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  1. littleblm says:

    Okay, I couldn’t resist commenting while i’m supposedly M.I.A. Oh my goshhh, She finally met Mr. Game’s OVER in chapter 2! Creepy, she saw her neighbor in her dreams but really… how long has he lived next door? Did he just moved in? or maybe a while ago when her reoccurring nightmares first began. Cool, he’s probably like… wow, this girl is grouchy. Hope she doesn’t become a stalker ahahahah but then again… that would be pretty a interesting read (for a while anyways).

  2. littleblm says:

    -.- switch “pretty” and “a” around in my comment. GORILLA!

  3. littleblm says:

    Hawt Guy in dream #2 showed up in chapter 3! Good for her… why are they always so “helpful?” Seems like there is a pattern going on… one guy appearance per chapter… oh cool, they probably all live in the same building… and now my imagination will run wild with me. Her dream is about the past that she had forgotten but the four guys haven’t. They’re waiting for the opportune moment to collect their reward for winning the game. Or… or…. the current time is the afterlife/reincarnation of the 4 of them but this time around, it’ll be game over for the guys… dun dun dunnnnn.

  4. DTLCT says:

    Again, super wide imagination! I just love it when you go nuts over guessing. (But don’t I do the same to your story? OR maybe I just do it in my head…OY…)

    BUT…guess what? Done with editing. I forgot some details so needed to add in. But that was done and over with. Only need to remember to post like every other day now to get it done.

  5. littleblm says:

    ewww… when i read dripped in to the ear, i shuddered… omg so like at the beginning when she mentioned the sunshine guy, i knew right away that it was nic because you always called him the sunshine prince while i called him flat butt… but the guy with no expression, it could have been wallace or tony. Okay so it’s Tony, nice. And I so did not think they were aliens ahahah hilarious. The first few chapters made it sound like Earth… and their characteristics? Pale skin is so Cyndi. lolololo when you said pointy ears I was like… ELF. I’m telling you… Claudia could still be right about her alien theory. I’m her mama after all. Nic could be wearing fake pointy ears! YEAH! Hmm.. could it be Tony is meeting up with Wallace? I wonder why Wally boy hasn’t shown up yet. Is he the ring leader? Yep, that last part sounds like Stalking mode. Better not get caught or it’s GAME OVER.

  6. littleblm says:

    heyyyy I’m sure they’re not the only extraterrestrial out there!!!! The others could be skinny and greennnn ahahaha but geez, this alien setting is cute… plus they have chips 😀 must be one of the earthling’s invention they adapted. Ho ho ho, when Cyndi mentioned dates I was like ahahah she just handed the idea to Claudia. She was thinking it!! DOUBLE DATE. Alright, I’ve just arrived at a new theory. The boys are aliens and planning to take over Cyndi’s world muahahah OH GEEZ… GOTHIC THEME… black dress… GAME OVER! *faints* omg, we finally get to see them together and Wally boy’s second appearance (if you count the dream one) Ooooo… so Nice was meeting up too huh? They totally went to the meeting to discuss “THE TAKE OVER!” omg… something just popped into my head… what if they’re aliens trying to find a mate to repopulate their dying planet and the reason is because their planet is running low on females (after mating, the female gives birth right away and dies :o… could be how Cyndi will die.) LOL Claudia keeps on saying how stressed Cyndi is from work… I doubt it. Probably stress made by Claudia and the boys. Hmm.. is wally boy telling the truth of he’s making up an ordinary story to cover their tracks? Better look Wally up in the local register! Well the story does explain Nic and Tony not being recorded at City Hall. OMG… what is Claudia and Wallace talking about? Don’t tell me she’s part of the plan?!?! Dun dun dunnnnn… Oh shoot… that look Nic and Tony shared… what kind of mess is their planet? ahahaha Yeah… something is suspicious… mmhmmm… huhuhuhu, they seem to be more afraid of her? omg omg… so many possibilities *head explodes*

  7. DTLCT says:

    I gotta give you credit for jumping ahead ten steps! I wish I was that creative. *jealous in the corner**crawling back to cave* (BUT NOT BEAR CAVES…)

    Head explodes? LOL! You’re hilarious as always. Calm down…you might be disappointed later?

  8. littleblm says:

    they’re aliens who are afraid of elevators!!!! *faints* Claudia is too enthusiastic about this… she so wants her own detective movie XD ahahah hey… those aliens can have the ability to move large objects or maybe it is a futuristic vision where they moved that building near city hall for historical purposes. many many possibilities and maybe she’s not being chased twice but only once. it just changed in her dream because something in the “awake” or present state altered it. Oh goodness… Claudia’s theatrical play theory reminds me of that time when I did the “all of it was just a movie script” deal lolololo OMAGAWD, she’s dreaming of being someone else. Maybe she has been given that vision to stop the killing maybe that foreign girl is important and her purpose in life was to die in her place? Dun dun dunnnnnnn Yo, is Claudia trying to cover for them now with all her soft harmless theories? Maybe she knows something. Pfft, Claudia… you should have stayed with her and you could have escaped together or died together lol. hmm… it sounds as if wally boy is selling something powerful to the earthlings… maybe nic and tony will be using it to take over their planet. Why did they have to wait so long to just make that exchange? What is up with the foreign face in her dream? Is her dream trying to trick her into thinking she wasn’t the one in danger? Cyndi, R.I.P. Her dreams killed her in more ways than one.

  9. DTLCT says:

    AGAIN, OMG, I totally forget about your “it was all a movie script thing”, lol. AND, part 2 is still on the burner?


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