Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 4

This was too funny. Wasn’t it always though? She said she was in high spirits and he was asking why. But she wanted him to guess so he, of course, said, “Because you’re hosting with me.” Hahaha! Loved that! Nope, that wasn’t the main point. Since she was talking about something totally different and related to the show. (Hello, someone needs to get back on the subject.) Then she somehow decided to call him Zhao Dong (趙董). Don’t ask, she’s weird like that. So moving on… he was asking her to talk about Bai Fa/Hei Fa (白髮/黑髮) again. AND she was like it was ‘Hei Fa’ until she realized that it was wrong so she corrected it to HEVA Online. Cute. And sometimes I think it was better that he didn’t try to seek praises from her too much since it would always contain some underlying meaning, LOL!

So they were back after introducing a set of fun games. AND then she got all weird (like she wasn’t before) with her greeting technique that got him staring for a while. Yup, trying to figure out what went wrong (again). Anyway, beware of sudden sincerity! (Anyone remembered about the Trojan horse? nodding YEAH, that one.) But it appeared that she was just introducing two special guests to him. He first opposed to the idea with the two girls, stating that he was ‘ban zhang’. BUT what in the world was he thinking? They were just there to participate in the games with him and Xiao Yu. YUP, what was he thinking again? To think that he even mentioned being ‘ban zhang’ since he jumped into the ‘flirting mode’ soon enough, saying that he was ‘Move Boy’ when they introduced themselves as ‘Move Girl’. Moving on, we could see someone was forgetting his place again. It got even more ridiculous because for the first time someone was more excited than Xiao Yu to start on the ‘games’ instead of being the host. SO Xiao Yu had to play the mature role this time around, reminding that someone to ‘get back to work’ before he got to play. YUP, even getting the terms wrong with Spiderman.

It was unusually cute though that she had to jump in when he was trying to jump-start the next part without her. (YUP, too immersed into the special guests, tsk…tsk…tsk…) How mean! He pushed her out of the way! (She shouldn’t have introduced the guests to him…hmmm…)

Xiao Yu was seriously taking on the more mature role today. Well, sort of, kind of. She was forced to since someone kept nagging regarding ‘game time’ because he was looking everywhere trying to locate the special guests and was anxious to play games–instead of talking about those games today. Impatient, right? So funny that she sabotaged him again! YUP, too hard to resist, saying that she would be his partner! (For the game, of course…)

So after being shot down, he continued on with the usual hosting business. That got her reaction all right. Yup, agreed with her that he went overboard. What was that? All those times of saying there was a possibility she might fall for him or ‘P.S. I Love U’? What happened to that? All crumbling away because of the special guests? What kind of attitude was that? Hmm… BUT she was just kidding since he didn’t have to team up with her anymore YET look at his happy mood restored.

Caught red-handed! Can’t say otherwise this time! YUP, got him! Wang Ban Zhang image all ruined now. And he still dared defend himself? He forgot all about her. He had to calm her down by offering to let her join in? GREAT… I thought that was the idea all along. Oh well… Assigning partners so she could be happy? WRONG…nice one. Since I thought she would cool down since they were moving onto one of her favorite parts, the actual action. YET she turned around and asked him if she should thank him because she was a host too, NOT his slave. LOL! Not in those exact words but yeah… It felt funny that he seemed to be treating her like one of his workers instead of co-host, so by trying to calm her and offer little bonuses, she would cooperate and continue to work. How wrong he was. Man, it got even better by the second. This was like even better than watching those soaps. In fact, this was a soap unfolding on its own! LOL! The jealousy, the almost catfights, etc. Darn. How fun. He was treating the other girls so gentle while he was being so mean to her. (Was this an attempt to send her a message like she didn’t treasure him in the past so now he was just getting back at her? LOL! YUP, major soap stuff.) Anyway, he was trying to distract her from the hair-cutting task? Eek! Payback time? (If I was her, I would’ve swung my foot back and kick him before continuing since he was distracting her with his moves.)

So it was just the two of them again. Or was it? But he realized how nice she was to him? It got even better since he wanted to give her something? Sounds promising? Yeah right! There’s always something behind it. It’s always like that with them. YUP, got her all excited for nothing.

*All images were captured by DTLCT