Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 7

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This was priceless! Totally shot him down! Daddy? LOL! Ooohhh…he was totally taking advantage of the situation, LOL! Hahaha, nice reasoning. But was that ‘protecting’ or ‘taking advantage of the situation’? Hmmm…lol… YUP, he was taking full advantage of playing the role all right. Eh…wait a minute, that’s right! How could the producer only call him and not her? (Did she already lose points because of her constant outburst last week regarding the script? LOL!) And someone wanted to divert the situation somewhere else. Yet her imagination was so one-sided, not willing to cooperate with him. LOL! And yes, answer already, quit stalling, lol. Hmmm…It looked like he wasn’t going to answer her at all, kept pretending about the attacks! Honestly! He chose to flee rather than telling her? GREAT… YUP, definitely no fair all right.

Here he was again, trying to take advantage of the situation. Sure, wanting to protect her, eh? Ooohhh, she nailed it! Good question! Now time to look for the answer, LOL! This was just so funny with him trying to answer every single question. LOL! Each answer contained some loop or hole SO…have fun trying to cover his track, LOL! Ooohhhh, that was so clever! I totally didn’t see it coming. She was building her questions to the point where she was getting around to asking the earlier question regarding how the producer was asking him and not her. She, of course, didn’t let it drop yet. He had no idea! And she was still picking on his usage of ‘la feng’ (拉風)? LOL! Eh…he wanted to spank her for keep picking on his term usage? Okay, fine, she was back to asking about the whole cosplay thing! GOSH! YUP, it was driving him insane! LOL! Yup, enough already, right? LOL! A guy could only take so much nagging, LOL! Yup, she was definitely capable of playing the stubborn, spoiled brat daughter role all right, LOL! But then again, he brought it onto himself. Maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned that the producer had contacted him about it. Or did he think bragging about his status–with being contacted by the producer–was so cool with putting one on her? Yet he had no idea it would result in this. (Of course, we were able to see the scenes for ‘Dead Rising 2’ with their characters. Cool! No wonder he wanted to portray her father! LOL!)

Was she going to file for child abuse now? LOL! I guess it served him right for trying to take advantage of the situation and much more. Now he had to deal with a spoiled brat, LOL! Moving on…lol…and she finally got the chance to narrate the games since it was him all along the last two times.

Eh…no more dramatic moments. Well, she still picked on him yet it wasn’t that extreme anymore. Had she already forgiven him for what happened? What? They weren’t going to play games anymore? Like ever? Or were they just going to switch things around a bit? Hmmm…

Oh…so they were saving it all for last! LOL! Face-off? All right! That was so funny that he kept implying that he let her win in the past.

And we’ll see who wins this time around, lol. Yup, it was like the last few times they played, arguing and punching games at the same time.

YUP, he lost again. Ahem, I meant he let her win again… Their exchange was so cute though, LOL!

He knew something else was coming, eh? LOL! Another funny episode.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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