Endless Love: Line 7

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The day of the wedding finally arrived. From several scenes shown, it seemed like a good sign. Not to mention how Min Shuo’s mother was even more enthusiastic toward greeting the guests and carrying on the various tasks. (And sometimes I wonder if it was her wedding instead since she was so happy, lol.) However, the problem started with NoQ’s attempt to get Jing Hao’s father to the wedding location. The old man had demanded NoQ to return his rings and was giving NoQ troubles, even when NoQ was trying to drive. Dangerous move all right. Luckily, NoQ managed to steer the car in time and parked at a side of the street before anything drastic happen. But the most obvious hint that something major was happening because of some careless mistake was NoQ’s sudden nature call and he needed to leave so he told Liang Ba Ba not to go anywhere and wait for him to come back. (Yeah right! How frustrating was that? It was like an invitation card when there was like some kind of “Don’t” being slapped around.)

Before things escalated for the worst though, we were brought back to the scene of the wedding preparations–among other things. So last minute. But Jing Hao and Rui En were receiving their blessing from Min Shuo. Jing Hao even went to the extent of calling Min Shuo “Min Shuo Ge”, which got a reaction from Rui En all right. She didn’t realize how they were getting along so well now. It was hard not to, right? Since they already worked out their differences–or at least had their ‘man to man’ talk? LOL! But that somewhat amusing atmosphere between the three of them was, of course, short-lived and shattered by NoQ’s delivery of the news to Jing Hao over the phone that Liang Ba Ba had disappeared. (The least NoQ could have done was roll the window down a tad for the old man to have some air and lock the car. Idiot! Yes, I’m getting technical and mean here but isn’t that common sense since the old man has been that way for a while and that he should know better? Don’t say that he had to go so he couldn’t do all that. He had the time to rattle out some commands to Liang Ba Ba so he would have some time to roll the window down super fast and lock the car after he got out. Hello!) The result? Min Shuo lent Jing Hao his car to go find Liang Ba Ba while they were waiting at the hotel.

And the confrontation went forth as Jing Hao arrived at the spot where NoQ was waiting at. (Yeah, still the same spot.) What was the point of saying sorry now? The search for Liang Ba Ba continued within the perimeter while the guests and the organizers included were restless at the hotel, wondering what was going on. Though it was called a ‘search’ but NoQ was the only one walking around calling out for Liang Ba Ba while Jing Hao was standing nearby, lost in thoughts. Was he thinking that Heaven must be punishing him for marrying the daughter of the enemy? Possible. What about Rui En? She was seen all alone and probably thinking about some bad signs as well. The search continued into the night as Jing Hao was seen wandering along the streets to see if his father had gone there. Yup, Jing Hao was thinking that he was being punished by his mother–and not by Heaven. He was begging his mother to let him find his father again and saying that he would let go of Rui En, hoping that she was listening to his prayers.

After they dismissed the guests and managed to get everything under control (or what seemed like it), they were all gathered in the hallway where Rui En had been standing at the whole while. I wouldn’t even want to be there, honestly. Imagine facing those people and their questioning glances, and the mumbling. But back to the situation at hand, Min Shuo and his mother were persuading Rui En to go home and wait for Jing Hao but Rui En insisted on waiting there, saying that Jing Hao promised her he would return. Not being able to put another word in, Min Shuo’s mother stepped aside and whispered to Song Ba Ba. The typical response came from him with saying that they should just ignore Rui En for the time being. Not that he was mad–though that had to do with it too (since he had every right to) but he knew his daughter too well, knowing that she won’t budge. So Min Shuo was the only one left after the adults were gone, still trying to persuade Rui En. (Good luck, man.) Yup, Min Shuo was forced to leave also since Rui En was determined to wait for Jing Hao and Liang Ba Ba there.

