Dong Jiang Heroes: Another Historical Piece

In recent years, there’s a rise in the making of historical dramas. (But honestly, I thought that would be a huge relief in a way because I was waiting for the ‘soapy’ phase to pass. Though that’s another story.) Anyway, the recent one that I couldn’t help talking about is this one.

They started shooting several months back after having a blessing ceremony in Hengdian. (YES, it’s a popular filming site since they have a lot of locations suitable for shooting ancient or pre-modern era, etc.) I have to say that I first learned of it through Jacky’s Weibo. But when I found some more information about it, I’m also curious. Though I know those eras are quite sensitive and controversial, having watched quite a few TV dramas of that time already in the past.

At first, I thought the story revolved around these five guys. Or perhaps it would be. But later on, when I was hunting down more information, the following two are dubbed as the main leads.

Wang Lei portrayed Liu Hei Zai (刘黑仔), a historical figure way back when. Liu Hei Zai’s real name was Liu  Jin Jin (劉錦進). I’m not too familiar with his background, and also not sure how much they would reserve to tell his story, etc. But because this production team looked like they were serious about it, I have hope they would give the right touches to the story.

The gorgeous female lead, Jia Qing, has quite a few stunning stills floating around. I couldn’t find out what her character’s name is for this one. Perhaps there will be more information around later on. But there are more and more pictures being posted up by the cast and some cryptic messages that could be a hint of the plot.

I’m still clueless as to the others’ roles in here as well so I’ll save it for next time. But just want to blog a little about this while still waiting for more news. Despite many uncertainties on my part at this point, I really enjoy the cast’s interactions with one another from time to time.

As far as other details, I only managed to find one video on YouTube regarding it. I also managed to stalk Jenson Tian’s Facebook and sometimes Weibo to check on the progress. That was how I managed to follow some of the cast that was tagged in their photos as well.

If anyone has more information to provide or clarify, please do so. Again, not too sure on a lot of things so wouldn’t want to mislead anyone. Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Dong Jiang Heroes: Another Historical Piece

  1. Even if he’s a minor character, Zhang You Tuan (Jacky Zhu) looks very elegant in a three-piece suit.
    I think there is, or was, an exhibition in Hong Kong centred on the resistance activities of the Heroes

    1. Thanks for the info. Like I said, I’m not familiar since there are quite a few famous historical figures at that period of time.

      And agree about Jacky. Indeed, I think all the guys look nice in the suits.

      1. I agree. They all look very smart. I think the period costumes and sets are going to be one of the strengths of the series. (Or is it a film?)
        BTW, I meant You Tian, not You Tuan, lol.