Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 40

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Hurray, another cosplay. (OR NOT…)

It’s just starting and someone looks all energy drained already? Or was it that he overworked himself at the gym? (LOL)

He brought this onto himself, so everyone, mark it for future preferences, please! LOL! (And I’m getting irked by the error with how they couldn’t spell “Jesus Christ” correctly when it was running across the screen. NOT that I’m trying to divert toward the religion route but it’s more like driving my OCD insane, lol. But he said it correctly though, just that the words are spelled wrong.)

What? He’s so going to pay for this. Why didn’t she react? Or was she thinking of letting him go or not?

YUP, she finally reacted after he even grabbed onto her chin and tried to show the audience how she couldn’t compare to that certain someone. Tell him! (LOL! She inhaled some vinegar? The “I don’t care” sounded a tad like so. Can’t blame her since he just stomped on her pride, etc.)

Still greeting everyone in that morbid mode. And he seriously needs to let it go! I don’t see anyone disappointed, except him.

OMG, they’re getting all excited again. (And I think he had his coffee between the break already so he’s good again, LOL!)

So didn’t expect that, but it was suitable for what he said previously, lol. Nice way to sneak in some self-promotion? LOL!

That was so funny, she wanted to move to the U.S. so she would get a hold of the new released games first without waiting? LOL! (They didn’t play games? Aww…oh well, out of time with all the special segments about the new game console, etc.) But still a fun one.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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