Indeed Jing Hao did return. Yet he couldn’t muster up his courage to speak up and tell her anything. Perhaps if he’d stayed longer, he wouldn’t be able to carry through with his plan. What was the plan? To severe all ties with the Song family by revealing the truth that happened 15 years ago to Song Ba Ba. But it was over the phone instead of the face to face confrontation. Unable to control his emotions anymore, Jing Hao finally yelled out why Song Ba Ba had to be Rui En’s father–and that got Rui En’s attention. She only heard his voice though and not what was being said. While she was running around the hotel searching for him, Min Shuo came back (with food?) and discovered that Jing Hao had returned (since his car was back). Song Ba Ba was still stumped by the information Jing Hao just blurted out that he didn’t know what to say to Min Shuo when Min Shuo asked. He only wanted to find Jing Hao at that point, not explain. Song Ba Ba was desperately bargaining with Jing Hao to meet up, saying that Jing Hao shouldn’t tell Rui En yet since Rui En couldn’t be blamed. But before Jing Hao could respond, Rui En found Jing Hao. The connection got cut off between Jing Hao and Song Ba Ba then since Rui En was asking Jing Hao if he’d found his father and that it was all right since they would go search together, etc.

The meet up at last. Yet it wasn’t what Song Ba Ba would’ve wanted. He was fine with a face to face confrontation, just not in front of his daughter. But I guess they were still able to control their emotions, just slightly since no one strike yet. Though Jing Hao was sitting there giving Song Ba Ba dagger looks, he hadn’t struck. While Song Ba Ba was trying to control himself and assuring others that he was fine, but it was obvious he was turning quite pale by then. Rui En asked for her father’s help since he had a lot of connections. But somehow, Min Shuo had detected the hectic atmosphere already. It was just that he was trying to keep things calm for the time being. It looked like his mother wasn’t too behind with detecting things either since she rattled out some instructions to her son to send Jing Hao and Rui En home while she was doing the same with Song Ba Ba. Were they delaying things? At least for Jing Hao and Song Ba Ba. It was indeed hard for Jing Hao to just severe all ties upon seeing Rui En’s tearful look when she finally found him earlier. Looking at Jing Hao’s hands, he was definitely trying to restrain himself from doing anything rash right there and then.

On the way home, Jing Hao was reconsidering what Song Ba Ba said earlier while Rui En was attempting to reassure him all over again, saying that they would eventually find Liang Ba Ba. But I think Min Shuo’s getting sharper or at least more observant because he seemed to detect something totally different from just the whole ‘worrying for his father’ vibe from Jing Hao. As for Song Ba Ba, he was thinking about the whole accident and what Jing Hao said to him as well at home that night.

Next morning at the police station, Jing Hao was arguing with the police while the others were calming him down. Yup, they wouldn’t care for anything until it was past 24 hours (just to make sure it wasn’t just some false alarm that was). Yet Jing Hao had every reason to be worried since it was a special case with his father, not being able to take care of himself. However, Rui En couldn’t even persuade Jing Hao since he just brushed her off and walked off. Min Shuo was commenting on how terrible Jing Hao’s attitude was but Rui En just shrugged it off, totally understanding that Jing Hao was just worrying for his father. Yet she had no idea that was just partially it. Outside, Jing Hao seemed to have calmed down a bit after Rui En’s comforting words–and he was back to his torn self, pondering if he should really throw the ultimatum her way when Song Ba Ba called him and asked for a meet up with just the two of them to sort things out.

That was it? “Sorry, it was my fault”? No wonder Jing Hao looked beyond livid. He elaborated how bad he was feeling and had repented all these years yet it didn’t seem to be enough. At least not from Jing Hao’s point of view. Understandable since how could you ever be sorry enough for those kinds of things? Powerful words all right. I meant from Jing Hao’s response. That was right. (In case anyone wanted it to be repeated on here, what Jing Hao said was: “You didn’t just kill one person, but a family. You didn’t just kill my mother, but my father and I as well.”) Even if they say it was an accident, but either way couldn’t justify it. I meant that was why it was called an ‘accident’ in the first place since no one wanted it to happen. Yet it couldn’t just be called an ‘accident’ so lightly since it had ruined so many lives. So Song Ba Ba was rushing to the hospital that day to see his wife for the last time that caused the accident? And now was the reverse since Rui En called when Jing Hao was still torn between wanting to forget it because of Rui En but it was just too much to take in regardless of how one look at it. But the decision was to be delayed once again since Liang Ba Ba’s whereabouts were more important at that point.

