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  1. nastyhobbit says:

    DTLCT, wow what an excellent start to the story. Love the prologue! I’m already excited to read the rest of it. And so curious about their relationship… how did they know each other? Seems Qiao Qiao has a crush on Calvin, but Calvin (for now) treats her like a little girl. Well, she is a little girl. Haha. But I love that you kept their (Calvin and Qiao Qiao) relative ages. It makes it easier to imagine them being the characters.
    So yeah… please update! 😀

  2. DTLCT says:

    @nastyhobbit – Glad you like it thus far. I’ll try to NOT disappoint. But can’t really guarantee. I’ll try to keep it short though – since it has been said in the past that I tend to get carried away with it. LOL!

    Oh yeah, you will know how they knew each other in the first place in the first chapter. (I hope!)

  3. nastyhobbit says:

    Not trying to be annoying or anything but… where be chapter 1? 😛

  4. nastyhobbit says:

    Woohoo you posted chapter 1! Another excellent chapter! Thanks for posting.
    It’s so funny, 10 years later and Jiro’s still going on about Calvin and Qiao getting married someday. And Calvin’s still in denial. Too cute! And I love how overly dramatic (and paranoid) Jiro is. LOL. But as much as I love the three guys’ interactions, I can’t wait for Calvin and Qiao to have some time with just the two of them. 😉 Can’t wait for the next chapter! One question though, do none of the guys have girlfriends? lol.

  5. DTLCT says:

    @nastyhobbit – I’m getting to that part later! LOL! As lame as it is, I thought I went with 4 of them in the prologue AND then showing the 4 of them again 10 years later, LOL. More side stories later AND of course QiaoRu together. Hey, they live together now! (Sort of!) So of course there should be more interactions.

  6. nastyhobbit says:

    Woohoo! Chapter 2! Still loving the story. Too short though *pouts*. I wish the chapter was longer, with more of Qiao and Calvin, even if it were just to describe some awkward staring down contest at the dinner table lol. And I also wish it showed Qiao’s point of view. I just want to know what she’s thinking. Just minor stuff really, it’s just that I’m so excited! 😛 Keep it up!
    And oh… Chun is writing a book about Calvin and Qiao? Hahaha! Or did I overthink that last bit in italics? 😉

  7. DTLCT says:

    @nastyhobbit – I know, I didn’t realize it was that short when I edited it. Maybe I’ll post the next chapter like earlier than usual – maybe middle of this coming week to make up for it.
    Thanks for your continuance support! Makes me happy! (More inspirations! I know, I’m lame like that.)
    And, you’ll find out when the book comes out! mwuahahahha

  8. nastyhobbit says:

    Yay another chapter! And finally Calvin’s wall of control is beginning to crack. Poor him. And poor Qiao… she got the brunt of his anger. But at least he apologized in the end. Do I sense some jealousy on Calvin’s part (about Chun and Qiao) *wink*? And I’d love to see more of him showing his remorse to her in the next chapter… like driving her to work or something. 😀 Those two really need to talk to each other more.

  9. DTLCT says:

    @nastyhobbit – Yup, like the jealousy part? mwuhahahaha But don’t worry, he won’t hunt Chun down with any sort of weapon to keep Chun away from Qiao! LOL! Or is he? Let’s turn this into a psycho-thriller! I’m so kidding here!

  10. nastyhobbit says:

    Yay another chapter!
    I had to LOL that Chun’s a romance author. Of course I realized he was writing about Calvin and Qiao in his book, but I didn’t expect it to be a purely romance novel. Anyway, it’s a refreshing change from stereotypes, so I will also eagerly follow that part of the story. Now I realize why your story is getting longer than you anticipated – there are 3 couples! Anyway, back to Calvin and Qiao… I still feel there should be a part where they actually talk to each other. Or at least they think about each other…? Of course it’s already implied that Qiao likes Calvin and Calvin’s at least getting to like her, but still. Though the birthday cake surprise was nice!
    Btw, totally random, but there is a Taiwanese Calvin Chen who is an architect in the US. Small world, eh?

  11. DTLCT says:

    @nastyhobbit – Small world indeed! LOL! I didn’t even do any research before doing this – well, except for Jiro’s part since I had to make sure I was getting some terms right for all the pottery parts.

    AND yes, it’s getting longer. I need to manipulate it more. I think I’m updating it earlier since I’ll be very busy for the rest of the week, including weekend. Still trying hard to work on the interactions BUT still stuck on Chapter 9. I think I like to set myself up for destruction OR something since I need to add in more interactions between Calvin and Qiao Qiao as you had pointed out. Gotta try harder. Need to listen to more happy songs, LOL. Been listening too many of those morbid songs.

    And I just realized after editing and publishing the new chapter that there are some QiaoRu interactions in this chapter SO didn’t have to manipulate it too much. More in the next chapters as well. BUT I know my turtle pace is driving you crazy, LOL.


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