Dong Hai Xiao Wang Zi

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(Credit: 滾石唱片 ROCK RECORDS)

He’s another reason why I think that it’s more about luck than actual talent that matters. This song was actually released before his 183 Club days. A nice song to go with his voice. (It might sound ordinary to some but I think it’s a matter of taste.)

He was on The Million Stars (百萬大歌星) two months ago (on the 26th of September) to promote his new drama, Wanderer (流漂子), and also showed off his singing skills. Unfortunately, he was careless and got booted off after singing “Turning Back Is Hard” (回頭太難) by Phil Chang. It could not be helped though since he was facing some pressure from a certain someone. Still, his presence was welcomed by many since he did so well, impressing some of the guests with his voice.

In addition, he also appeared on Genius Go! Go! Go! (天才衝衝衝) recently (on the October 24th segment). Though not having luck with the first round with the tempo game, he gained a number of supporters in the second round singing two songs.

Aside from those events, he was also seen with other 183 Club members during one of the promotional events on October 7th. It seems that the members are still close as ever despite the fact that two members are no longer officially with the group.

Want to show some support? Check his blog:

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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