Another emotional scene unfolded after the police officer told Jing Hao they only found Liang Ba Ba’s wallet with his ID in it and his shoes. Did he really jump? Possible yet there was still some other possibilities. NoQ was saying sorry from behind the scene yet I found it unforgivable. At the same time, Rui En was being comforted by Min Shuo nearby. Later, while Min Shuo and his mother were having a talk at home, Jing Hao was seen at the police station still arguing with the officers that his father couldn’t possibly commit suicide as Rui En followed suit, agreeing with Jing Hao that it was impossible. The officers were having their time persuading Jing Hao and Rui En all right yet it just didn’t make sense. It would have a higher chance at being a possibility if it was the death anniversary of Jing Hao’s mother, right? I meant if his father wanted to commit suicide? That day had a more emotional impact on him. And the bridge of Jing Hao’s emotion finally surged forth because he had pushed Rui En aside so powerfully–and cruelly. Though it seemed like their ties would come to an end with what had happened at the police station that day, but Rui En was still seen at Jing Hao’s house that night, weeping away silently at her own corner as Jing Hao was doing his own mourning over the loss of his father–or what seemed to be that way.

The day finally came when they accepted the truth because they finally held a funeral for Liang Ba Ba with all the crucial characters attending. I thought the scene was well done. There wasn’t a need for too many cheesy words or flashbacks. The song playing in the background accompanied the moment of their mourning well.

And the day of departure finally came when everyone, including Rui En, thought that Jing Hao would eventually recover yet he had chosen to leave the place because he could no longer keep it all inside. He did keep his promise or what was more like accepting Rui En’s father’s plea in not telling her regarding their conflict because of the tragic accident that happened 15 years ago. Yet that had made everyone else puzzled of his actions, especially Min Shuo who was beyond upset because of what Rui En was going through. At least Rui En had Min Shuo to comfort her (even if it wouldn’t help her state a bit since she was practically going hysterical), but Jing Hao only had himself to keep that secret and pain all inside. On the other hand, we were finally able to watch and listen to Jing Hao’s response to Rui En’s question that one time when she was capturing his words on camera. A new tint of hope surged inside Rui En after replaying that segment of Jing Hao, promising to wait for him to come back and never forget him, not letting go, etc. (Though I had a feeling she was still in a stage of denial. I have confidence in her that she wouldn’t just forget about him but at that moment, it was both her determination and denial that had made her stand firm on her words.)

The story picked up three years later after Rui En’s promise to wait for Jing Hao and putting the wedding ring on her finger. What would it be then? What changes would there be actually? First off, Rui En was seen on a motorcycle instead of her fancy, slick car. The ring was still shining brightly when the sun hit it. And her face was still full of hope, probably a sign that she was still waiting for Jing Hao. It seemed like she had kept her promise to stay strong and wait for his return. Though seen in a more matured image yet her personality was still visible with her exchange with the boss at this one shop. We also discovered something else from her persistence in convincing the boss of the shop to sell the materials to her. What? Not obvious enough? She must have struck out on her own and not rely on her father since she was running low on money hence having to use her wit and charm to convince the boss she needed the materials before she could become ‘Song Da Shi’, lol. The boss said that the heat must have gotten to her? LOL! But he gave in anyway. In fact, he had already prepared a bag for her.  How could anyone resist her charm, right? Cute. When Rui En got home, we learned something else. She was living at Jing Hao’s place now. Then there were also two other persons living with her, a pair of mother and daughter.

Zoomed in to the gym, we see the gym owner and NoQ still around. Business seemed to have picked up. Or they must have transformed it into a different type of business since NoQ was seen directing the ladies in a routine exercise while the gym owner watched on. Rui En came to visit them and watched as well. Though the gym owner was glad to see her (and it seemed they’ve kept in touch throughout these few years), the gym owner had on this worried look and the head-shaking indicated that he was indeed feeling sorry for her. And NoQ still dared to say it? It was all his fault. Well, can’t really blame him, but it was so careless of him with the incident three years ago. Yet he still dared to chide Jing Hao for not calling them? In a way, I guess he was trying to persuade Rui En to forget about Jing Hao and move on with her life yet it was a bit overboard, like the gym owner had said with him saying nonsensical stuff.

