Endless Love: Line 6

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode picked up where Jing Hao was reassuring Rui En that he wouldn’t leave her–ever. Such a promise yet we all know it won’t last because of the past unleashing itself on them. Moving on, Rui En’s father was seen reminiscing about the conversation he had with Jing Hao previously. Though Jing Hao gave the old man his words yet Rui En’s father was still seen sighing after that little flashback. Who wouldn’t, right? It was his daughter after all.

After that false alarm of a breakup, Jing Hao was seen struggling with the gym owner, pondering what was the whole idea with covering his eyes. Yet the gym owner refused to cave in, wanting it to be an absolute surprise for Jing Hao. Delaying the anticipation some more, the gym owner proceeded to yell for NoQ to get ready while NoQ passed the words on to Rui En. When the gym owner finally let go of Jing Hao, allowing him to see the scene in front of him, he was indeed surprised and 200% happy. Apparently, not only were they preparing for his little surprise party, but Rui En even came up with a little dance just for him. How cute is that?

Jing Hao and Rui En left the gym afterward but things were far from over since Rui En was seen questioning Jing Hao about the conversation between him and her father. However, typical as it got, he just shrugged it off and said it was just a secret between men (lol). Man to man talk, eh? But of course Jing Hao did mention her father worrying for her well-being and it was natural that the old man did. We were able to see Jing Hao’s sad expression after Rui En’s car drove away. Was this a hint for some event unfolding? Or was he just feeling like his happiness was too good to be true? Perhaps…

Bad news came in the form of a letter because Rui En’s father had discovered about her opportunity to further her education overseas. The confrontation took place when she got home, but she was determined and responded with much indifference that she didn’t want to go anymore. Well, indifference was an understatement or inaccurate for this situation because her face displayed that of annoyed since she was ready to question him about giving Jing Hao a hard time previously. (Nice way of diverting out of the other situation, eh?) It did not matter that her father was rambling on about how hard it was to get accepted into that university. Things intensified when Rui En’s father realized what she just said and expressed his disappointment for Jing Hao (thinking that Jing Hao had told Rui En regarding the conversation). Rui En, of course, clarified that it was Min Shuo who told her, not Jing Hao. That was one intense scene with the confrontation, the sharp words, and the final blow (literally). (Rui En seriously takes it after her father since they were both stubborn in a sense, not letting go of their belief. It doesn’t make either party wrong, just makes it harder for them to connect when there are real obstacles that they need to deal with, like this one.)

So what did the fight result in? Nothing that was too unexpected of Rui En since she ran away from home and ended up at Jing Hao’s house. Surprised was all he was when he stepped out of the shower. After that previous intense scene, I would’ve expected her falling into his arms and cry it out YET it took us toward another angle. Honestly, that was random but still funny. What happened? He was questioning her about her presence at their house (his and his father’s that was) since it was so late already. She said she wanted to stay there and he refused, stating she couldn’t stay there with the men-only resident. Her stubbornness kicked in about then and she went to his room, apparently proving that she wasn’t leaving anytime soon. He followed her, attempting to kick her out–or more like persuading her otherwise. BUT he had no idea when he was closing the door, the towel he used to wrap himself had caught on the door and she saw it all! The next part? A scream echoing through the neighborhood, what else? (That was kind of hard to believe that he couldn’t feel the towel sliding off though. Perhaps he was too occupied in getting her to leave that he didn’t notice?) Not only that she fled the scene but had also left behind a sneaker. (Modern Cinderella? Just kidding, lol…) The difference was she couldn’t go anywhere without the sneaker so she sat down just outside of his resident, pondering what to do next–and of course still in a panic of what she just saw. Not to mention still trying to muster up some courage to go back inside and retrieve her shoe. What about Jing Hao? What else could he do except getting dressed? Then going outside with her belongings and returning it to her.

Though still awkward yet they managed to sit down and began a serious talk. The conversation was fruitful of course since he managed to persuade her otherwise and to believe in him with making it work and proving it to her father. He had his way of convincing her, but still managed to make a joke out of it? Nice. He’s right though. He has to prove to her father appropriately how he could take care of her, not running off like that. And indeed, Rui En went home and apologized to her father.

The next day promised to be a good one with the nice weather greeting them and Jing Hao was seen spending time with his father. Liang Ba Ba sure looks good, hope he stays that way. He sure gave us a good scare. But while Jing Hao was rolling his old man back inside, he learned through the news about what kind of position Rui En’s father held. Though discouraged about the big gap, he soon turned optimistic again, stating that he would always have his father by his side. Of course, Liang Ba Ba was happy to hear that, but he repeated that he was hungry. So there they were–on their way to get food–that ended up with Jing Hao using his laptop to search for additional information on Rui En’s father. (The teasing exchange between Jing Hao and Rui En were so cute though. On the other hand, though, I don’t feel sorry for Min Shuo at all though clap him on for having informed Rui En of the meeting between Jing Hao and her father. He has all those times so it wasn’t like he was being robbed. But she moved on.)

