Endless Love: Line 12

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Did I tell those people to stop cheating? The continuance of this episode was at the part where Jing Hao was trying to calm Liang Ba Ba down by promising to find Zhi Shu for him tomorrow, not tonight since it was late already. Then Jing Hao put Liang Ba Ba to bed as he was reminiscing about the past when he was doing the same. Those simple routines. Yes, those were harsh days and he was working several jobs trying to make ends meet yet it seemed like less complicated than now? I meant at least less complicated before he met Rui En, etc.

This scene was actually to negotiate for the place again, not to beg Rui En to come see his father, lol. Oh well, at least this would be a start of something else. Even if Rui En gave up, she would still help Jing Hao’s father.

Another set of touching moments unleashed as Jing Hao was investigating Liang Ba Ba of his lifestyle these past years. Then more memories came rushing back as he read the letter his father wrote to him. I really miss their interactions, as well as Rui En’s time with them. Those really cute moments with their family of three.

Okay, since their boss already got out of the hospital, he might as well set the rules straight, right? LOL! Good luck!

The part where Rui En’s father found out how he’d been deceived hence the confrontation with Min Shuo. (Seriously, I’m going to say it before I continue on. If he would accept Min Shuo and still allow Min Shuo to pursue his daughter, then I don’t know what type of person he is. I meant who in the world would? Min Shuo was able to deceive him in signing papers, etc. What else is he capable of? And now I think of it, Min Shuo probably wants to be with Rui En just because he wants to inherit the hospital since Rui En’s the only child, right? I’m going overboard here BUT I don’t care to be patient with Min Shuo anymore. He’d gone way past it by now. He doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy from me for that matter.)

Aww…it was a happy reunion for him indeed. Yet he soon realized it wasn’t his home because the decorations among other things weren’t there anymore. Some struggling and Liang Ba Ba hurt his hand, causing Rui En to run and find items to tend to his wound. But what else happened? Fate was driving things forward because who else but Bi Yun came home at that time? But then the investigation was cut short because Jing Hao was questioning her about her ‘precious Min Shuo’ so of course Bi Yun had to protect him AND ACT SUPER FAKE, SAYING THAT SHE WOULDN’T HELP HIM BECAUSE HE HAD HURT RUI EN IN THE PAST? PUH-LEASE. Why doesn’t she get straight to the point and say that she’s doing everything for her Min Shuo? (Like she wasn’t scolding Rui En for hurting her precious Min Shuo also. Stop using Rui En as an excuse to scold others.) Back to the family of three though, too bad things were short-lived.

And here they were, making sure that Rui En’s spirit had already been destroyed so she could go back into their circle and be manipulated further and further. What was the point of breaking her spirit so she would behave? She’s no longer herself and she had to actually suffer so much before returning to their side. Though I understand what Rui En’s father was thinking and his concern. But I want to ask once again, what was the point? I meant like wanting to win because he was right? That it wasn’t worth it? They were pulling strings to make her come back. That wasn’t about them being right because nature took its course. But it was because of their manipulation. (Watching the satisfaction on Min Shuo’s face, I just want to slap him. Of course, wearing gloves to protect my hand first since I wouldn’t want to dirty myself with touching him.) I swear, the thing that should be revealed was the real reason why Jing Hao left aka because he found out Rui En’s father killed his mother. Only that being reveal could help Jing Hao’s case AND SEEK JUSTICE FOR JING HAO. Like he hadn’t endured enough all these years. Now he had to take the blame so these people could act like they were right? Despicable. (DAMN IT, DAMN IT! I’M SO SORRY FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL READING BUT I’M SO PISSED OFF THAT RUI EN COULDN’T FEND STUPID, DESPICABLE MIN SHUO OFF. SHE KNOWS SHE DOESN’T WANT IT, WHY CAN’T SHE SAY IT OR ATTEMPT TO SHRUG HIS HAND OFF? He was using that chance to secure his status, etc BUT WHY CAN’T SHE BREAK AWAY? Stupid that she should bear it all just because she doesn’t want awkward moments with Xin Jie. But still…what the heck? I’m starting to get really, really annoyed with her too. Like she’s a weakling in the past, WHY NOW? STUPID SCRIPTWRITERS.)

