One-Shot Corner

A Fateful Bet
Starring: Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng

Afraid of Darkness
Starring: Bianca Bai and Wallace Huo 
Guest Starring: Angela Chang and Johnny Yan

Huanting Past
Starring: Wallace Huo

Lifted Spirits: A Christmas 2011 Special
Starring: Vic Chou and Cyndi Wang
Guest Starring: Jacky Chu and Joanne Tseng

Men Don’t Cry
Starring: Andrew Yuen and Kristy Yang
Guest Starring: Ricky Chan and Asuka Higuchi

Misty Morning
Starring: Wu Zun and Kate Tsui

Springing Love
Starring: Jiro and Cyndi Wang
Guest Starring: Vic Chou, Janine Chang, Wilber Pan, Sandrine Pinna, Calvin Chen, and Wu Zun

Submerged: A Friday the 13th Special (Friday, January 13th, 2012)
Starring: Cyndi Wang, Tony Sun, Wallace Huo, and Nicholas Teo

Your Number One
Starring: Wallace Huo and Tammy Chen