Dong Jiang Heroes: The Shanghai Story

So shortly after having a wrap-up party in Hengdian, some of the cast and crew headed toward Shanghai to film some onsite scenes, which consisted of the old Shanghai streets and some seaside scenes.

Though some of the past scenes seen in the Hengdian had reflected a very hectic moment in history yet the scenes that were filmed in Shanghai were even more brutal. Or so the stills posted by different members of the cast had let on.

After being stuck in Shanghai with the storm for several days and finally completing the filming at long last, the cast and crew had another round of celebration.


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4 thoughts on “Dong Jiang Heroes: The Shanghai Story

  1. It looks as if poor Jenson Tien and Jacky Zhu (Zhang You Tian) are killed by the Japanese (or maybe by the Nationalists?) at the end of the series. Well, it’s a war drama after all. I really want to see this series, to its bitter finale!

    1. I wonder if they really die OR if the part where they were tied up was just a scene where they were captured and Wang Lei’s character have to save them. shrugs But yes, I’ll accept the worst if it comes to that. Since like you said, it’s a war drama.

      1. I think they’re dead and have been hung up as a warning to others. Sadly. But that kind of thing definitely happened.
        But we’ll have to wait until we see the series to know for sure.