Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 6

The opening of this episode showed definite signs of more soap-ville for the rest of us to watch–since there was a girl in the picture again. To much of our surprise (or possibly not), Mr. Wo-Shi-Ban-Zhang turned on his charm and sweet talk to try and win the girl over again–as our little fish was gathering a storm with her explosive attitude. Good luck! But gotta admit that the way she was questioning him at the beginning sounded so much like the wife questioning the husband about some girl. LOL! Then when Momo was attempting to explain her presence, Xiao Yu was shutting her up and saying that they (she and Jun Ya) were arguing so Momo should stand aside. LOL! Dramatic all right. Yes, like I said before, better than watching some soaps. What was that? Him saying that he and Momo didn’t have anything to do with one another YET look at his face! All happy upon realizing there was another girl present. Not to mention how he wanted to ‘help take care of her’ too. Geez whiz. No surprise though. Ban Zhang image already tarnished. Doesn’t matter anymore. Eh…what? That was messed up! While Xiao You was in a daze, he convinced Momo to host with him? SO messed up!

What? She was still frozen? LOL! And how mean, he pushed her out. Well, I guess maybe she was a tad too obsessed with her goal. Okay, maybe a lot. LOL! Yet he didn’t even learn, even mentioning the ‘keywords’ to her again, causing her to go crazy once more! Eh…using his Ban Zhang rank and the typical commands to get her to stay still? BUT all wasn’t peaceful because the ‘keywords’ were mentioned once again. Okay, it wasn’t those ‘words’ YET it sounded about the same so she went crazy YET again. Yup, he was having a field day with restraining her. And then again, he was forced to yell out the usual commands and even forced her to put her hands on the table. (Well, it was the structures they lined up on the set.) Momo was too much of a disaster for his health since she kept mentioning those keywords or even triggering events. Though she didn’t do it on purpose, he might as well be better off without her. But I guess he loved challenges too much to let go? Since he mentioned the words again and triggered Xiao Yu. Aww…she got punished. He finally admitted he was tired? LOL! I guess that was good enough for now.

Eh…she looked so alert and sharp again. Was she out of the trance already? We’ll see… Eh…so it was the script? LOL! Oh well… It was funny that they were taking turns looking at their scripts and how they were caught staring at it with the camera captures. LOL! Seriously…was he going to blame his perverted behavior on the script too? (JUST KIDDING, LOL!) And why was he sneaking looks at her script? Don’t they have the same one? I meant like so he would know where to jump in when she was done and vice versa. Yup, they have the same one. He was just teasing her for keeping staring at it. Like he wasn’t doing the same. Man, she just threw the script down like that. LOL! Too complicated? He had to whisper to her it was the producer who prepared it that she ended up changing her words and attitude–like 180 degrees. LOL! Hilarious!

Man, he was so having fun with playing “the producer said it” card, right? I was just wondering if it was really the producer or it was his way to control her. LOL! Aww…she can’t play today. But watching how she was asking, “Who made the decision?” and he replied (whispering of course), “The producer.” She was all like ‘time to correct myself’ (or something like that) and had to change her attitude again, LOL! Can’t blame her. It was her favorite part after all. How could that be, right? (But he said every time they play games, they would fight…hmm…) Eh…and I thought Momo was gone? Wouldn’t bringing out Momo again trigger them to fight even more? Oh well… YUP, they were in disagreements again. Short-lived but still… She ended up playing anyway? LOL! YUP, not surprising since it was too hard to resist.

Here we go again. What else now? Doesn’t matter, they managed to move on again. But that was interesting that she was no longer jealous or acting weird at the end when Momo came out and said goodbye to the audience, etc. I guess they were blaming it on the script? LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT