Major Cast/ Characters:
Jacky Chu/Zhu Fan Gang – 27 years old, songwriter/ composer
Ive Lai Wei Ru – 24 years old, dessert creator for her parents’ coffee shop
Ehlo Huang Yu Rong – 27 years old, Jacky’s best friend and side-kick
Jade Qu Min Jie (aka Xiao Jie) – 23 years old, Wei Ru’s best friend since childhood, wedding planner
Johnny Yan Xing Shu – 28 years old, singer, can play guitar
Guest Stars:
James Chu/Zhu Qiang Bo – 32 years old, Jacky’s older brother and a professional artist
Hebe Tian Fu Zhen – 25 years old, Newspaper reporter
Chris Lai Lok Yi/ Li Nuo Yi – 26 years old, Wei Ru’s cousin
Ken Zhu Xiao Tian – 27 years old, Newspaper reporter/ Photographer
Selina Ren Jia Xuan – 25 years old,  Newspaper reporter
Gigi Lai Chi/ Li Zi – 28 years old, Chris’ sister, a well established artist/ singer
Qu Zhong Heng – Xiao Jie’s uncle
Made-Up Characters:
Bryan Lai – 28 years old, Wei Ru’s oldest brother
Sharon Lai – 26 years old, Wei Ru’s older sister, travel agent
Darren Lai – 23 years old, Wei Ru’s younger brother
Brittney Lai – 18 years old, Wei Ru’s youngest sister
Brent Lee – 24 years old, Xiao Jie’s ex-boyfriend
Mina Huang Yu Lan – 18 years old, Ehlo’s little sister
Ive Lai Wei Ru, a cute and simple girl who’s only wish is to always live happily with her family and friends. However, her life changes when she meets a mysterious and energetic composer, Jacky Chu/Zhu Fan Gang, who taught her there is life beyond the caring of family and friends. His passion for music made her realized her hidden talent since little. Together, they fill the whole world with the music of love.