While Jing Hao was out and about trying to test the camera in his hands, he spotted Rui En rushing toward him with a 100-watt smile on her face. Sensing something weird, he asked her where her car was to receive a response that she wanted to walk. It was indeed a nice day, so why waste time sitting in some car, right? So they proceeded on with her trying to grab the camera from him while he kept filming, even when she took a fall while trying to skate. Seeing her expression, he tried to assure her and rushed forward to help her (so she wouldn’t scowl anymore). But clever as she was, she pulled him on the ground as well, letting him experience the pain she went through a few seconds ago.

Two could play at this game, right? Since after Jing Hao changed the disc for the next round, Rui En snatched it up and decided to have her fair share of fun by filming him. (See how he likes it now, right?) Slightly annoyed–or possibly mildly annoyed–by what Rui En was doing, but upon hearing her question to him, he flashed on his amused smile. (or was that a surprised, semi-relief smile? LOL! Still cute.) Anyway, on the way back home, he told her that she could drive her car the next time since having to ride the public bus could be quite troublesome. Rui En, being on Cloud 9 of recent, only replied that she had missed a lot of things while driving so she wanted to ride the bus instead, allowing her to see the beautiful sun and see his face also. (Nice? Aww…touched…) We weren’t left with that sweet moment though since she requested for the disc so she could broadcast it in the future if he dared to go against her. (Yup, the dramatic exit, still cute though.)

That night, Rui En’s father was in for a surprise as the person who had to do with the money they were talking about all day long was actually Jing Hao. Rui En was at home at the moment and had no idea until NoQ called her (on Jing Hao’s order) and told her to tune in to the segment. While watching, Rui En was more than happy with Jing Hao’s words to her father. At the same time, NoQ and the gym owner cheered Jing Hao on at their own place. Perhaps the only person not so happy–and was bordering on annoyed–was Min Shuo. It was indeed a surprise for Rui En’s father but I guess Jing Hao really earned his respect by now. (Not just because everyone was there and they needed to pose for the camera for show.)

After the event, Jing Hao walked out of the hotel, pondering why Rui En hadn’t called him yet. Little did he know, Rui En was lurking around the area, scheming to surprise him in her own way. To take it even further, she didn’t answer his call immediately but just walked toward him before responding into her own phone. (Cute?)

It wasn’t like Rui En had forgotten or dropped her plan of apologizing to her father (after some failed attempts to make conversation). That night at home, Song Ba Ba discovered some drawings hanging on the glass windows with words of apologies all over them, showing her sincerity. Those drawings were indeed so cute! How could Song Ba Ba stay mad, right? And while Song Ba Ba was reconsidering matters, Jing Hao and Rui En were enjoying their walk home (to Jing Hao’s house that was). Another cute moment between them.

The next day proved to be another interesting one. Not only was Rui En still firm on her decision of not going to Paris for her studies and made her father caved in, but Song Ba Ba also told Jing Hao what Rui En was sacrificing for him. After some sharp exchange between the two, Song Ba Ba interfered and told Rui En that they were both going to Paris for their studies. It was at that eventful moment that Min Shuo’s mother jumped in and said that they (Jing Hao and Rui En) were getting married. Rui En went all nervous and shy but quickly recovered to introduce the two. Funny as it was, Min Shuo’s mother had become a fan of Jing Hao’s after watching last night’s segment. Jing Hao only got to experience a little of that flattery since Min Shuo’s mother turned the whole subject into some awkward moment once again. It was then that Song Ba Ba decided to jump in to clarify that they weren’t getting married, only going overseas for studies–to which Min Shuo’s mother went all shocked, beyond herself, etc and scolded him for being inconsiderate. (Nice… She didn’t say all those words but it was implied with her choice of words.)

Soon, they seemed strolling along a familiar place–to which Rui En took the pleasure of teasing Jing Hao about what he said that one time. Though amused by her mockery, he admitted that it seemed so perfect, so easy that made him fear something coming up. She promised that their future would only consist of happiness. (Don’t we wish it too?) For now, they couldn’t think of anything that could separate them, but Jing Hao’s fear was right. It would be coming soon.

Well, I wasn’t expecting this but I guess this might count as one of those mini obstacles. Yes, Min Shuo had found out through his mother that Jing Hao and Rui En were getting married and he was more than frustrated, even willing to find some reason to turn it into some kind of conspiracy. I wouldn’t expect Min Shuo to be some too good to be true dude either, but this is just getting lame with his attempt to prove something. (Or was he trying to?) It was almost brainless that Jing Hao was winning the fight though. (I meant, hello – trained versus untrained.) But I must agree with Jing Hao, I have no idea who he was coming to the gym for anyway–Jing Hao or Rui En? That was worth millions of laugh though. What? Min Shuo actually said ‘his Rui En’, excuse me? HELLO…delusional much? Unwilling to let go or more like did not cherish her or care to pay attention to her until it was too late. It was like he didn’t think much when she was around and now he was regretting things when she was gone so he wanted to win her back? Then the worst was not admitting it but pushing the blame toward Jing Hao for using those ‘schemes’ to win Rui En and her father over.

