Epiphyllum Dream: A Qiao Zhen Yu and Ady Reunion

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Okay, I meant to blog about this ages back but kept getting side-track and then I totally forgot until now, lol.

This is an adaptation from a novel of the same name by author Chen Juan (陈娟). Another pre-modern drama on my list. Yet I don’t know, there has been quite a few in recent years so I couldn’t help it with so many people I like in one or another (or more). Willing to give this one a try since it has the detective aspect in it.

This is indeed Qiao Zhen Yu and Ady’s reunion since Tian Di Bu Rong. Hopefully, it won’t be a frustrating drama like the other one. For those of you who didn’t remember which role he portrayed, he was Li Fei Er’s brother in there, Su Xin Hai. (He died somewhere along the way because he was accused of killing the stupid girl’s stupid brother. YES, I’m mean but I’m still sore over that.)

Also, I almost fell off my chair after reading a certain post somewhere. To clarify, Qiao Zhen Yu was in the drama Legend of the Ancient Sword, which became a sensation for the first half of the year. However, he wasn’t the white-haired man as someone had mistakenly posted. That was Ken Chang. (Check my other post for more info.) Qiao Zhen Yu portrayed Ou Yang Shao Gong (欧阳少恭), the main villain of the series.

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