well, he almost lost it but still funny.)

OMG, she got him again. (How many times does he have to defend his dancing skills? LOL…)

What? He attacked her just like that while they were introducing the next segment? He’s definitely paying for this one later.

YAY! They finally get to dance.

He’s all excited, lol. (Usually, she’s the one super excited about games. Maybe it’s finally time to prove his dancing skills? LOL!)

He has to dance as a girl? (LOL) SAD…kind of, but let’s see how he fends, lol. Whoa, did she kick him? (Just wondering since the frame was kind of small to tell, but she did say sorry several times, lol. Or it might just be that she swung her hands too far?)

Ending pose, lol.

He won! He could prove himself now and shut her up. OR is it going to be that way? (Her compliments don’t come with just that. From past records, that is, lol.)

Wonder Boys? Like seriously? (Yeah, agreed with the line that flashed by, lol.) But they were all hype up with the game all right. Must admit “Dance on Broadway” seems really fun.

Still bragging? LOL!

Um…what? She’s stealing his spotlight! He doesn’t look too happy about it. (I wouldn’t be either if someone stole my spotlight, lol. IF I had any.)

Eh…he whacked her with the booklet? (Well, NOT really.) But that was somewhat uncool, lol. Ohhh, this is getting sillier than ever. Name-calling? Okay…

OY, it’s escalating to no end. I’m tempted to pull those two by the ears and take them aside, telling them to act like adults, lol.

LOL! Getting defensive again…He brought it on himself though, declaring the “name-calling” war first.

Okay, she restored his manly title so I guess all is forgiven. (OR until next time, lol…)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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