Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 5

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Ooohhh…they were in cosplays mode again! LOL! Cute! And more talk about HEVA Online. (Less randomness? Maybe they’re saving it for later, LOL!)

Yup, they were definitely saving stuff for later. LOL! And was putting a weapon in her hands a good idea? LOL! Was this an attempt to make up for his past wrongs? (Well, more like neglected her in the previous episode.) YAY! She got to be her wacky, spunky self again–while he tried to keep things on the normal side? (Sort of…)

Yes, I wonder why too. Didn’t I ponder that before? Why was he subjecting himself to such torture? LOL! But the answer was cute! LOL! Trying to be all smart, eh? LOL! Hey, she did launch in and explain seriously about the differences in the versions so it wasn’t like it was all in vain. (If anyone wanted to know what game it was that they were talking about with the Japanese version and the American version, it was “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep”.)

Was he trying to rein things in and get it under control again? ‘Cause he should’ve known better than give her the weapon in the first place. There was no stopping her now. It was all right though, she managed to keep herself on tab–for the time being.

He looked like he wanted to use the gun on her. LOL! Well, almost since he managed to control himself and reassured her.

Here we go again. I know the bribe with the weapon wouldn’t last long. But then they were moving on to playing games. YAY! Aww…so considerate. She was pondering what he would do since the game was only one player and he said she didn’t have to worry for him. LOL! He wasn’t her? (Well, except when it came to certain special guests, eh?) But then they switched–and he lost some points so she chided him. Typical routine. Hey, he was switching between dialects? Well, haven’t heard him speak it in Rookies’ Diary since it wasn’t suitable for his character. But it was cool hearing him speak it. Yup, how cute was that? Seeing someone play was so hard? (YES, I know the feeling. You can’t even get into the actions yourself and having to just watch.)

Okay, that was random but still trying to prove that he was getting dark. Yup, what do people expect? He had been filming Rookies’ Diary AND most of it took place outdoors so of course, he was getting darker. Still shuai though, no problem. Besides, I didn’t think he was that dark. And I have no problem with him being dark. (If he looked too light, might be too much like other pretty boys. NOT implying anyone specifically though.)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 5

  1. @vgag – Yeah, that’s what I think too. And I hope they’re hosting this show a bit longer. Though I haven’t caught up on the latest episodes yet but I really enjoy their style and their chemistry on the show so far, LOL! Can’t wait to watch more of her violent moments and his weirdness – though I’m sure they did it on purpose to make us laugh.

  2. Personally, I think he looks terrific with a tan. And that military-style haircut suits his looks also. Xiao Xiao Yu is so cute and has so much personality. It’s great to see she’s getting regular work these days.

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