Endless Love: Line 10

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode actually doesn’t cheat anymore since it actually continued at the part where Jing Hao and Rui En were having that conversation, and Rui En’s declaration to fight fairly with Xin Jie, not wanting to bring up the past anymore, etc. On the other hand, I think I’m starting to love the random chemistry between Jing Hao’s two assistants since they were so funny with kept saying, “Why should I tell you? You’re not my wife/husband.” phrases. Kind of cute in their own way.

While Jing Hao was resuming work at his company, Rui En was seen taking all the drawings of Jing Hao from her room. She was indeed starting anew and wanting to create new memories with Jing Hao, not dwelling in the past. Tong Tong’s so cute though, kept encouraging Rui En on. I think though Tong Tong’s just a little girl yet she’s the only one who isn’t judging or forcing Rui En to accept Min Shuo. Yes, Tong Tong’s a kid and probably doesn’t understand much since she’s still so innocent with her kid mentality. Yet I found her support more comforting than the others who claimed to care for Rui En. Sometimes the others just complicate things too much, wanting to live others’ lives. Tong Tong just knew that Rui En loved her husband hence she would always support Rui En’s decision, wanting Rui En to be happy.

Since Rui En already made her decision in continuing her battle to win Jing Hao over once again, she sought Min Shuo out to straighten things out with him. Yet he was in major denial and wanted to avoid things at all cost, kept jumping in to talk before she could. Yet she finally stopped him and made him listen. AND WHAT FREAKING RIGHT DID HE HAVE WITH YELLING AT HER? SHE NEVER PROMISED HIM ANYTHING BUT JUST SAID THAT SHE WOULD THINK WHAT HE SAID TO HER OVER. THAT DOES NOT EQUAL A PROMISE. (Yes, I’m so mad that I have to type in caps. GOSH!) So if things don’t go his way, he could throw tantrums? (Again, what about what he did to her in the past? Yes, I’m holding the past over him again and again, BUT second chances don’t come for everyone and his chances had already gone dry.) Like what Jing Hao said, he didn’t ask Rui En to wait for him–just like how Rui En never asked Min Shuo to wait for her. It was his own decision, so why was he blaming her or acting like he was the victim? I just can’t sympathize with this pathetic dude. If he was the bad guy from the start, just be that way and I might even root for him or at least give him some points for being straightforward. But his tactic? Too fake to sympathize with. Fake people are the most hateful. She was already being beyond nice or considerate by announcing it to him her decision, like cutting him loose and not wanting to lead him on or whatever else he was thinking. So it was all right to accept if the answer was favorable to him? YES, again, he thinks the world must be spinning around him or something. Operate by his standards then fine, if not he was mad? How many times have I typed pathetic already? Wouldn’t mind if I repeat it once again. OKAY, GETTING PATHETIC AGAIN WITH HIM RANTING ON AND ON WITH BI YUN. Yes, she would sympathize with him since she never saw Rui En suffer in the past because of him. But when he suffered, he would seek sympathy from others? OKAY…makes sense. NOT! (I really want to fast forward but wouldn’t want to miss anything in case he use anything else against others in the future.) Stupid that Bi Yun should say that Rui En doesn’t see or cherish Min Shuo yet. HEY, where was she when Rui En was practically worshiping Min Shuo a long time ago and was brushed off? Bi Yun should seriously get together with Min Shuo all right. Only able to see the surface of things. And just to make it even more pathetic, since Bi Yun likes him, does that mean he has to like her? Applying his logic even further, he’s too blind to see Bi Yun’s good side? And that he’s a jerk, right? For not able to see how well Bi Yun was treating him. Right? DARN, does that look good for him now that he’s on the receiving end? So we should all force others to do whatever we want, eh? People have the right to fight for what they believe, but they should also understand others around them have the right to react as well.

So Rui En’s father finally had to battle with some demons by himself. Serves him right for stabbing his daughter in the back. Now he has to deal with this situation and the crazy woman as well. (But regardless of what, I think he’s the only person who takes action in this case that could sympathize with since it was his daughter after all and he was mad worried, unlike outsiders who only knew how to force Rui En to do things for their own benefits.)

Though NoQ left in a huff the last time they had an encounter, he was back once again, acting like they were best buddies. I guess they kind of were since three years ago. He was bringing over clothes to her and not to mention talking on and on about skills and even mentioning Jing Hao by accident. I guess in a way, he still misses Jing Hao a lot and could not accept how Jing Hao had changed. In a way, it could be very reassuring and I could forgive him for lashing out at Jing Hao before. At least he and Jing Hao had some history together–unlike someone who was just trying to gain his own advantage and didn’t care for others, only lecturing when he should be the one to wake up. (Yes, stabbing at Min Shuo again BUT blame the script-writers for making Min Shuo appear so much.) Yup, NoQ still cared hence asking if Jing Hao had come that one time. Then Rui En took the opportunity to seek some feedback on her creation. NoQ indeed was quite helpful, solving Rui En’s little obstacle. And yes, I swear Bi Yun should get together with Min Shuo already. They’re so in-sync with one another with the logic that IF SOMEONE LIKES YOU, LIKE THEM BACK. By that definition, they must have a lot of husbands and wives too. DAMN. PATHETIC. So what am I doing now? Repeating the exact thing over and over again: It was okay for Min Shuo to hurt Rui En all these years since it was his free will and choice to like her or not YET she couldn’t choose what she wants? NICE… And to steer it away from stupid people, I think I’m starting to calm down regarding NoQ and actually forgive him more and more. I meant he and Jing Hao were inseparable in the past. Now he had no idea why Jing Hao had become that way yet he couldn’t just ignore Jing Hao. It wasn’t because of how he felt responsible for Jing Hao’s father’s death either. But it was because of their friendship in the past. Only he could sympathize with Rui En and like he said, they were in the same situation, can’t really think clearly and can’t let go of Jing Hao completely either. One is a friend and the other his wife. Slightly different but they have a bond others couldn’t see–or care to understand. Aside from the gym owner also, others never saw the nice Jing Hao from the past so they were just basing their references on now and judge him (aka spinning tales to incorporate into their wild guesses).

