Endless Love: Line 15

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

They cheated again but not some random scene, just that they were several minutes more over with repeating the previous episode’s ending scene. It’s okay though. Last episode so they needed more time to stretch the last episode. To get some things out of the way, Xin Jie got the message from Min Shuo and rushed in to talk to Jing Hao, pouring her hearts out, etc.

As for Min Shuo, he couldn’t stand it anymore after some hesitation and reconsideration. During one of the walks with Rui En, he couldn’t stand how she kept saying that Jing Hao was despicable and was only thinking of money. Not to mention how her father wanted them to get married. Though he really wanted to be with Rui En, I guess after what he’d seen Jing Hao sacrificing for Rui En, he had to say it. His conscience wouldn’t let him? ‘Cause before, he had thought Jing Hao was the bad guy too, but after that little conspiracy, he’d seen to understand Jing Hao more. He told Rui En what really happened so they went to the hospital to see Jing Hao but found his bed empty. That was when they went to the company to ask for words of Jing Hao. NoQ volunteered to go with Rui En and Min Shuo to Jing Hao’s place to find him gone.

Meanwhile, Xin Jie was seen having a meeting with her mother. She finally got the courage to sever her ties with her mother and fight for her own freedom. She was leaving and was also seeking legal help so her mother wouldn’t and couldn’t control her anymore. The mother totally lost this time yet I don’t pity her because Xin Jie never learned or received any love from her so how could Xin Jie give it back?

Min Shuo managed to persuade Rui En to head home and think up of a new plan. One of Kun Ge’s henchman approached them and gave them a package. It was specifically for Rui En, an answer to his strange comment the other day when they were captured and then released. What was inside was an old fashion recorder. It was compact but effective because it held all the evidence to which Rui En’s father had confessed to Kun Ge as to why he’d done so much these past years. The crime of Rui En’s father did not extend from the accident he’d caused toward Jing Hao’s mother. That was really an accident, and he couldn’t really be blamed. Yet what made the whole thing despicable was kidnapping Jing Hao’s father and hiding him all these years so Jing Hao and Rui En wouldn’t get married. Song Wan Ji’s reason for sabotaging the marriage was that he feared Rui En would suffer after they married because Jing Hao might abuse her or do other things to her because of what her father did–just for revenge. Yet he had miscalculated and things had gone haywire. If he hadn’t mess with Kun Ge, he would’ve succeeded. Yet the truth must be revealed after all, right?

The confrontation between Rui En and her father was really emotional. Her father’s image was completely ruined in her heart. It wasn’t just about choosing the one she loved and her father, but about ruining Jing Hao’s family’s life and then eventually causing grief for them all. Things had gone out of control and he hadn’t expected some of the dramas. But he was the driving force of the whole thing. I felt Sandrine did extremely well at that scene. She doesn’t cry pretty, she never did. But that was what made it so emotional and more realistic. After that confrontation, she left the place–with Min Shuo and NoQ chasing after her.

With so much happening and how she couldn’t find Jing Hao anymore, it was hard to blame her for breaking down completely. Everything in her life was a big joke, especially how her father was such a person. I think what she said was true though, by doing all those, he only loved himself and not her because hadn’t she suffered so much too? Min Shuo took over and encouraged her on, not wanting her to give up after hearing her devastated rant.

After disappearing for days, Xin Jie finally appeared again and even contacted them. First Min Shuo and then the others to inform them about the wedding, wanting them to come and give their blessings to the two–her and Jing Hao that was. NoQ wanted to break the phone yet it was Xue Zhe’s, LOL! NoQ said the screen of Xue Zhe’s phone was bigger? LOL!

What got even funnier was how NoQ and the gym owner were arguing over whether NoQ should sabotage the wedding or not. Yet they ended up killing each (not really but were just reacting too strongly) because NoQ was saying the gym owner wasn’t any better off than him–appearance-wise–and that the gym owner looked like a gorilla. Man, that was priceless! One of the scenes worth laughing over. They were too cute and hilarious. Something to ease off the tension with?

The wedding finally arrived and most of the key characters were there to attend the wedding. Though some were reluctant, just wanting to see some type of show or maybe voiced their objection like NoQ. Possible. Yet Min Shuo was looking all relaxed when he came with Rui En? Was he changing back to a character where he was thinking about his own happiness? Kind of impossible since he’d made quite an effort to help Rui En. Or was that another point-scoring scheme? Before anyone else could figure it out, Rui En was pulled away by Xin Jie to the dressing room. Xin Jie wanted Rui En to help her with something, which we do not know yet–not quite.

