Endless Love: Line 5

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode followed its course with Jing Hao’s short-lived happiness since the gang (or were they?) who beat up the gym owner was going after him. He managed to shove Rui En out of harm’s way before fighting with the gang. Rui En, being a spunky girl that she was, did not back down so easily. NoQ had to restrain her from getting caught in the mess while Jing Hao was so badly outnumbered and ended up being taken by the gang.

The chase had begin when Rui En yelled for NoQ to get in the car and she sped after the van. (I guess they did not know who they were messing with.) Even if they weren’t afraid of the gang, they had more to worry with this side of the law, considering how they could not call the cops because NoQ was right. Jing Hao could not afford to be in trouble with the school. The other thing that was able to stop Rui En was a red light since they had to avoid a collision but ended up losing the van that had taken Jing Hao.

While her father and Min Shuo were worrying for her safety, Rui En was seen at the gym, looking devastated. On the other hand, NoQ was taking over the task of interrogating the gym owner. The situation was serious this time, considering how Jing Hao was in more danger–since how the gym owner said money could not solve their problem. At a time like this, the gym owner still managed to stop NoQ in time, not wanting his words to frighten Rui En even more. NoQ, hating the sound of the phone ringing more than ever–not really but it was disturbing his nerves, scolded at Rui En to pick up her call already. She did, however, she was not able to restrain herself any longer, knowing what Jing Hao was possibly suffering through at that point. (It looks like that Min Shuo dude will run straight to them in a bit.)

And indeed Jing Hao was suffering through the worst at that point. After giving him some warm-up lectures, the leader spoke up, giving Jing Hao some terms. (Nice tactic since after that round of beating, anyone would give in.) Jing Hao was not just someone, but when the man mentioned his father, it was a different story. This was the flip side of being a filial son. The leader dude thought he got Jing Hao major time but he had no idea by offering the terms that Jing Hao would never have to worry about money again ended up triggering him to go against the idea more than ever. Jing Hao was right. All of those things that happened to him, was it because he had no money? It happened anyway. Someone did not know where to hit. Not being able to persuade Jing Hao, the leader made a call (aka releasing Jing Hao). He, of course, was not going to let things fall apart like that. There was something else. Time for the back-up plan, right?

After some exchange with NoQ and the gym owner, Min Shuo immediately stepped over to where Rui En was standing, attempting to haul her out of the place and back home. She fought back, not wanting to return with him, exclaiming that she was not a little girl anymore, etc. Before she could continue with her frustration rant, she heard sounds of a vehicle stopping and leaving, so she ran outside to check. Seeing that it was Jing Hao, she rushed over to help him up, asking about his well-being. Yet he only scolded back, wanting her to leave–while the others witnessed the entire scene nearby. Cruel all right yet it was the only way to guarantee her safety in the future. (Who knew what else those people were capable of and the possibility of harming Rui En was too much to risk. And then there was much more than that.)

When Jing Hao was done and turned to leave, Rui En shouted after him that she liked him. (Nice timing. Would this change anything?) That, of course, had some effect because Jing Hao had stopped, allowing Rui En to advance forward and poured out her heart to him. (That was so touching. Or maybe I’m such a sucker for it.) Well, it was left hanging since the scene was cut to the part where Rui En had to face her father with not coming home, not returning his calls, etc. Her father gave the typical lectures, but finally believed her. It seemed things were not that bad since NoQ was seen teasing Jing Hao; and Rui En was in La-La Land. Yet was it just because they weren’t prepared? Everyone needed time to draw up a new plan for the upcoming part. They needed to recuperate first.

Next day, Rui En arrived at Jing Hao’s house and asked him out on a date. She did not care if he agreed or not, stating that she won’t get mad at him, etc. Upon Jing Hao’s agreement, Rui En was beyond happy, kept pacing back and forth–and some more–in front of Jing Hao’s house. (Though it could not be said the same for Min Shuo’s case BUT he’s too late after all. Can’t blame anyone.)  Anyway, when Jing Hao stepped out of his house, he realized Rui En had been there for a while already. She did not reply but just smiled. (And that was too funny.)

