Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 34

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I was wondering what happened to her at first and if the hosts had changed already–all of a sudden. Yet she appeared.

And the reason for their expression was because he appeared and was saying that they didn’t have to fight over him since they were all his precious ones. Nice?

YUP, getting him in line.

Yet wasn’t her next question contradictory to her previous statement about him thinking too much? No wait, she tricked him, lol.

Oooohh, someone was taking advantage of their situation major time all right. Using the excuse of celebrating the 100th episode.

The real surprise was actually having Figaro appeared in front of the audience once again, even if it was just on the screen to send his well-wishing. Not to mention having the other previous hosts back for this episode.

What? Crying over his failure? Okay….Looks a bit strange for such a grown man. (Okay, very strange.)

Xiao Yu exposed him, lol, saying that he was just acting. YUP, definitely trying to gain some sympathy points.

LOL! The girls are urging him on now, telling him to go ahead and cry, lol. At least Xiao Yu’s doing the talking.

YUP, I was wondering the same thing. Isn’t he busy crying? Honestly, he can’t win since he’s the only guy there. I almost feel bad for him with them bossing him around like that. Almost.

And they’re back, but what happened to the other host? He eliminated her somehow during the commercials? He’s seriously so childish, lol. Sticking his tongue out at her? LOL!

Oooooh, someone’s seriously jealous, lol. And for the record, he’s rarely nice to her. Only cares to chase after some other girl when they have guests. Or just tease her if no one’s around. They’re always fighting, so saying he treats her well is exaggerating. But it’s so funny seeing him making faces when the girls are talking about Figaro, lol. YUP, we’re back at him being jealous. And he’s too gossipy, lol.

Okay, they’re taking turns to interrogate the victims. I mean asking the previous hosts of their experiences during the time they were around.

Eh…trying to stir up trouble? (And does he seriously want to get kicked off the show? LOL….)

So funny, they’re both protesting now. Change that to all three, lol. And he’s bragging again, oy. OMG, they’re out of control. Prepare to get fired, lol.

Teaming up to bully him again? LOL…

He looks so intense, lol. But I guess he does need to prove himself or the girls won’t let him live it down.

OY, looks too obvious who won. It didn’t look like he was trying too hard though. But then again, each time there’s some violent game, Xiao Yu’s more hype up than him so it’s no surprise he wouldn’t be as excited over it. (Funny expression again, lol.)

Time to prove himself, lol. It’s supposedly his territory so he has to do well or else, lol. It’s so funny how the other girl just save all the hard ones for him since they had to switch back and forth. They ganged up on him again when he was questioning about Xiao Yu’s declaration about the winner when it was them taking turns, etc. OY, he needs to realize he can’t win with them, lol.

Poor him, so left out. And they’re plotting for the next get-together already? Or was this episode a payback for all those times he’d run after the guests and abandoned her? LOL! (He’s still able to make annoyed expressions so it’s not too bad, right? LOL!)

All in all though, this was an average episode for me. Though I enjoy seeing how the previous hosts coming back for the anniversary, but it was not as fun as I expected it would be. Maybe if they had Figaro too to add in more PK with the guys then maybe. Oh well…asking for too much here.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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