Hide & Seek


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  1. vgag says:

    They are a pairing made in heaven–really cute and really plausible. I love the image with the balloons. I think you are on to something here and I’d really like to see them together as leads in a drama.

  2. DTLCT says:

    Thanks for commenting. I can’t promise I’ll be fast but I’ll try to put something together that’s short, lol. (Considering my long winded stories in the past.)

  3. syko says:

    *boop dtlct’s nose* hmmm… vicyn…. vixen! lololo

  4. DTLCT says:

    What? What? OKAY…

  5. syko says:

    you must have some idea about this story… how about telling us about each character, vic and cyn 😛 to start something off, you know? maybe spark something… give you more ideas. XD anything… i’m dying here. oh wait… you would heartlessly watch me perish.

  6. DTLCT says:

    What? Come on now! I’m like juggling here! Guess what? I still haven’t thought of this YET BUT I got the one with Jindi going already. That’s another story though.

  7. syko says:

    yeah but like i was talking about this one lol… so you have no clue yet about this one? o.o I’m happy to hear about jindi progress but lets not forget about vic and cyndi lol *dies*

  8. DTLCT says:

    I know, I got the general idea and in fact, I got the 2nd last chapter done! IF that even make sense, LOL. I planned the beginning already just need to write it. I don’t want to sound lame like my other ones. That’s why it’s taking forever. AND there’s the whole idea of my past random/long-winded ones too. SO trying to make it 10 chapters here. It’s hard for me so I’m taking my precious time, LOL. Versus my other ones.

  9. syko says:

    heheh it is a new thing for you then ❤ making stuff short haha wish you the best! I will no longer nag about it every 5 minutes… I'll only do it every hour. :S or week…. hahahah

  10. DTLCT says:

    You’re funny! That’s okay. AND yes, it’s something new for me. Since I know I don’t want it to be too silly. Even if I have to delete OR edit back and forth, I’ll try to keep it 10 chapters for you guys. That’s why it takes a bit more planning. (OKAY, maybe A LOT.)

    I so feel the pain of those writers now, LOL. (Though I’m sure they DO NOT struggle as much as me, considering I’m the wannabe one, lol.)

  11. syko says:

    there are people who can’t make it as long as you and wish to. haha different people, different writing preferences 😀

  12. tiara says:

    ya know, me ish in love with this, that image makes cyndi-vic (what do you call it? vicndi? viccyn? lol) looks so adorable, I am so much in love with the balloons and with viccyn too of course, and I love the story, haha.. vic is so… talkative here, never seen him like that anywhere hahaaha ;P he’s always a cool prince in shining lights… and what’s with him and apple??? lololo xD he’s addicted!

  13. DTLCT says:

    @tiara – Yay! Thanks for comment! And I don’t know what to call them either. Maybe Mindi? (Vic = Zhou Yu Min)

    Vic is loud in ‘Black & White’? I don’t know…but I start this before watching B&W since I wasn’t into that when it came out. I based Vic’s mischievousness from the AD he did with Cyndi, LOL!

    Thanks for encouragement!

  14. tiara says:

    you better update this now or else… okay, maybe not now.. I will spare you your life, but SOON!!! Geez!! how can you leave us with such cliffhanger???? >O< I love seeing Cyndi's like… jealous? mwahahahaah.. well she won't admit it but me n my mind thinks she does ;p

  15. DTLCT says:

    @tiara – I’ll leave it to your imagination whether she’s jealous or not. LOL! How fun, eh? Along with some more time to think up of the next part. I’m serious. I haven’t wrote the slightest of the next chapter yet. Told you I’m hanging on a thread and it was a coincidence that I happen to some inspirations the other day for the last part to finish the chapter. We’ll see.

  16. BleedLikeMe says:

    lmao him calling her shorty all the time.. name calling! Omg, who died?

  17. DTLCT says:

    That’s for you to find out and for me to make it up in the next chapter?

  18. DTLCT says:

    And yeah, Vic’s soooo mature *rolling eyes* with the name calling.

  19. BleedLikeMe says:

    GORILLA! You don’t even know?!?!?

  20. DTLCT says:

    You meant the dead person? I haven’t made that person up yet. Maybe I’ll do an unknown! *mwuhahahaha*

  21. BleedLikeMe says:

    btw, I casted my “anonymous” vote for H&S on your poll.

  22. BleedLikeMe says:

    wait… I said casted lolololo

  23. DTLCT says:

    Um…casted? Wait, what’s the past tense of cast? Just plain cast? And thanks for making my life even more complicated! (KIDDING, thanks for voting.)


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