And the date was on. But they first stopped at the airport to take some pictures of others before proceeding to the actual date. Jing Hao finally loosened up after some games at the arcade. (They were so cute all right!) Just like that, they spent the whole day with nothing but enjoying themselves with games and visiting different sites. It was a first for Jing Hao all right since he had always been so busy that he had no time for such. Just when Jing Hao admitted to experiencing so much changes after meeting Rui En (possibly aiming at a positive sign), but his next words wasn’t so. (I knew it! It was too good to be true.) Jing Hao was straight to the point (like always), stating that their relationship wouldn’t turn into anything in the future. Rui En refused to believe because they did not start yet, how would he know their ending? Yet he said somethings you just know, not having to experience it. (I love the dialogues in here. Though the concept sounds repetitive but it makes everything so clever.) Just like that, Jing Hao walked out of Rui En’s life once again. And just like Rui En was herself, she did not give up, chasing after him like many times before, demanding a more solid answer than that. But Jing Hao was determined. He was not backing down from his decision–regardless of her words. (It was revealed later in the hospital that Jing Hao was afraid that one day Rui En would leave him.)

Wanting desperately to stay away from her, but fate was not letting Jing Hao escape hence the two of them kept meeting like that. (The more obvious sign: they were in the same university, it was hard not to bump into one another.) Jing Hao did not care since he wanted to show fate that he could fight his own war because he was ignoring her completely, walking right by like she was invisible. She was discouraged yet Xiu Zhen (the girl that asked her to match-make earlier) urged her on. (Xiu Zhen wasn’t that bad after all. She was really understanding since she did not realize Jing Hao and Rui En had something going on or she wouldn’t have asked Rui En to match-make like that.) Running after Jing Hao was easy, but what would it bring this time?

Rui En got her answer upon arriving at the library. Yes, she went the wrong way and he had the time to find someone to stage the happy talk, discouraging Rui En even more. (It was too sad to see her walking away like that.) After the brief exchange with the other girl, she finally left. It was then that Jing Hao turned around, looking at Rui En leave. It was also then that he realized it was raining outside. He chased after her, wanting desperately to shield her from the rain…yet he stopped himself in the end.

Turning away after a few moments of observing her, but he was not able to pull himself away from it completely. He chose to turn back, following her from behind. (However, I must say that rain they walked through couldn’t be compared to the storm that was about to start with Min Shuo passing on some information to Rui En’s father.)

What Rui En discovered the next day at school was even more interesting though, considering how she found out Jing Hao wasn’t supposed to be in that class (the one he claimed to be in before) and her confidence was shot up again. She had a new plan, stalking Jing Hao at the park while he was monitoring the kids while they were skating. Plan A failed since Jing Hao resisted the urge to come to her rescue, but she wasn’t about to give up. Even Plan B failed. But it was all right. She was patient (for the time being).

Nothing worked better than fate intervening since Rui En lost her balance and was gaining more speed than she wanted to. Lucky Jing Hao came to the rescue in time. She was so happy to have him finally acknowledging her existence that she did not mind being scolded at. She continued with the cute ploy the whole way, tagging him until he was not able to stand it anymore. Ready for his attacks, she was still optimistic toward the situation. (I actually like it very much that each time he walked away, she did not let him until she exhausted all of her arguments. It was like she wasn’t giving up–unlike other dramas.)

Determined to prove Jing Hao wrong, Rui En went and bought her–possibly first–pair of sports shoes. Passing a little restaurant out in the streets, Rui En wanted to try yet Min Shuo stopped her, even scolding her to stop trying to change for Jing Hao. (I love Rui En’s reply. Yet she soon regretted it since she had upset Min Shuo.) While he got started, Min Shuo went on and on with how Jing Hao was only with her because of money, etc. But Rui En soon straightened him out that the reason Jing Hao was involved in those matches was because of her. (Nice explanation from Rui En since she totally said the reverse of what those girls said when Min Shuo questioned them when he was at the bar that one time. It reinforced the differences between actually liking someone and liking them because of certain traits.)

After dropping Rui En off at her house, Min Shuo stopped her from going in, saying that she had changed already, i.e. the usual talk with how she had grown up, etc. Who but Jing Hao was spot nearby watching them? Was he able to hear what they were saying? Because Rui En was firm with her words. It was just that a certain someone did not let it go. However, he changed his tactic after seeing Rui En diverting herself from his kiss, stating that he was kidding. (Oh really? Yet I was so glad Rui En did not fall into ‘the moment’ and ruined her foundation thus far.) Jing Hao did not witness the worst yet he wasn’t that happy either. What to do now? Too many complications. (At the same time, I only felt sorry for NoQ and the gym owner since they had to suffer from Jing Hao’s silent treatment and knowing that he could explode at any minute. Not a situation anyone wanted to be in.)

