Two years later, Calvin and Angela left Xerphora along with Will and Sandrine. It wasn’t like Calvin wanted to back out on his words. Yet it was what the other three had come to realize about themselves. They just couldn’t fit in, despite all the efforts all these years. They were just too attached to Earth’s cultures and other traditions even though they had never actually made a trip before. Because of that, Calvin took them back to Earth with him. They settled down in a comfortable environment that would also allow Will and Sandrine to fulfill their goals of exploring the many things of Earth and enrich their own real experiences, instead of the pretended ones.

As for Nic, his sentence got reduced. Regardless of his willingness to confess and aid in the investigation process, he still received a severe sentence. It was to send a message that negotiations weren’t the priority but the importance of adhering to the laws was; and especially because it was a matter of a lost life. However, during his imprisonment, Nic had shown major changes in his behaviors, willing to cooperate and even inspired others to change for the better good. He wasn’t afraid of telling the stories of his past, wanting others to know that if he could change, anyone could start over. He also volunteered with various duties within the facility thus earning a more respectable reputation. Because he was a doctor, to begin with, his services were needed more than anything. The constant outbreaks of fights and other commotions were endless. That soon changed, but there were always health problems at times.

With all the efforts, an additional three years and Nic was out. Joyce was there to welcome him back. They soon moved back to the house in the woods. Joyce had saved the house from being pulled with her efforts all these years. It partially had to do with some savings Nic had at first when Joyce was still adapting to the new environment. (Those were the money that wasn’t contaminated so Calvin had put a word in with letting it be transferred to Joyce for the time being to allow her some financials while she tried to adapt.) But later, she had helped conserve the place. Joyce’s paintings had sold quite well over the years. Because her style was different. It wasn’t like all the artists couldn’t compete with her techniques, but it was a sense of creativity. It was like the others were too influenced by the paradigms already set by all the historical artists who had come before them hence not having too many major breakthroughs with their masterpieces.

A new life was indeed beginning for both sides. Several months after Nic’s release, Calvin, Angela, Will, and Sandrine met up with them at Nic and Joyce’s place to celebrate. It wasn’t just because they had grown partial to Nic due to Joyce, but they had changed their opinions toward Nic because of how he had worked hard to start over again. They wanted to congratulate him and encourage him. It would be another rough path ahead with him establishing his reputation again in the real world. But they knew he would never give up because he would never break a promise with Joyce. Ever again.

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