Double Congrats

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That’s right, Sandrine Pinna is engaged! To Blue J! I thought it was a hoax at first when I saw some news articles (mostly the title). But when I spotted the official message on Weibo (the above image) and also saw her response “Oh yeah” (with hearts included), I finally realized the news is true. Many messages from their friends and others poured in with words of congratulations. Among those comments, Allen Chao (who portrayed her father in Endless Love) had chided her for not telling him earlier. (LOL) Chen Yi was excited according to his well-wishing message. Esther Liu had written that they beat her (by getting married first) but had expressed her happiness for them as well. Eddie Peng had forwarded Esther’s comment, even attaching his own words of congratulations to the couple. Janine Chang (whose comment was attached within the same chain as Eddie and Esther’s, behind two more people) wrote that she was surprised but also sent her well-wishing to them. (I guess they could really keep secrets, eh? LOL!) Interestingly enough, the media had gotten ahold of the news (hard NOT to since most news places had actively monitored Weibo after it had become popular with being a medium for celebs to connect with friends and fans all around). Anyway, they had asked questions and dragged Wilber Pan (Sandrine’s on-screen husband in Endless Love) into the story. NICE? But no surprise since the media loves to stir up stories after all. Will already expressed his feelings regarding the news via Weibo (which was touched) and had also congratulated them. Of course, he didn’t have a problem with their happiness, Endless Love was only a TV drama. But to get back to the main couple here, I lost track of who had sent their well-wishing first or how many since I do not follow all of their friends. But it was indeed a great moment to witness on Weibo, considering how it could be known for another outlet of causing ruptures and fan wars too (just like any other sites out there).

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Taiwan, Miyake Tseng’s M Palace had its grand opening ceremony. I first noticed of it when Enson Chang was posting a group picture of him, Miyake, and other mutual friends on Facebook with a message of congratulations. I saw several familiar faces and went to scourge Weibo for more information. Lo and behold, Chen Yi posted a picture later, tagging everyone–thus making it easier to identify them all. (To which Enson forwarded soon after on Weibo and added words of congratulations as well.)

Aside from his well-wishing to Miyake, Chen Yi went even further by posting another picture of him, Qiao Qiao, and Sam.

Nice, eh? Mean Girl Ah Chu team once again! (And a touching yet powerful message of their bond.) But don’t want to veer off topic too much so I’ll save those obsessions for another post.

Once again, congrats to both parties! All the best!

*Images were captured by DTLCT, however, it belonged to their rightful owners (aka the parties mentioned above).

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