Endless Love: Line 8

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The episode cheated a little and slipped back to the part where Jing Hao and Rui En had an unofficial reunion at the light. It was necessary since they needed to backtrack and show us why and how Jing Hao was even at the airport in the first place and who was the person he was picking, etc. He was supposed to meet up with some people after all–according to his assistant earlier. While Jing Hao was patching things up with the business meeting he was supposedly late for, Rui En was seen watching the segment that she recorded of Jing Hao once again. In fact, it seemed like she was able to chant those lines along with him as she watched. It had been three years and watching it everyday must have led to the effect. So the new character that was making her appearance in the ending part of the previous episode was Xu Xin Jie. And it seemed like both Jing Hao and Rui En had kept their paintings of one another (the one with the red strings she did as a collection that one time).

As interesting as it was, Jing Hao was seen at the hospital, visiting the mob boss. (Yeah, the one that kidnapped him three years ago.) And what was even more interesting was Min Shuo saw Jing Hao walked right past him. While Jing Hao and the mob boss were having some catch-up session (aka more time to fill some of the details in for us that was), Min Shuo was sneaking up on them and listening in to their conversation. Okay, I sort of forgive him for that since he was sooo curious after all. Like how the world Jing Hao was back and didn’t tell anyone AND how in the world Jing Hao was seen with the mob boss. So the mob boss was the one who helped Jing Hao when they bumped into each other in Japan like two years ago? Wow! Okay… No wonder Jing Hao had some progress. It was interesting all right. And still, Min Shuo didn’t stop Jing Hao to confront him. Or was he still shocked about Jing Hao’s sudden appearance and not to mention the weird story he heard? He ran out of the hospital anyway, but to find Jing Hao or Rui En?

Just when Jing Hao was taking a walk along the familiar place to reminisce about the past, he spotted the many drawings of himself blowing in the wind. And who else but Rui En walking over to the small chair and sitting down at it, drinking a milk bottle? After that, she went back to her task of drawing up another picture of none other than him and still with a hopeful smile on her face. And we got our answer as to where Min Shuo was going because he was looking for Rui En, asking for her hand in marriage–to which Rui En was thinking that he must be crazy (to which her answer said so). Did Jing Hao really have to witness that scene? I guess he had to since it would persuade him to move on? (Back to hating Min Shuo mood here since what in the world was he doing? I guess he didn’t want to lose another chance? I don’t know, but I still don’t feel sorry for him. He had all his life yet he threw that away ages ago and he was asking for what now? She should’ve slapped his hand off of the tip of her mouth when he was attempting to shut her up for the time being and tell her to reconsider.)

Jing Hao just had to satisfy his curiosity because he followed Rui En on the way home. The truth had to be revealed, right? Since he finally knew that she was staying at his old place. That was when Tong Tong wanted to play fate since she was knocking on Jing Hao’s car door and told Jing Hao that she was lost. LOL! Priceless! I didn’t realize that such a sad scene could turn into a hilarious one. Or somewhat of a witty one. She said she wanted to borrow his phone so she could call her mother, lol. Don’t want to be too obvious, right? She called Rui En instead. The kid soon faked some conversation before leaving Jing Hao, even stating that the actual person was actually very handsome, lol. It was after Tong Tong left that Jing Hao glimpsed at his phone and realized that the number belonged to Rui En’s cell phone. Too bad Tong Tong was not able to convince her mother otherwise. Perhaps, she should just tell Rui En to come out of the house and meet Jing Hao. Then the scene at the airport finally arrived and it was really the next day. Rui En tried to run after Jing Hao when Xu Xin Jie’s agent swept them up and ran from the press yet was unfruitful. She only could watch as the van pulled away further and further. Jing Hao saw her though, but like he could do anything. In fact, he was fighting his own demon inside while the outer demon (the yakking Xu Xin Jie of course, sorry for that–childish but whatever) was telling her agent that she could just marry Jing Hao. But Jing Hao finally regained control when he told them to stop the car. His yell was indeed effective because he managed to get off. (But as a side note, was there such a clueless girl like Xu Xin Jie? Seriously. Like she was within the industry after all, was she that naive? Honestly…)

Jing Hao returned to the airport to see Rui En on the floor, retrieving her drawings that she had dropped earlier to chase after him. But he had no plan of meeting up with her since he turned his back on her upon seeing her getting up and making her way out of there. It was like he wanted to observe, but not disturb. After she left, there was still a drawing somewhere in the corner that she had missed and he picked it up. At the same time, he was pondering why she hadn’t changed at all like he thought she would eventually forget him and move on.

One of the most important confrontations was about to take place. Since Rui En fainted and was hospitalized, NoQ was more than frustrated with the situation and not to mention how everyone had seen the intimate scene at the airport already. Bi Yun finally gave NoQ Jing Hao’s number hence the encounter seen above. The gym owner seemed relieved to see Jing Hao well and alive while NoQ was more than beyond livid. (But honestly, I partially blame him for what happened.) Though Jing Hao was a bit over with his words yet I swear he was right. First of all, he never told Rui En to wait for him. And secondly, NoQ had no right to hit him or lecture him because of NoQ’s careless mistake that caused Jing Hao’s father’s death.

Though his words were harsh yet I knew he would visit her, wanting to know about her well being. He left after having a glimpse at her and waited in the car. Morning arrived and Jing Hao finally saw his enemy once again. (Yup, Song Wan Ji came to the hospital to see his daughter.) Anger immediately flashed on his face yet he didn’t carry any type of action toward that but just drove away. (I honestly want the plot to move forward a little faster to reveal the true reason behind Jing Hao’s departure so the others wouldn’t blame him in totality anymore. And yes, I’m getting like 200% annoyed with all those people who know nothing but just blurts stuff out. Then I’m also hating on Song Wan Ji since he’s so low to use that tactic with using that annoying star. Yes, he’s doing this for his daughter YET I just had it with him, letting Jing Hao take all the blame in this whole situation.)

Rui En escaped from the hospital and came to Jing Hao’s company, wanting to meet up. (Yup, she learned well from him since he attempted to leave the hospital that one time.) A confrontation took place and she indeed sounded like his wife with the whole chiding him of leaving with no words, etc. He could still smile after she left? But I guess he couldn’t help it for old time’s sake.

After successfully persuading NoQ to help (aka thank the gym owner for putting in some words), Rui En messaged Jing Hao for a meeting. He showed up, of course, and saw all the drawings of the events of their meeting being displayed. And then Rui En turned around to smile at him while he was still observing those drawings. And that was the end of the episode.

Previews showed some more intensity. Honestly, are they going to reveal that whole thing with Song Wan Ji killing Jing Hao’s mother? ‘Cause I honestly can’t endure any more of the torture Jing Hao has to go through.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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