End of Year Thoughts

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2019 has been a very frustrated and tiresome year for me. Mostly because I haven’t updated my blog since February. It’s even worse than that one time I totally disappeared for three months and didn’t care to update. It had to do with the fact that I’m still in the process of revamping the blog since I moved it to its new home. Another reason and a major hindrance was real life. It always gets in the way of me doing what I enjoy. I was worn out and frustrated that it was hard to update. I also didn’t want to just update for the sake of updating like that one year I did, which ironically caused more work for me because I had to go back and deleted the overly nonsensical posts that I published during that year.

I watched quite a few series this year that I wanted to write reviews about, also translated quite a few songs that I wanted to publish. Yet stuff from real life kept creeping up to suck the soul out of me. I seriously don’t want to get really emotional and personal on here, considering how most of you came to look for helpful information or fun posts. Yet that was the sole reason why I failed to update this year so I thought it was relevant.

I think I had updated more on my Facebook page yet that was also lacking in many areas. Then the Photobucket crash incident happened. So now you guys might have some ideas why half of my images don’t show up. It’s another thing I have to fix before I could get this blog back on track. I hope to do that this upcoming year. I also hope to get back into finishing my fanfics, which seems impossible because it has been years for some stories and I’m going nowhere still. Yet I hope that could change next year.

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