Endless Love: Line 13

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The episode actually picked up the next morning with Rui En being transferred to Inpatient already and Eunuch Min Shuo was sitting next to her bed, guarding her. (Making sure no other enemies were there, right?) And yes, I’m giving him the ‘eunuch’ title now because he interferes when it doesn’t concern him and how her father should be the one saying stuff first, NOT him. Bi Yun came to visit Rui En, asking what had happened, etc.

Priceless all right. I meant he finally took some actions. Okay, so he finally carried out something worth mentioning because he kept doing the wrong things that caused Rui En more pain. Now he was finally doing something for his daughter. (Slapping a woman IS not something any man should do BUT I think in this case, it could be acceptable because it was his daughter after all.)

Awww…so touching that everyone at work was coming to see her. (Though they could just be worried about the upcoming project presentation. But still…touching…) Yup, they were worried about the project, except for NoQ, of course, who was her friend. Yet they were right. If she wasn’t there, all their efforts would be for nothing. Okay, now Rui En was back to her old self. Seriously, I was so disappointed that she was collapsing to the point that she almost accepted Min Shuo. (Though she probably wouldn’t.) Now, she was back to her old self again, ready to fight and be stubborn about her decisions. This was work, but it still proved she was back. (Probably because she learned that Jing Hao still loves her?) Then back to the question whether Jing Hao still cares for her or not. Yes, Bi Yun was stunned into silence since the recounts were from Xin Jie and not to mention the drawing. It was more than prove already.

The result of touching Rui En. Never hurt Rui En, was it so hard to follow? Yes, he found Xin Jie’s mother and was ready to let heads roll. Well, not really. Just giving her a good scare. She still dared to threaten him? LOL! If he was scared, he wouldn’t do it in the first place. She just had to keep taking her chances and trying to see when his anger would finally turn into action.

The scene with Jing Hao visiting Rui En was actually fitting in after the previous confrontation with Xin Jie’s mother. Jing Hao was just there to visit Rui En and telling her that he would leave the place, not wanting to cause her any more pain. (That was the real reason for leaving AND NOT BECAUSE MIN SHUO SAID SO.)

As he was departing, he saw Bi Yun. She hesitated and remembered what Rui En said to her hence running after him, wanting to ask him a question. Oh, the same familiar question: If the incident with his father hadn’t happened, would he had left Rui En? But then he said it didn’t matter anymore. She insisted on knowing by saying if it was someone who didn’t want him and Rui En together, then what would it be? And yes, she wouldn’t tell him who until he respond to her. We all know the answer regarding Jing Hao’s feelings. It was just a matter of seeing some events unfold now. Time to verify Bi Yun’s suspicions, right? And I finally forgive Bi Yun for all that she’d done. AND yes, I guess her ‘wanting to do good’ for Rui En won over with the whole ‘wanting to help Min Shuo getting together with Rui En’ (aka forcing Rui En). I meant with how she didn’t want to hide any information that could cause more regrets later on. Not to mention, her saying to leave it up to Heaven to decide was kind of meaningful. Yes, let life take its course. (AND she didn’t go back on her words with Min Shuo since she didn’t tell Rui En, but told Jing Hao. He never said she couldn’t tell Jing Hao! HAHA! I found a gap! NICE?)

The result of the conversation with Bi Yun. Song Wan Ji should know nothing’s a secret. So we learned the truth of what happened, at least how Liang Ba Ba was found by some person with a good heart. (Yup, he was wandering around and someone found him and of course since he didn’t know anyone or could say, it was hard to help.) But why didn’t Song Wan Ji tell Jing Hao that his father was still alive when he returned? GOOD QUESTION. What? NICE. Slapping all those at Jing Hao? Okay, he’s irresponsible? Um…whatever… I meant okay, the real reason why Jing Hao thought he didn’t deserve that happiness with Rui En and left was because he thought he was being punished and all those torn thing between knowing Rui En’s father was the one responsible for his mother’s death too, NOT just because of what happened to his father. SO I still think Rui En’s father should take the partial blame for it, not just pushing everything to Jing Hao. Sure, he repented all these years and how he’d been caring for Jing Hao’s father but did that make him any superior? He’d still killed Jing Hao’s mother and ruined his family. It didn’t matter if it was just an ‘accident’, because that ‘just an accident’ did more damage than anything. I’m not making an excuse for Jing Hao leaving and all because he could no longer take it. BUT I don’t want others to make him the sole reason for the blame. There are other stories behind it too.

