The night was well into its maturity and the streets had cleared off, allowing for only sounds of little creatures of the night to be audible. The moon was nowhere to be seen because it had been covered by the dreary clouds since the night’s arrival. The murky, velvety black curtain of the night had invaded the little town bit by bit, gnawing at any presence still dare lingering. And only one victim was seen running along a secluded path that night. One girl with long, wavy hair in a black dress running in black high heels that morphed into the night so perfectly. The only possible way to tell that she wasn’t part of the night was when the moon suddenly broke free for a few seconds to cast a shadow onto her, magnifying her every expression: fear, desperate, and lost. But no one was there to help her. Her gasps of fear and her panting from fatigue could be heard from time to time. It was an unbreakable pattern. Who was she running from really? Why was she even running when there was no one chasing?

Those questions soon were answered because when she rounded a corner, a shadow of a man appearing in front of her, blocking her path. She halted her steps, no longer running but was still scanning each and every direction for an exit route.

“Time’s up,” A masculine voice uttered, sending chills down her back.

She turned abruptly from her place and found another man stepping out from a hiding place, making his way toward her. His face was also hidden because of the darkness. Yet she seemed to recognize him. And as if knowing what was to come next, she turned toward another dark corner to find a third person stepping out with an equally devilish grin like the other two.

“Game’s over,” That third person whispered.

And as dramatic as the sequence had begun with her little escape, the cloud lurched forward and grabbed onto the moon once more, enveloping it tightly, not wanting to allow any more light into that dark curtain. What followed was a series of screams echoing through the streets with sounds of mechanical laughter accompanying them.

© Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Posted: Friday, May 25th, 2012