Jing Hao was seen operating normally again the next day (or more like he did not look so livid anymore) until Rui En showed up on his doorstep, looking so out of shape. (Two guesses that it was lack of sleep.) She was just there to get some fresh air before leaving, even wishing him a ‘good night’ but soon corrected it to ‘good morning’. Jing Hao was more than puzzled of her behavior. (I would be too!) It wasn’t until he finally looked at her walking away that he realized she was wearing regular shoes, NOT high heels.

After he remembered what they had exchanged the last several times, he finally chased after her. (Finally, for once!) They were together at last. (Okay, maybe for the time being since there were more obstacles ahead. But it was too cute.) The ride home was sweeter (her home of course) since she was seen staring at him the whole time, not wanting to part with him–even when she was supposed to be catching up on sleep while he was driving.

It seemed like their relationship was being tested again since Rui En finally received a recommendation letter to a top school, paving way for her future as an artist. She wanted to think things over, not as excited about it anymore–since she had to think for Jing Hao too. As Xiu Zhen was questioning her about the recommendation letter, Jing Hao appeared in front of them, so Rui En shoved the letter in her bag before greeting him. (So cute! YET the other thing would be more of a problem later.)

Rui En finally had the chance to wrap the red strings around herself and her significant other. Since she managed to get some to tie it on them. And her words to him was equally sweet. What could go wrong at that point? (LOTS!) They bumped into Min Shuo since Min Shuo just stepped out of the shoe store, having purchased some high heels for Rui En. Min Shuo’s smile faded with theirs. Well more like Jing Hao’s kind of faded while Rui En was still happy. In fact, Rui En was waving their (Jing Hao and hers) linked hands proudly toward Min Shuo to prove her happiness. The couple walked away after some more exchange–though the same hostility was seen in both guys’ eyes.

Jing Hao was awarded some form of recognition at work and was more than happy to join Rui En for a celebration. However, when he was waiting for her at the basketball court, someone came and talked to him. That person apparently was working for Rui En’s father. What was taking place at the site when they arrived was some sort of ceremony. (A sort of opening type of event since Mr. Song was seen cutting the red string, etc.) It was a hospital. Jing Hao finally arrived. Something was about to happen but not at that particular site because the man entered his car and gestured for Jing Hao to follow.

Whatever that was about to happen did not matter since Rui En was seen decorating the gym over to surprise Jing Hao. (He was already surprised–honestly.) Even the gym owner was affected by her optimism.  Only NoQ was indifference since he only cared for the delicacies that were laid out on the table in front of him. Lucky the gym owner stopped him in time. Rui En’s high spirits was only stopped by Jing Hao’s message that he was going to be late. NoQ, being NoQ, wanted to punish Jing Hao by attacking all the delicacies so Jing Hao would not have any when he returned. Mr. Gym Owner had to jump in to stop his greedy nature once again, causing a smile from Rui En. (That wasn’t all lost.)

And we were brought back to that inevitable conversation once again, knowing the words that would be said already. It was always the same routine, praising first and then stomping the other party down. (And then I have to give Min Shuo major points for dropping the tips on Rui En so she knew where to find Jing Hao.)

As Rui En rushed to find Jing Hao–as much as traffic would cooperate, she was waiting for the worst. When she finally arrived and stepped out of the car, Jing Hao stepped out of the building at the same time. Rui En did not want him to start first, but she launched into her fierce attitude, stating that she did not want to break up with him–regardless of what her father said. However, Jing Hao surprised her by saying, “Who said anything about breaking up?” (Hey, she wasn’t the only one surprised, I was too. I was looking for the typical formula after the guy was beat down by the girl’s father.) It made sense though since Jing Hao was not someone who was easily swayed after having made up his mind. It took Rui En awhile to convince him of her feelings so why would some words and criticism from Rui En’s father beat him down so easily? (Aww…)

Previews showed the truth coming out (aka Jing Hao knowing that it was Rui En’s father who hit his mother). It would come out sooner or later. More intensity. Yet how could Jing Hao keep it all inside?

Ratings? It went to 0.75 for this episode. A new low. Though I couldn’t care less at this point, still enjoyable to me.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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