Okay, so he made his point. So what? (Yeah, I’m all gung-ho now, I know.) Perhaps Jing Hao was letting his hatred for the old man cloud his judgment yet there were suspicious things worth mentioning, right? Okay, I guess I forgive him since Jing Hao forgived him, and that couldn’t be changed. Yet I still want the thing with Jing Hao’s mother’s accident revealed to everyone. I know it’s WAY too repetitive, but that was also the reason why he left, right? Many conflicts caused him to consider that decision with leaving, not just because of one thing. But the last request? SO SAD. I understand why it must be that way but still sad. AND yes, I finally see the right person saying those words. I meant with Rui En’s father wanting Jing Hao not to see Rui En again–since it made sense because he was the father. With other people like that Min Shuo telling Jing Hao what to do was annoying.

NoQ’s turn to order them around? Not really but Rui En was finished so she alerted NoQ, who wanted to use that opportunity for revenge, lol. And NoQ and Xue Zhe were still arguing, lol. Still funny.

The confrontation. AND someone was acting like some dog, barking. I’m so serious here. I HAD ABOUT ENOUGH WITH HIS RANTING AND PRETENTIOUS PITIFUL ACT. Perhaps Tong Tong shouldn’t be telling Min Shuo that her mother likes him since he would use that against her. AND HE DID. BASTARD. YUP, making things out to be others’ fault and making them out to be the bad person when he’s a bastard. Hope that Bi Yun learned something from this. How her supposedly prince charming really is.

He admitted to NoQ he really wanted things to return to three years ago and his father’s disappearance hadn’t happened and how he would’ve married Rui En, etc. Aww… So good to confide with his old pal again. Too bad things could never return to what it was anymore.

So Xin Jie begged NoQ to tell her where Rui En’s house was. The only thing was, he led her to Rui En’s current aka recent habitat, not the right one where her father had arranged. (The scenes in the previous episode’s previews would unleash, right?) NoQ must have gotten smarter since he managed to dive out of the situation with the choice of words he used. Who could answer Xin Jie’s question really? I meant how could they dodge it all and get crafty about it. Between the two of them, Bi Yun might be quicker but in her state, could she come up with something? NoQ’s improvement with his tactics but in such a situation? Then I think Bi Yun was right, just let the truth reveal itself and life taking its course.

The confrontation after Xin Jie got the Song resident’s address. Xin Jie got the right to be mad since she was severely deceived. Yet how could Rui En tell her all after witnessing what had happened to her past? Rui En’s question was right. How could she say it out and demand Xin Jie to return Jing Hao to her? I think the bravest thing was Rui En didn’t dodge, admitting her plan and saying what she meant to do. But of course, she didn’t realize she had ended up really liking Xin Jie as a friend, etc. And the fact that Rui En actually apologized–even if it was too late–was rather braver than some people never admitting wrong, kept blaming others. Then I really liked Rui En’s speech after the apology and allowing Xin Jie to lash out at her. Yes, because she seriously treated Xin Jie like a friend and believed in her. (The reason why she saved Xin Jie, not like Xin Jie had thought to create some opportunity to allow Jing Hao back into her life.) And then I wasn’t even surprised that Xin Jie won’t let go. I meant she insisted on marrying him the moment she kissed him at the airport, so what made everyone think she was giving up so easily? Scary all right. I know it was because she’d been lied to and used YET it was diving toward the typical route of making the villain out of the other female lead. (WHICH IS GETTING LAME. WE ALREADY HAVE THAT MIN SHUO TO DEAL WITH.) But whatever it is, I think I wouldn’t blame or hate Xin Jie. She has the right to be mad and misunderstand them since it was indeed too complicated. Xin Jie’s declaration of not admitting defeat and won’t let go of Jing Hao even if she died marked the end of the episode.

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