Endless Love: Line 2

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Life went back to normal for Jing Hao as he continued to sell clothes with NoQ–or it seemed to be. Seeing how beat up Jing Hao looked, NoQ tried to persuade Jing Hao to go home and rest. However, Jing Hao was stubborn and wanted to continue on. He turned back to the crowd and attempted to call for attention, advertising his products actively. NoQ could not do anything except to go back to his stall and continue with his task.

Rui En’s determination led her to the street where Jing Hao and NoQ were selling their products. She was persistent to help Jing Hao apply the ointment on yet it also gave way for NoQ’s shock in witnessing the sweet scene. Though it did not just end there because while Rui En was trying to get away, she slipped and fell, causing an embarrassing scene to unfold. Luckily, she pulled herself up in time to run for it as many passersby stared after her. Jing Hao was surprised yet happy at the same time. While he was being drawn into the moment, NoQ snatched the bag that contained the ointment and the guys ended up in a brawl (sort of) since Jing Hao was attempting to retrieve the bag while NoQ was trying to get the truth out of Jing Hao.

On the other hand, Rui En made it safely back to her car without any other incidental moments occurring. Yet she was already drenched in embarrassment, scolding herself for her stupidity. However, she managed to pull herself together and continue on.

Rui En’s next trip wasn’t joining her friends at some location for fun or heading home so her father wouldn’t worry. It was actually to Jing Hao’s home. She unlocked the door and entered with a basket in her hand. (It wasn’t hard to unlock the door since Jing Hao only used a spoon to keep the chain in place.) A kind heart wasn’t necessary greeted with welcoming hands since while Rui En was looking at the family picture, she was whacked over the head with a spoon by Jing Hao’s father. But the hostility soon passed when the old man realized Rui En had brought him some food. The sitter was in for a good scare since she thought something major happened when she returned to find the door wide opened but she was soon greeted with Rui En and Jing Hao’s father all happy and friendly.

The next day at school Jing Hao was greeted with some good news while Rui En was making it her responsibility to restore Jing Hao’s habitat to its original state. (Or at least fix it so it was in better shape than its current state–after the whole fire and all.) Rui En wanted to take Jing Hao’s father out while the crew worked. The sitter was reluctant at first but had to give in to Rui En’s way. Rui En and Jing Hao’s father could pass for a pair of kids all right. They were really getting along. Then again, what would Jing Hao say to all of this madness?

Jing Hao returned that night to find his house all new again. Shocked was beyond his state. He quickly launched into questioning the sitter of the matter while she struggled to find the right words, trying hard not to expose Rui En’s effort. Jing Hao was more than touched of the actions and the sitter was shrugging it off as if was nothing. Jing Hao was suspicious of the matter but respected that kind someone who did not want to be bothered. (I can’t blame him for being confused since the sitter wasn’t all that patient earlier but now she was acting all nice? OKAY…) Jing Hao was even more puzzled to find a balloon in his father’s room yet he could not inquire anyone, right?

Jing Hao and NoQ went on an unsuccessful shopping trip. While attempting to cheer Jing Hao up, NoQ suddenly discovered the skirt that Jing Hao had to compensate Rui En earlier. They both realized that Jing Hao had been tricked. No wonder Rui En was feeling so guilty before and was trying to make up for her past wrongs by doing the renovations the day before–and much more. NoQ wanted to expose Rui En while Jing Hao admitted that he was wrong also. But NoQ did not want to let it go, stating that it was too much. Furthermore, what if something had happened to Jing Hao’s father? NoQ had a point all right but Jing Hao did not want to pursue the matter any further, considering how his father was all right. NoQ even went to the extreme of demanding Rui En’s phone number so he could scold her for Jing Hao. However, Jing Hao had phased out on him, causing NoQ to be even more suspicious.

Meanwhile, Rui En was waiting for someone to show up. (Two guesses.) Debating whether to call the other person, she was soon interrupted by one of the girls. At that fateful moment, Jing Hao finally decided to enter the gallery after much struggles. Rui En was making her way into the back so she did not realize he had entered. The girl who spoke with her earlier thought that Jing Hao was the one Rui En was waiting for and even stated that Rui En had been waiting for him for a long time. Confused, Jing Hao could only utter a sound, not even a complete word. But Rui En turned around at that time, giving him the sweetest smile that he could not help but smile back. Rui En slowly turned her smile off and Jing Hao realized he was not the reason for her happiness. In fact, he decided to play the ‘cool’ card again, trying to ignore her and pretending to be admiring some painting on the wall instead. Rui En made her way toward him and questioned him of her work while he struggled to answer but dropped the facade, at last, knowing he could not wing it through.

Before Jing Hao could react, Rui En grabbed hold of his hand and led him around the gallery, showing him the connections to all her paintings. Indeed, it was the red lines connecting. If one did not observe carefully, one wouldn’t know. It was an amazing moment, considering the last two paintings in the center indicated that the guy and the girl also shared a connection through the red string. It was a magical moment all right. That was until Min Shuo stepped in to ruin the moment. That was also the part where Rui En let go of Jing Hao’s hand awkwardly, attempting to dissolve a possible misunderstanding. That wasn’t lost on Jing Hao.