The ceremony soon started and Jing Hao was forced to play the game with the application they created to ensure that the person he was marrying would be his fated other half. Jing Hao, we know, had tossed his phone toward Kun Ge during that one confrontation so he didn’t have his anymore. Kun Ge soon reached into his pocket and fetch it for him, tossing the phone to him. So they were ready. No detection or reaction from the software at first while they waited. Jing Hao said the application was only made to seek for a dating partner, it didn’t have anything to do with marriage. But before he could say further, his phone finally responded and it was successful. He and his bride to be was indeed fated to be together.

The big surprise everyone hadn’t known about was that the bride to be was Rui En, not Xin Jie. Jing Hao was confused and so were some of the parties who had arrived to witness the wedding. Xin Jie soon appeared to explain that she had dumped Jing Hao because the application said he wasn’t suitable for her hence allowing him to be with his destined person, which was Rui En. That meant that Xin Jie was in on that conspiracy with Min Shuo when they met up that one time. He’d planned everything with her to the point of making sure everyone got together and attended the wedding that day. After learning those few details, NoQ raised his hand up to say that he had no objections, lol. As of the others, of course, they had no objections as to Jing Hao and Rui En’s marriage. One of the funniest responses was Kun Ge’s 800% support and that he announced their application had succeeded with its purpose. (Great time for advertising their product, eh? LOL!) Yet Jing Hao, himself, objected. What? Weird, eh? But he repeated his words by saying the application they created only proved to find a match for dating, not marriage. He wanted to ask others to give him their blessing instead, specifically Min Shuo. Min Shuo took up the role and asked Jing Hao to tell them how much he loved Rui En before he could give his blessings. So Jing Hao took up the challenge and told everyone present about their story.

After Jing Hao’s recounts, Xue Zhe continued with the usual questions between the bride and groom. Rui En replied ‘I do’ before Xue Zhe was finished while Jing Hao told Xue Zhe to shut up. That sort of scared him (and possibly the guests) but Jing Hao soon told Xue Zhe to finish up with the ceremony and that if anyone was objecting, he would kill them. (LOL!)  Rui En could finally smile and joke with Jing Hao naturally–like once upon a time. The funniest was seeing how hard she hugged him that his wound got affected by the force, which she didn’t care since she declared she didn’t want to let go of him again. Funny that everyone was yelling for them to kiss–and Jing Hao responded by saying like he needed them to say it. Yup, a happy ending indeed.

Some of the things near the ending were a bit rushed yet we could guess that Xin Jie had seen what was going on or at least realized some of the things after what happened so she decided to give up? Then there was Min Shuo finally understanding what type of person Jing Hao really was, so of course, he had no objection. Not to mention how small he must have felt to misunderstand Jing Hao and how much Jing Hao could sacrifice for Rui En. So he got together with Xin Jie and planned it up to the wedding. (I want to take this opportunity to praise Lin Yo Wei again. I seriously, seriously had underestimated him. Yes, I’m making up for past wrongs with scolding him and not even going back to change some comments ’cause I wanted it to reflect my emotions while watching those parts. Now, I just want to say that he seriously brought out his character well with unwilling to lose, to the point that he could resort to some other means, causing grief to others and himself. Then the genuine, concern look, later on, was totally convincing, not the arrogant, fake pitiful look anymore.) As for Song Wan Ji? Anyone felt he got it too easy after that emotional confrontation with Rui En? I did, but after watching the ending, I guess there was no other way. What else could he do, right? If the others had already forgiven him, then that was that. They could move on. Or more like if he didn’t want to lose his daughter, then he should go forth with helping them. Kun Ge was a key character in revealing everything, because if he hadn’t exposed Song Wan Ji then Jing Hao and Rui En could never be together. What I don’t get though was, wasn’t Jing Hao’s father missing like before Jing Hao told Song Wan Ji that Song Wan Ji was the one who ruined his family by running over his mother? So it didn’t make sense. Or maybe he just didn’t want Jing Hao and Rui En together but learned the facts afterward? Or did he go and investigate Jing Hao’s background already before the day? He was capable. I might have missed something and need to go back and pay attention to some details. But last thing, was Min Shuo going to end up with Bi Yun? I meant since he already apologized for being an asshole earlier and how she had hugged him at the wedding for being such a nice guy? Possible.

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