AND WHAT THE F WAS THAT? SO SHE ACCEPTED MIN SHUO? I meant the exchange was touching. Yet I rather she married some guy down the street than that jerk. Come on now. SCRIPTWRITERS ARE SO LAZY OR THOSE PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS ARE SO LAZY TO DEVELOP ANOTHER CHARACTER SO JUST MAKE IT LIKE EVERY SINGLE FEMALE LEAD IN EVERY SINGLE DRAMA JUMPING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN TWO GUYS LIKE THAT. Stupid, stupid. Now I hate Rui En as well ’cause the scriptwriters made her accept Min Shuo. I meant yes, she has to move on because Jing Hao’s getting married and there seems to be nothing she could do from what she could see of it. BUT does she have to accept Min Shuo? She could just heal by herself, move on and find someone else. OR ARE THE SCRIPTWRITERS SUGGESTING THAT HER CHARACTER IS SO LAZY TO DEVELOP A NEW RELATIONSHIP THAT THEY RATHER HAVE RUI EN JUST PICK UP SOME GUY FROM THE PAST SO SHE WOULDN’T HAVE TO USE HER EFFORT TO GET TO KNOW SOMEONE ELSE? IDIOTS!

On the other hand, it was so touching when Jing Hao returned to the wedding dress shop and Xin Jie stepped out. (I know it’s so unfair to her.) Then Jing Hao had let his grief took over and his eyes deceiving him, letting him see Rui En and causing him to run over to hug her, apologizing. That part is worth a lot of tears, really. (And I don’t care if Min Shuo was pretending to be a bigger person and saying how Rui En was saying those words on purpose for Jing Hao to hear. It’s still stupid that it has to be said of how Min Shuo will treat her well–if they were really together–since someone who’d hurt you in the past can’t guarantee anything either.)

Bi Yun was investigating that night through her conversation with Rui En. Of course, it was about Jing Hao’s father. But like she would help anyone right now since her ‘precious Min Shuo’ seemed super happy now. Unless somehow she grew a heart and help them uncover everything to the point of Rui En’s father, exposing everything (accidentally of course since Rui En would always exhaust all the questions before she quit) and get some justice for Jing Hao.

The next day, Bi Yun went to have a talk with Min Shuo. BUT LET’S SEE IF IT’S ANY FRUITFUL SINCE HE’S GOOD AT COMING UP WITH REASONABLE ANSWERS. Considering how she’s willing to do anything for him, it wouldn’t be surprising if she eats it all up. Bi Yun sure surprises me this time since, for the first time, she’s actually speaking up for Rui En. Good analysis from her. Could be just some major coincidence BUT still, lucky she didn’t cave in. Man, I thought she cave in when he made so much sense with saying how she was just guessing and how she shouldn’t ruin Rui En’s father’s image if she’d guessed all wrong. YET she had stressed that Rui En had worked so hard all these years and waited for Jing Hao, etc. Maybe I’ll forgive her just slightly. BUT she lost all points again when she couldn’t pull away when he stated that she wouldn’t want to ruin his chance with Rui En and how he, Min Shuo, would give Rui En all the happiness. LAME! So much for a breakthrough.

I seriously feel sorry for Xin Jie but Liang Ba Ba was so cute, always demanding to see Rui En. Well, his wife to be exact but he had been using his wife’s name for Rui En for ages now. And indeed he found Rui En when Xin Jie was at the company looking for Jing Hao but he had some matters to tend to, and of course, Xin Jie bumped into Rui En outside. Liang Ba Ba overheard the familiar voice but wasn’t tuned in since he was sitting in the cab. Luckily he saw her through the car window and his mood sure improved tenfold. That was so cute.

Yup, the inevitable ensued since Xin Jie’s mother was back for more trouble. Rui En rescued Xin Jie and got hit by a car. Full circle or what? I meant since her father did hit Jing Hao’s mother years ago. So it was like somewhat of karma. (Though we know Rui En shouldn’t be held responsible but it happened.) Anyway, Jing Hao came home and asked his father what was going on and even called Xin Jie to clarify matters hence him running to the hospital for the meetup. (Totally random, but Liang Ba Ba sure listens to Rui En by staying put.) Anyone else wants to slap Min Shuo AGAIN for being so lame? Who was he? Rui En’s father didn’t speak up yet and he was all babbling away questioning Xin Jie and then later giving orders to Jing Hao? (This is what they call ‘the emperor doesn’t worry yet BUT the eunuch worries’ kind of thing. Seriously.)

Another stupid set of words rattled out from Min Shuo’s mouth. Seriously, what did I tell you guys? The world revolves around him hence Jing Hao has to listen to his every word and leave this place. Jing Hao must be crazy to still talk to this idiot.

Tong Tong’s great philosophy again. But I love those moments. Tong Tong seriously could see clearer than these other people who complicate things too much–and forcing others. Kids just simply see the image of “like” or “don’t like”, but in this case “love” or “don’t love”–so they wouldn’t be as troubled as adults.

Jing Hao returned to the hospital after learning from Xin Jie as to why Rui En was with her earlier, etc. Was this their last meeting? Even if she wasn’t awake? But that was the end of the episode. (I’m betting this is just another part where they stick in some scenes that didn’t happen yet and will bring us backward to fill in some more details until this scene for the next episode.)

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