Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 9

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Yay, they were back in normal clothes. Not that the cosplays weren’t fun but I sort of need a break from time to time. He was wearing his fake glasses again? Kind of leaning on the side of geek/nerd/dork territory, but he makes it look so cute at times though. She distracted him so much that he lost track of things? NICE… And yay, congrats to the producer.

He wants to be demoted or something? What a thing to say. (Yup, she hit him, chiding him for that comment.) If he gets demoted, he might have to listen to Xiao Yu’s every command, lol. Imagine that. But it was funny how he was all smiling and then turned the smile off in just seconds. Priceless.

She knocked him over? He was being dramatic, of course, lol. Cute though. He was honestly sort of out of control today. Possibly ’cause she was taking on a little more of the mature role so it was okay for him to slack off? LOL! He needed the break since she was always having fun with her crazy trances, lol. So cute, they were being crazy together.

Eh…they were holding hands! JUST KIDDING, she was just ‘borrowing them’ to make a point. And she was so impatient, couldn’t wait. But then again, 4 months. Sounds far away. So not too unreasonable? LOL!

YUP, game time so she was getting all excited again. The only time that he would take up the ‘more mature’ role? Or would he? Never mind, she drove him insane again! Forget about being ‘mature’, this is war! Oh, sorry, I meant rock and roll!

Time to play now. Someone has to prove his point–again. So we’ll see.

Eh…YUP! History has repeated itself. Oh well…next round?

She just has it so easy, right? She could just say it’s hard and it’s over. YET he couldn’t play by that ‘card’, lol. Sucks to be him.

Playing again, yay. He was trying to find her but she was dead already? LOL! It’s okay, she came back. Follow me out, no way out? LOL! How promising! Nice that they were speaking English. I was wondering how fluent they are. (But of course, I already know Xiao Yu’s capabilities, just never heard him speak–as much, except bits and pieces from past episodes.) His turn to die and return? Okay… Aww…they were both dead. They vowed to seek revenge on the aliens? LOL! Well, if it makes him feel any better, they both have trouble with the arcade games so he shouldn’t feel so bad? LOL!

Tired? Who was the one all excited when they were playing? LOL! Yup, it was always his fault and not her, lol. Poor guy, can’t win.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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