Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 8

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Eh…another episode where they were cosplaying. I wonder what the relation is this time, LOL! And did the producer ask her this time? She’s smiling SO maybe she got to choose? Oooohhh… Wait…what? LOL! He’s Sun Wu Kong? And oohhh…no wonder. I was like, “WHAT?!” AND she used ‘la feng’ (拉風)! Caught off-guard! YUP, she has been his partner for too long. OY, they were being weird together. How in-sync was that? LOL! Getting back to talking about games though, Feng Se Ying Xiong Zhuan (風色英雄傳) seemed quite interesting. Well then again, most action ones are cool–or seems cool. She was narrating more now. Making up for last time?

Why does she look so reluctant? Oh…she was putting him on. (AGAIN, nothing new. Don’t know why I fell for that one.) OY, they were having so much fun with portraying their roles, LOL! Lucky they didn’t forget about the next part? We were able to see their characters once again. So that was their version of Journey to the West? How funny. So many levels (like any game, I know) and wow, they sure were creative in thinking up of the sequences and/or tasks for the games. Not to mention the story. Honestly.

She was pushing it again. Yet he should know by now that was how she operates, LOL! Oh, he got a brilliant idea! Let’s hear it then, LOL! Minimal this time since they were getting ready for another round. He was seriously obsessed with Sun Wu Kong, eh? Can’t blame him since Monkey King rules! The game where they were trying to play the correct notes looked like it could be fun.

So they get to play now? LOL! It was funny how he wanted to summon the clouds so she could get home though. But it was true, she had to ride the horse. Eh…they’re playing tennis? COOL! Let’s see if he lets her win again this time, LOL! Yup, he let her win again in round 1. We’ll see about round 2, LOL! He shouldn’t have said, “Sun Wu Kong.” Well, he was trying to. But failed! LOL! Probably broke his concentration. Round 3, he wasn’t prepared so he died so fast! LOL! Darn, need to stay focus! They’re not playing tennis anymore but ping pong? Suddenly they’re all quiet, LOL! Need to focus, right? He only won one? LOL! So funny…

Dramatic all right, lol. Can’t help it though. They tend to get so enthusiastic with the narration–and then with their characters. She still calls him ‘Ban Zhang’ in the narration? I thought we all agreed to drop it since his reputation has already been tarnished? Oh well…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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