As fate would have it, Jing Hao was out taking a night stroll with Xin Jie when she was surrounded by her fans and he wandered off to wait for her hence bumping into Rui En. The police were coming so he ran over to help her immediately, escaping the police. He left after making sure she was safe at her hiding place, but she called him back again. Before Jing Hao could respond to Rui En’s question, he heard some whistling sounds. Two guesses that it was from the police and he made a quick one, grabbing her and taking her into his arms, and returning to the hiding place. Even after the police left, they refused to let go of each other. Though Jing Hao wanted to make sure it was safe at first, it had been a while since he’d hugged Rui En. They were communicating silently, but had the message gone through? Perhaps, but he woke up a minute later and let go of her at last.

Back and safe, they were celebrating that over some soda and whatnot. Time to recruit and share notes, right? Yes, NoQ was definitely surprised that it was Jing Hao who helped her. Though still scolding Jing Hao, but NoQ was definitely still curious about Jing Hao and possibly still carrying some hope that Jing Hao was still the old Jing Hao after hearing Rui En’s recounts? Yup, NoQ was saying how Jing Hao still had some heart to not let the police catch Rui En, etc. A glint of hope for them both indeed. (Things weren’t so hot for Jing Hao though since he encountered some thugs yet managed to fight them off. Man, they definitely were attacking the wrong target. Jing Hao finally could use some people to vent his bottled-up anger.)

The day finally came when Rui En’s so-called ‘secret’ revealed itself. Jing Hao wasn’t the only one puzzled when he saw her in front of his company one morning. Wanting to send her home, his assistant arrived and greeted Rui En, clarifying to him about Rui En’s current status at the company. Nice? Hahahahahaha…I finally could laugh. That wasn’t the best of it either since NoQ also came as well! Hahahahaha! So priceless! NoQ rattling out that he wasn’t late since it was only 8:59, lol. Yes, Rui En definitely needed someone as loyal as NoQ to be by her side to support her, not like some other people. When NoQ finally shut his mouth (lol), Jing Hao called his assistants in to discuss the matter, trying to understand everything. They gave a good reason, focusing on Rui En’s work only while Jing Hao was lost in thoughts. Jing Hao finally gave them three months before he would accept them. (Jia you, everyone!)

Indeed Liang Ba Ba was still alive. (I swear it was super suspicious that he should die like that. I meant it might have been some accident that he’d walked off on his own and fell, but I somehow wanted to hold a glint of hope because of the few items found. But it happened and then Jing Hao disappeared so I thought it had become a reality and they wanted to intensify things even more.) It seemed like Rui En’s father had been visiting him and tending to him. Yet why did Rui En’s father conceal everything like that? What was the point? To separate Jing Hao and Rui En? But that would make Rui En suffer more. Or did he find Liang Ba Ba afterward but wasn’t able to locate Jing Hao? And then he just let life took its course anyway? Too many unanswered questions and too many possibilities. (Then that despicable Min Shuo just had to discover the secret and would eventually use it against Jing Hao later.) So maybe this was why Rui En’s father was no longer feeling guilty about the past? I mean he still would be grieving and not forgiving himself yet since tending to Jing Hao’s father, he seemed to have forgiven himself even more? Like he was making up for his wrong instead of just being pitiful? Let’s hope so because it would be too much if he just blames Jing Hao and disregards the past like that.

I think Jing Hao sort of dug his own grave by pushing it with trying to make Rui En give up on him by letting her witness some demonstration of him being affectionate with Xin Jie. We all know how Rui En would end up doing just the opposite when people want to toy with her, right? She doesn’t operate the way they want her to. So he shouldn’t have done that–if he’d known her better. His plan totally backfired because she came over and hugged him. Yes, right in front of Xin Jie. She sure gave him a heart attack though since he thought she would expose him. Not to mention how pale Xin Jie was turning upon seeing the intimate gesture. Gotta love Rui En for pulling that card.

After extracting some information from Rui En, Min Shuo went to confront Jing Hao. Or this was more like him carrying out his plan, at last, using Jing Hao’s father as a bargaining chip. (Did I say he’s despicable before? YES. Now he was just proving it even more and more with his actions. The fact that he pretended to apologize to Rui En so he could stay by her side again made it super fake already. Then the extracting of information.) Man, I was waiting for the time when Jing Hao would hit Min Shuo for so long. Min Shuo could attack him, but Min Shuo could not just say anything about his father. But that was cut short and it was the end of the episode.

Previews showed Min Shuo carrying out his despicable plan and Jing Hao losing it. In fact, he and Rui En were both losing it because she was yelling at him for getting married to Xin Jie while he was getting out of control with the hard spot Min Shuo was putting him in. Then there was some scene when the ending theme was playing that showed Bi Yun was in on the conspiracy as well. That witch! She sure deserved Min Shuo. (Regardless of how they think they’re doing good for Rui En, they’re just trying to ruin others’ lives. What right to do they have really?)

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