Dong Jiang Heroes: The False Wrap Up

Apparently, they haven’t wrapped up yet. YUP, I jumped the gun on the last post. Sorry about that.

The latest nerve-racking scene was on this particular bridge. Seemed dangerous or what?

However, what the media was interested in was the romantic scene in the rain between the two main leads. (Click here for the article.) Though I must admit it was really professional of both Wang Lei and Jia Qing to continue with their scene despite the rain, causing even the other cast and crew to be touched by the moment of the scene. (YES, it was really raining this time, not the fake rain like some past scenes had created as part of the dramatic effects.)

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6 thoughts on “Dong Jiang Heroes: The False Wrap Up

  1. I immediately thought it was fake rain. There was definitely a rain machine involved in one of the scenes in which Zhang You Tian and Tien Jia De enter a village at night.
    A very romantic scene, though.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was fake rain at first too. But the article clarified that it was really raining that time when they shoot the scene so they used it to their advantage.

      AND yes, I remember the rain machine scene too. It was indeed created the intended dramatic effect for that one night scene since they were seen going into some sort of battle or something.

      1. They had clubs and staffs rather than guns so I wondered if they were going to smash something up? Maybe I’ll find out once the series goes to air.

      2. Yeah, I guess we’ll have to wait for the series to find out. But maybe it was a time when they couldn’t acquire guns yet versus some other scenes where they had guns? shrugs