Leaving the guys to fend for themselves, we were brought toward the scene where Rui En was bringing over some of Liang Ba Ba’s favorites. He was of course always so happy to see Rui En–and the food she brought.

Was it so hard for Min Shuo to believe that Jing Hao got together with Rui En because he loved her? Perhaps he was so used to being in those types of world with the girls clinging onto him because of money or his look so he felt it was too much to believe? But that was too ironic with Min Shuo’s admitting to Jing Hao that he liked Rui En now. 200% ironic all right. Don’t forget that NoQ and the gym owner were lurking nearby watching the guys’ every move the whole time. And they weren’t too happy with hearing that Jing Hao was getting married–AND didn’t tell them about it. So funny to see their reaction and then advancing on Jing Hao after Min Shuo left. Totally dissolved the previous hectic mood. (Side-Note: Min Shuo was such a spoiled, young master all right, looking at him rubbing his face and listening to him whine about how much it hurt was too much to take. But kind of funny.)

When Jing Hao came to visit his father, he was puzzled as to why his old man was sleeping already when it was still early. Yet Rui En sprung up from under the blankets and gave him a good shock. Asking why she was there, she replied by saying that she was there to ask his father for permission in getting married. And the old man’s response? He jumped out from somewhere and sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song with the word ‘birthday’ replaced with ‘getting married’, nice? (Cute indeed.)

So they proceeded with wedding plans and other arrangements. Min Shuo’s mother was 200% involved in the preparations (and even took time to hang onto Song Ba Ba’s arms while they were watching Jing Hao and Rui En in wedding attires). All that while, something was waiting to happen since Song Ba Ba was seen staring at the ring in the box once again, even scolding Rui En for scaring him when she jumped out from nowhere.

Jing Hao finally discovered the ring inside the box when he was going into Song Ba Ba’s room to retrieve Rui En’s documents for her. Flashbacks and vivid sounds of his father’s scoldings haunted him, causing him to flee the scene without caring to tell Rui En. He needed time to process matters. How could fate be so cruel, right? (Though it was kind of fake that he would just grab the envelope without caring to push the box aside first. It wasn’t like the box was out of the way, it was like sort of in the middle. Or he thought he could just slip the envelope out of the way without causing the box to fall? Or he was just wanting to get the envelope, get out of there, and get back to the living room to meet Rui En? Too much possibilities but it was all right. They needed an excuse to let Jing Hao know. Since he wasn’t the nosy type, he wouldn’t stumble into it unless it was like that?) Anyway, Rui En tried to call him after she came back to find his backpack gone and all, knowing he’d already left. It was really the day that Jing Hao was talking about, having no idea it was like that when he said it. What about Jing Hao? He returned to the scene of the crime to relive the events once again, torturing himself with the past and now the future, his fleeting future. Actually, their fleeting future, because Rui En was already suspecting the worst with her unanswered calls. While Rui En was crying away and worrying about his well-being, he was listening to all her messages and also feeling his heartbreak. Feeling fate had toyed with him, he yelled out in frustration, questioning why did it have to be Rui En’s father. Despite that discovery, Jing Hao apologized to his parents when he was already home and had calmed down, stating that he couldn’t go on without Rui En. So that was his decision, calling her up and meeting her in front of her house. It seemed like a false alarm – or so she thought, only glad that everything was okay. But for how long could he hold on? After all, it wasn’t like he could avoid Rui En’s father for the rest of his life.

It was getting even more obvious when the three of them were on the trip the next day to meet Jing Hao’s father. While pretending everything was all right, he was seen all hostile whenever Rui En’s father spoke up. So while both of their fathers were outside acting like a bunch of kids, Jing Hao was seen splashing water on his face, trying to regain his calm state–but it was failing miserably. How could he refrain when he finally knew of the truth after all these years, right? So, of course, it wasn’t out of this world to think about revenge.

Back outside, Jing Hao transformed to his happy self once again (only when Rui En was watching) and witnessed his father playing so happily with the person who killed his mother and ruined their normal life. Everything was so reeking of irony, not hinting of anything strange just upon witnessing the two hanging out together. So while Rui En’s father promised to look after Jing Hao’s father when Jing Hao and Rui En left for their studies, it seemed like a good plan (on the surface). Watching those two getting along so well that they were going to the restroom together was way beyond agony (for Jing Hao). (And then I was thinking the whole time that if Jing Hao stared any longer, he could put holes through Song Ba Ba’s head.) And the episode ended with Jing Hao tossing the rings into the water (not sure though since he did it so fast), determined to leave the past behind and move on. Another great episode with touches of sweetness and bitterness, among other things.

Previews show the worst with the gang coming back to cause trouble for Jing Hao again, but this time abducting his father instead of him. The worst being that the old man must have died already. Or did he? Jing Hao refused to believe yet the police said otherwise. Then the truth coming out about the accident that occurred 15 years ago and his confrontation with Rui En’s father. Quite intense, emotional, and led to the worst–as expected already. But there was the typical gap of him leaving and returning. Though it made sense that he should leave the place and return later since so much had happened already and how he just lost his father. How could he bear it all?

Ratings went up to 0.78 for this episode. A slight improvement.

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