Endless Love: Line 14

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Not really that cheating with the showing some scenes that hadn’t really appear yet. But this one cheated with showing too much of the last scene of the previous episode.

Liang Ba Ba was so glad Xin Jie came home, but it wasn’t because he had gotten attached to her. It was just because he wanted her to help him find Rui En. So she broke down and begged him not to find Rui En anymore. Well, Liang Ba Ba still used his wife’s name for her so Xin Jie wanted to replace Rui En instead. Liang Ba Ba, of course, backed down when he saw Xin Jie crying and tried to comfort her and told her not to cry anymore. That was when Jing Hao came home and called out to his father. Liang Ba Ba rushed to explain that he didn’t bully Xin Jie, he just wanted to find Rui En and then Xin Jie cried so he cried as well. When Jing Hao asked her what was wrong, she just ran the stairs. (How in the world could she run so fast in those heels?) The typical and inevitable confrontation unfolded when Jing Hao finally caught up to her at the rooftop. (YUP, the cliche spot for any types of emotional confrontation.) I guess that was kind of surprising, just kind of though. I meant I would’ve expected that Jing Hao would lie to cover up his tracks and sink deeper, making things even more dramatic (thank the scriptwriters though) in the later scenes. Yet he actually admitted that he couldn’t lie to her anymore? In a way, Jing Hao and Rui En were the same, when confronted with everything already fallen into places, they would admit it instead of diving anymore. Well, after that dramatic attempt to commit suicide, Jing Hao managed to save her (and she fainted–how cliche or what?) and took her back to his place, putting her to bed.

As he was considering things over in his mind, looking at Rui En’s portrait again, Rui En called him. The sound of the cell phone ringing caused Xin Jie to wake up and eavesdropped on their conversation. What was said between them was really sad though since they both knew they could never return to what was before, mostly because they mutually know (without saying it out loud) that they couldn’t hurt Xin Jie. Rui En only had one request and that was to see him again so she could sketch an image of him to save for the future (since we all know Eunuch Min Shuo got rid of the other ones already).

As if things weren’t getting to the point of beyond hysterical already with some of the events going on, more bad news was to be delivered. Yup, their project/idea got stole and it was on Jing Hao’s head because Xue Zhe saw Song Wan Ji leaving Jing Hao’s place that one night, making Jing Hao prime suspect to have betrayed them. The big boss had every single right to be mad, even if NoQ had vouched that Jing Hao wasn’t that type of person. The banter between NoQ and Xue Zhe had escalated to another height but the mob boss jumped in, telling both to shut up. From his expression, he was ready to let heads roll. AND why was the other dude smiling like a maniac the whole while since hearing the news with the project being announced, etc? NOT Xue Zhe, but that other new dude that came at the same time as Rui En and NoQ.

Oooohhh…OMG! So we or maybe more like I had underestimated that pretentious, faking pity Song Wan Ji. He sure knew how to hide things and pretended he was in a regretting mode all these years. So he sent that dude in to spy and steal? Not to mention pinning it on Jing Hao. No wonder he was so good at planning every move. He was staying silent all along or looking like he trusted Min Shuo yet was just letting Min Shuo do whatever so others could focus on Min Shuo and hate him instead? Or he didn’t really care? (Regardless though, I swear Min Shu wasn’t that nice either, kept wanting to control others. It didn’t matter how he thought it was good for others.)

As Jing Hao and Rui En were making their way to their last meeting, both were thinking of the past. But as fate would have it (or more like the scriptwriters wanted to make it even more dramatic), Rui En was detained by a little accident with her wheelchair and fell. Attempting to get up, she was approached by some dude. Two guesses who he was sent by. Jing Hao, of course, got there first and waited until he received a call. It wasn’t from Rui En though, but Xin Jie, saying that it had to do with her mother and begging for Jing Hao to save her. (I can’t believe she was using this type of tactics, but I guess when her bridge of emotions had already been broken, she would resort to anything. It was, of course, fake because she called her mother earlier so of course they had it planned or something.) Wanting to rush to wherever it was to find Xin Jie, Jing Hao remembered of his meeting so he called Rui En yet she wasn’t picking up either. He left a message and told her to wait for him.

Well, I guess that made two of them since Xin Jie’s mother was equally surprised as Jing Hao when he demanded some answers from Xin Jie’s mother. Xin Jie actually came right out and told Jing Hao she heard it all with Jing Hao and Rui En meeting up. Just to be fair though, when you eavesdrop, make sure you know the full story before jumping to conclusion? BUT I guess can’t blame Xin Jie since she wouldn’t know what was real or fake anymore, not after being deceived for a while now.

