Chapter 10

The whole city was lighting up. It was the peak of the hour. People were scattered everywhere, creating a lively atmosphere. Others non-wanderers were probably home celebrating with family and friends. Cyndi was one of the wanderers. She was making her way to the park. It was the park where she had to meet Vic. It was almost like that day when they made the deal. Except she was wearing winter clothes. And her hair was down. Her pace was calm and precise. Yet her state of mind was another story. She was feeling dizzy from the turmoil spinning inside. But she wanted to maintain her composure. It was just another game. Or was it?

“Standing here alone without a scarf to warm your neck is very dangerous,” A familiar voice said suddenly.

Before Cyndi could turn to inspect, she felt some movements around her shoulders. Alarmed, she reached up to defend herself. Then she found out it was a tan scarf, leaning on the side of coffee mixed with milk color. She looked up to see Vic smiling at her. He also had on a scarf though he was wearing a heavy coat like her, except that his coat was brown and hers was white and that his scarf was a cream color.

“Like your Christmas gift?” He asked, getting right to the point.

She did not say anything. Her eyes were brimming with tears. It was finally coming out. Though she had wanted to stay strong regardless of the outcome. Their meeting did not mean they were meant to be together. It could mean that he was changing his mind. Knowing him, he would not disappear like that. He was not someone to break an appointment.

“Eh…not the right color?” He was still teasing her. “I guess I’ll have to try harder next year.”

She still did not reply.

“What’s wr…”

He did not get a chance to finish. She had already leaned into his shoulder and continued to let her tears flow.

“It’s all right,” He said, smiling and patting her shoulders, hugging her back.

Ten minutes later, they were walking out of the park, hand-in-hand. They were watching pedestrians streaming through the night streets. Their eyes were following the lights dancing back and forth at various places around town. Their little walk was in silence. Yet all of those little bits had said a lot already.

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Posted: Tuesday, July 7th, 2020