Min Shuo, we learned from Tong Tong (the little girl), seemed to have been keeping in touch with Rui En as well. He was visiting them again. Yet he was having too much trouble with convincing the little girl not to call him ‘Da Shu’ anymore. LOL! And the little battle halted when Rui En and Bi Yun (Tong Tong’s mother) came home. The casual greetings were exchanged before Rui En said a phrase that could have just been delivered in the form of a slap because she said, “Why are you here again? Didn’t I say that you don’t need to come anymore?” Talking about a typical, blunt Rui En attack. Yet Min Shuo soon recovered and passed over some items from his mother. (Or was it?) Bi Yun soon interfered and snatched up the bags, her daughter, and disappeared inside for the two to talk. But that wasn’t before another round of brilliant exchange between Min Shuo and Tong Tong–the usual ‘See you later, Da Shu’ and ‘See you later, Xiao Xiao Ya Tou’. (And Bi Yun seemed to have fancied Min Shuo? LOL!)

What had happened in the past and would eventually unleash another rounds of unknown dramas, we have yet to know. But I think out of the whole obstacles and whatnot, Min Shuo’s mother seemed to have benefited the most. NOT that she was responsible for anything. But it was like she’d found her way to Rui En’s father’s heart by staying by his side throughout these few years. It seemed their relationship had grown to a more comfortable level. At least he wasn’t treating her in a polite way like in the past? Not sure but it seemed that way. And though he seemed like he didn’t care, Rui En’s father was more than glad to hear Min Shuo say that she was coming to the opening of his hospital.

The person whom everyone was waiting for has finally returned. Yet he had no idea the person who was waiting for him now resided at his old house. Tong Tong was talking to her mother inside and asking some questions. But when she turned around to face the door, she saw Jing Hao. The problem was that she would have a major time to convince anyone since she’d been known to give false ID in the past, not on purpose of course. Her mother thought that she was spouting nonsense again, not allowing her to run after Jing Hao. But Tong Tong managed to break free and give chase anyway. But would this be fruitful at all? Since Jing Hao was nowhere to be seen when Tong Tong was finally outside.

After the opening ceremony, the four of them gathered and were having a meal together. What seemed to be a happy reunion turned into an argument about Rui En’s stubbornness and reluctant to pursue her education in Paris years ago. Once the topic was brought up, it became irreversible since Rui En said that they’d been through that thousand of times already. Min Shuo and his mother quickly rushed to patch things up again. Now I understand why it was necessary to have this pair of mother and son with the other two. They were the essential characters to maintain peace within the Song family. Though Rui En was always so stubborn with her decision, I swear Song Ba Ba was WAY over when he said that Jing Hao must have been dead already. WHAT?! To think that Jing Hao had kept it a secret and made himself an asshole by breaking it off with Rui En like that, wanting her to move on. Now he was blaming Jing Hao? He loved his daughter, but should he even say those things about Jing Hao? Though Rui En lost it and lashed out at her father but she quickly apologized since it was an important day to him after all. But she still departed, not wanting to trigger another argument.

Another confrontation between Rui En and Min Shuo ensued outside. Rui En was saying how they were saying they worried for her yet she was still around for them to see that she was all right. She also said they should be worrying about Jing Hao’s well being instead. Min Shuo then said that it was enough that she had waited for Jing Hao for so long and had worried for Jing Hao all these times. (I guess the definition sure varies since I would think 10 years is long, but 3? Oh well, that’s not the point, I guess.) Rui En, being her stubborn self, said it would never be enough unless Jing Hao appeared in front of her. Soon, Rui En was back into her regular clothes again, riding on her motorcycle, going home. Meanwhile, Jing Hao was seen making his way back to town after that brief visit to his old house. Would they bump into each other then? It was interesting how things turned out since she was driving in her car back then and he would probably be on his motorcycle.

Indeed, they both stopped at the same light and were heading in the same direction. Yet he only saw her back and didn’t realize it was her. When the light finally turned green, both turned in opposite directions and headed toward their own destination, not knowing they were so close to a reunion–whether good or bad. But fate was on their side since they met at the airport the next day when Jing Hao was there to pick someone up and Rui En was seen drawing away with some inspirations in mind. And that was the end of the episode when they finally saw each other.

Previews show more emotional confrontations–from many parties, not just between Jing Hao and Rui En.

Ratings went up to 0.84 for this one.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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