Dong Jiang Heroes: The Actual Wrap Up

Just when I went out and clarify my mistake with them not wrapping up yet in the last post, they finally wrapped up. YES, for real this time. (It was like a day or two after my last update but I just managed to post this up now because of my schedule.)

They had a wrap-up party among the cast and crew of the production. It seemed really nice and fun with all the photos shared by Jia Qing.

And aside from the previous touching scene in the rain between the two main leads, there were also other worth mentioning scenes from different stills.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners

2 thoughts on “Dong Jiang Heroes: The Actual Wrap Up

  1. I really like those sepia toned shots that Yale Talents and Jenson Tien have been posting on Facebook. It looks as if the production design has really aimed for a period look. Hope I can find this series legally online once it has aired, or I’ll buy the box set. It looks very romantic!