Dong Jiang Heroes: Some More Good News

At least for me! Yes, I’m back to blog about this drama. Just a little, not much.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

According to this, Jacky got to participate in the ending theme. I’m not sure if he sang it alone or if it was a collaboration as it happens at times. Yet I’m greedy and hope that he gets to sing it by himself.

4 thoughts on “Dong Jiang Heroes: Some More Good News

  1. That’s good news indeed for ‘You Tian’. I hope it’s a romantic song. Sometimes the theme songs of dramas become more popular than the dramas!

    1. I just hope it’s suitable with the theme. Not just putting it in for the sake of it. But so far seeing the production progress, they’re serious about it so hopefully it turns out well for them.

      1. From the stills Yale Talents have posted, it looks like they’ve genuinely tried to recreate authentic-looking costumes and sets, so fingers crossed for a quality ending theme.