Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 41

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Oooh, creepy, lol. And he was still operating on the idea that she would dress as what he (and the audience) expected from the last time? LOL! (Get a grip, man, lol.)

Still talking about the age thing. AND they didn’t stop, lol.

Introducing their characters, AND getting carried away with acting out their parts again, lol. Ooooh, he said that she was the one who was scary? OY, they’re going around in circles, lol. She’s strangling him again.

Caught off guard, lol. Apologizing because she was in her role? YET he pointed out that it wasn’t just her role but she was usually like that too. (Implying she was crazy anyway, lol.)

Goofy pose from him again. At least the expression.

What now? His turn to act fierce? OMG, he’s still going about the costume thing with the last segment. OY, let it go already! LOL!

Throwing tantrums now?

And she’s hiding behind Alice’s shield, lol. (Like in case he goes after her for something in the future, like bringing up the past.)

Average episode for me. At least I wasn’t so hyped over some of the games as previously, except for the part where they were introducing the PS Vita’s features some more. And not to mention they didn’t play games this time. Probably no time but those were the highlight moments for me.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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