Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 39

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Sunshine! Hope someone’s moods already improved, lol.

Ooooh, he’s being congratulated for something. What is it? He got all excited for nothing, lol. And arrogant much? LOL! He was saying it was impossible that he guessed wrong.

OMG, this is hilarious, they kept going around in circles because he didn’t get it. It was hard to blame him since it’s the letter “U”, not referring to him. So he kept answering with his name. How long would this continue? She was having too much fun seeing him all riled up. LOL!

Games: 天子传奇 Online, 消遙 Online, Asgard 夢之領域

Time to settle the score, lol.

Okay, finally she would reveal it, lol.

Ta-da! LOL! The new Wii-U.

Cool, special segment about the ‘E3 Expo’, etc.

He’s exaggerating again hence her disbelief expression, lol.

Game time, why does he look so grim? Hmmm….

Ooooh, a lot of pretty girls, his favorite, right? LOL!

YUP, all girls. Oh, was jumping to conclusions, there are still some guys, lol.

Their selections.

So funny how he was complaining about her having a weapon but his character didn’t.

Round 1, she won. He admitted defeat, lol.

Their characters for Round 2.

Round 2, lol. OMG, this doesn’t look too good. Last time, they ran out of time, this time she KO him. LOL! She’s just too violent, lol.Re-match next time? Perhaps, or he decided to give up on trying to win over her with these types of violent games? LOL!

She was jumping around while he was reading, lol. And someone’s smiling again, so I guess he got over the lost already? LOL!

Show ending, let’s not start another war, lol.

Anyway, he was narrating with the games again so his schedule cleared up a bit?

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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