Min Shuo, being the clueless guy that he was, decided that it was a good idea to invite them all to dinner. Jing Hao and Rui En were reluctant, considering how their moods were already spoiled. Therefore, it was obvious they had no appetite. However, they went along anyway. At the restaurant, all Jing Hao and Rui En did was stare while Min Shuo and his girlfriend talked on and on. Jing Hao suddenly remembered back to what Rui En said to him at their first meeting. Jing Hao’s anger was rising by the moment while Rui En continued to shrug off Min Shuo’s accusation that Jing Hao was her boyfriend. It got to the point that Rui En had to yell out to make her point while Jing Hao finally spoke up but contradicted Rui En’s words, causing even more confusion. After Rui En was done putting a hole in Min Shuo’s head with her staring (my guess), she finally realized what Jing Hao just said and turned around to confront him. Jing Hao repeated his words that he was indeed Rui En’s boyfriend. He went even further by getting things straight, causing Min Shuo to give in and abandoning his nickname for Rui En altogether.

Departure was awkward but Jing Hao and Rui En managed to hold it in until Min Shuo and his girlfriend were out of their sight. Jing Hao walked away from the scene afterward but was instantly stopped by Rui En. She waited long enough. She had to confront him of the matter. Jing Hao stated that he did not like Min Shuo’s behaviors, giving Rui En more reasons to scold him. Yet Jing Hao stopped her in time, reminding her that she wasn’t mad at him. He finally confronted her and told her that she should tell Min Shuo of her feelings. Rui En phased out for a moment, reminiscing about the past. When she tuned in again, she only wanted to get away from Jing Hao. (Because he was right?)

While Jing Hao was tormented with the memory of the bitter argument between him and Rui En, Rui En was forced to go and tend to Jing Hao’s father again since the old man did not care for the sitter’s meals but only wanted to eat Rui En’s delicacies. Rui En was hesitating for a bit before going to Jing Hao’s house once again. Rui En was not disappointed by the visit since she regained her high spirits upon seeing Jing Hao’s father enjoying his meal. They were interrupted by Jing Hao’s call. Rui En picked it up anyway to hear Jing Hao’s sincere apology. The call ended peacefully but it was also a close one for Rui En since she almost blew it when Jing Hao was asking about her whereabouts. (PHEW!)

The apology must have some sort of effect since Rui En was seen in higher spirits while talking to her father that night. On the other hand, Jing Hao was seen phasing out again while he was supposed to tend to his stall. Of course NoQ took it into his hands to investigate once again. Not believing his ears of Jing Hao’s confession, he had to rub it in twice or more to confirm the matter. After getting that part out of the way, NoQ volunteered himself to help Jing Hao–though was turned down. NoQ was persistent so it was not like he would give up in two shakes. He wanted to help his friend.

Jing Hao, still attempting to shrug off NoQ’s hare-brain ideas, received a call from Rui En. She scolded him for not seeing her (aka not acknowledging her existence). Jing Hao told her she got the wrong number. Yup, Rui En went and got herself drunk after Min Shuo told her AGAIN that she was his sister, etc. Since Rui En was on a roll, she did not care to pay attention to Jing Hao, continuing with her rants. She wasn’t the only one that was hurting since Jing Hao’s heart just broke along with hers. Frustrated that he could not get a legible answer out of her, Jing Hao ran away, leaving his stall behind–and NoQ wondering where in the world he was going.

Finding Rui En at last though she was unconscious on the ground, Jing Hao embraced her. Attempting to contact Min Shuo, he was scolded by Min Shuo and even got hung up on. As if Rui En could hear, Jing Hao questioned her of her taste in men. Rui En finally woke up, at last, complaining of a headache. She finally paid attention enough to notice Jing Hao’s presence, questioning him about it. He then launched into a brief explanation of their current situation after returning her cell phone to her.

Unable to hold her tongue, she lashed out at him again, but soon realized how weird he was behaving. She even went to the extreme of asking if he liked her. After the confrontation, frustration, and much more, Rui En stormed away from the scene and once again fell down though Jing Hao was too numbed to help her. He was already too wounded by her attacks. She finally found the strength to get up and leave at last as he drowned himself in sorrow and tears the rest of the night.

Another surprise awaited Jing Hao the next day as he tried to gather himself to begin the day. His father was seen holding a piece of paper, which ended up being the flyer from Rui En’s gallery. He turned to ask the sitter while she was scared of his outburst and confessed to him about everything. He finally realized what was going on. Enraged, he could only take it out on the sitter, asking why she had lied to him.

That night, Rui En received the good news that someone wanted to buy her artwork. She rushed back to the gallery immediately. Realizing it was only Jing Hao, she made her way over to him – possibly at a ready to lash out–to find that his face was full of wounds like she once found him. She thought he had gotten into some senseless fight, so she lashed out at him again. He claimed that he wanted to buy her painting but she shouted out that he had no money, which was a mistake and she realized too late of her words. Wanting to take it back more than anything, but it was already delivered.

Ignoring her apology, Jing Hao proceeded with his plan. He ended up tossing money above his head, proving he had money. She was more than the outrage of his actions, scolded back and even gave him a slap. (Yup, I was right, he went and engaged in another round of fights to earn the money.) Rui En did not realize the consequence of her slap because he had already crashed.

Ratings for this episode was 0.77. A fall. Still…I find this addicting to watch for some reason. NOT because of the ‘scenes’ claimed by some people, but because of the story itself. It was getting quite intense and confusing all at once but not too ‘over-hype’. Looking forward to episode 3. Previews show more intense moments but it was all right.

*All images were captured by DTLCT