The dripping sound had become apparent to the staff present. Yet no one got up to have a look. It had been a long day. They just wanted to finish their assignments and go home. They dismissed the sound out of their minds temporarily, knowing it was only part of the rainy atmosphere outside. It had to be. It was not until one of the female staff got up from her desk to get some coffee that she discovered it. It all began with that horrific scream.

“If there’s a mouse, just get your high heels and beat it up,” One of the men at the desks said lazily, still maintaining his typing rhythm.

Another fellow colleague reached across the desk and gave the previous speaker a high five.

The screaming resumed, becoming even louder as the woman made her way back to the room. It was more like she had rushed in.

“What is it this time?” The first man asked, finally looking up from his work.

“There’s…there…” The woman repeated several times, collapsing on the floor.

One of the other female staff got up and tried to revive her. By that time, the rest of the employees were gathered by her. Not too close, allowing her some breathing space but still within view to investigate when she awakened.

“What happened?” The other woman asked, helping the screaming woman up.

“There’s…” The first woman stuttered, still shaking.

“What’s going on?” The first man asked, his patience draining.

The first woman could not say more. She pointed a shaky hand toward the break area.

The two men moved toward the direction, rolling their eyes, exchanging the sympathy look.

“Tiffany and her exaggeration,” The first man mumbled.

“Yeah,” The second man agreed, nodding his head.

Then they saw it. A pool of red, sticky liquid. Apparently, Tiffany wasn’t exaggerating this time.

© Friday, November 5th, 2010

Posted: Sunday, May 8th, 2011