Okay, I’m getting surprised like the second time. I meant like I thought he would feel guilty. Because of the typical main guy formula, right? Since he did lie to her in the past. Yet he said he was disappointed in Xin Jie? (Didn’t he lie to her too? So she was going crazy?) So Jing Hao just left like that. After some smart remarks, Xin Jie’s mother left as well while Xin Jie was scheming up another set of traps for Jing Hao and Rui En. At least she didn’t want them to meet up. Who else but to call that Min Shuo? I seriously think Min Shuo should be responsible for half of the troubles that were going on too, not just Jing Hao and Rui En for lying or whatever else. (Failed to mention it probably qualified as lying.) After all, Min Shuo did force Jing Hao to marry Xin Jie before he would release information on Jing Hao’s father’s whereabouts. So why should Jing Hao take the fall for this and be slapped on the slogan as an asshole when Min Shuo could walk away? Come on now.

Yup, Rui En got captured and now her father had to deal with the mess. Did he think he could get away with it and was celebrating too soon on his victory of causing Jing Hao more grief? WRONG! Seriously though, whatever he was doing always backfire on him because it ended up that his daughter would receive the punishment in his place. The person who called was, of course, Kun Ge, the mob boss (aka Jing Hao’s current boss). Song Wan Ji knew him? I meant because he had recognized the guy’s voice. OMG! I was thinking it might be some major misunderstanding yet it was true. Song Wan Ji not only wanted to cause a misunderstanding between the two parties but he actually said Jing Hao offered the deal to him? What? I actually laughed out loud when Kun Ge was asking about how come Jing Hao was the one responsible yet Song Wan Ji and his daughter had nothing to do with the whole thing and that if Song Wan Ji was trying to fool the ghosts or something (aka Kun Ge was seeing through how Song Wan Ji was just pinning things on Jing Hao). Man, I’m having a blast with Kun Ge’s phrases. I don’t know. I shouldn’t even laugh at this time since Rui En’s in danger but it was just so funny that Song Wan Ji was just trying to wing it through and push everything on Jing Hao (aka manipulating things) but Kun Ge refused to cooperate, lol. (I swear Song Wan Ji’s so much like Min Shuo or vice versa, always manipulating and wanting to make sense to convince others to do it their way.)

After hanging up on Song Wan Ji, Kun Ge called Jing Hao up. Jing Hao had returned to the meeting location to continue waiting and thought that it was Rui En who called since Kun Ge had used Rui En’s phone to call Jing Hao. Some initial ‘I thought could trust you’ type of thing were rattled out, Kun Ge got right to business, saying how he had been betrayed, etc. Jing Hao was, of course, stumped by the fact that Song Wan Ji had admitted the truth (or the weaved-up version of the truth).

As if he wasn’t worried to death already after Kun Ge hung up on him, that Min Shuo had to show up and attacked him too. (Again, what in the world was Min Shuo to Rui En, her husband? Or her father?) Well, they finally got it out of the way by prioritizing the situation. Yet Jing Hao stopped a distance from the supposed place that Rui En’s imprisonment location. What now? Jing Hao stopped Min Shuo from proceeding by saying that he wanted Min Shuo to promise him something.

Okay, I was watching and didn’t want to recount much but that was a powerful scene and great planning from Jing Hao with trying to get Min Shuo and Rui En out of there. (YET it sucks that he has to let Min Shuo be the hero. Even if it was to distract Kun Ge so the other two could run yet it means that he would be a bad guy forever, without anyone knowing the truth.) But Heaven decided to help Jing Hao because Xue Zhe came in time before Kun Ge shoot Jing Hao to tell Kun Ge that the traitor was actually that other dude, who actually work for Song Wan Ji. Jing Hao was rushed to the hospital while Min Shuo and Rui En were recaptured once again. Of course, since Rui En was the useful bargaining chip that could work either way, with her father or Jing Hao–it would register some reaction. Kun Ge wanted a meet up with Song Wan Ji, what would this result in? Of course, Kun Ge won’t let someone make a big joke out of him. Song Wan Ji will have to pay.

The day when Song Wan Ji got to play the hero in saving his daughter. How touching, eh? Everyone get to play the hero to save Rui En while Jing Hao was dubbed as the bastard who only cared about money to the point that he didn’t think twice with using others to benefit. (OF COURSE I’M BEING SARCASTIC.) Kun Ge’s my favorite character right now since he’s going to make others suffer for making a fool out of him. But we were cut short of that, probably because they wanted to save stuffs for later.

Everyone found out about Jing Hao’s condition and rushed to the hospital, except for Rui En of course, since she still thought he was the bad dude. Kun Ge was right, she was sure living in a happy world, not knowing the truth, etc. Then there was also the whole flashback with Jing Hao and Min Shuo’s conversation before they went to save Rui En. It seemed like Min Shuo was looking more and more regretful or somewhat feeling torn like he wanted to tell Rui En the whole thing. (I think I underestimated Lin Yo Wei since he managed to bring out the actual genuine, sincere kind of feeling toward the character at that point versus the fake, pretentious pitiful look Min Shuo exuded in the past.) Perhaps I should forgive him? Yet if he told the truth or something, then he would be forgiven more. But that had to wait for the next episode because it ended where Jing Hao finally woke up.

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