Chapter 14

Although the talk with Amber regarding Yvonne was unfruitful, the matter regarding Nic didn’t go to waste. Amber indeed thought things over and had quitted the agency for good. Patrick, Rick, and Roy were more than surprised by Amber’s decision. However, they didn’t hold her back.

As for Wallace, he continued to rack through his brain in search of a possible location Yvonne could be heading toward. Or had already arrived at. Yes, although he had supposedly gotten back his past memories, there were some details here and there that didn’t quite come into focus yet. He had to think harder. If only he was able to focus completely. Because there were other things he had to take care of. He had to help Nic with the shop, and do his portion of their deal as a partner. He didn’t want to push all that burden toward Nic. That would be too irresponsible and too outrageous. Even for Wallace. Actually, especially for Wallace. Since whether the past him or the current him wouldn’t back down regardless of the obstacle. It was his stubbornness that had pushed through all odds at times. And perhaps it was his stubbornness that had driven Yvonne away.


One night Wallace had this strange dream. It was strange because he could remember so vividly though he couldn’t control it. It was like he subconsciously knew what was going to happen next yet had no idea why. The dream was about him and Yvonne. Though he could explain that part, it was because he was thinking of her too much lately–and had every right to be. So it must have transferred to his dream as well.

In the dream, Yvonne was sitting in the garden reading. She was by the swing in a gazebo. Then he stepped in to interrupt her. He had a bright smile on his face as he settled down next to her on the swing. She was wearing a flower dress with a crème sweater to protect herself from the light breezes. He was also dressed in similar attire to protect himself from the wind. What was visible was his brown sweater–which Yvonne had knitted awhile back–and dark blue jeans.

Yvonne looked up at him then. “What are you up to this time?”

Although her voice contained traces of authoritativeness yet her smile had hinted that she was joking. He returned her conflicting reaction with one of his warm smiles and leaned into her. In fact, he had opted for a much more comfortable position by lying on her legs. Of course, she had moved her hands away to make way for his head.

“I got good news,” He said as he was finally comfortable enough–and was looking up at her.

“What?” Yvonne returned, her left hand now on his stomach and her right hand on the swing’s armrest. She was looking at him yet her leg had kicked the ground a bit so the swing was rocking back and forth.

He took that time to grab a hold of her left hand with his right before answering. “After this big case, we don’t have to stay anymore.”

Yvonne’s smile had widened. “Really?”

Wallace’s smile matched hers. “We could officially live our lives the way we want. Patrick promised.”

“That’s great.”

His right leg kicked the ground this time, not letting the swing return to its inactive state like previously. “I know.”

After that, there was a fog, and then he was awakened in the middle of the night. Yet he finally realized what he had been missing. Yvonne had returned to their hometown. And that dream wasn’t a dream after all. At least it wasn’t just a dream. It was a memory from the past.

Having solved that little puzzle, he got out of bed and turned on the lights–room by room. He was trying desperately to look for any source of information left behind by Yvonne. It had been unfruitful the last few times because Yvonne had probably packed all the important items and took it with her already.

After another hour of fruitless search, Wallace settled down on the sofa in the living room to think harder. He knew he couldn’t give up. He never would. Yet he was getting too desperate. Anxious even. He knew he can’t lose it.

Just as he was about to call it a night and go back to sleep, Rick’s words came back to him. You’re not the only legendary agent they still have behind closed doors, okay? I wasn’t that bad. That was when Wallace reached for his laptop. But stopped himself. He had to make sure he wasn’t going to compromise his identity or whereabouts before he proceeded with the next step. So even if that was a good idea, he returned the laptop to its original spot. And actually went back to sleep. He knew he was better off waiting. In his current state, there was no way he would get away with it.


Several days later, Wallace was seen at a coffee shop near the bridge where he and Amber met up awhile back. He was using their wifi. But that wasn’t the reason why he dared to proceed with his plan. He had made sure to use another laptop and even toughened up on the security measures. He also made sure to sit at an undisclosed area of the shop. His gestures were regular and laid-back, not showing traces of conspiracy. Perhaps it had to do with both the fact that he was used to projecting the calm composure regardless of the situation–and the fact that it wasn’t his first time hacking into the system. Yes, he had tested it for several days now, using various locations around town just to test the strength of their security measures. He edged closer each time but hadn’t really done any active scorching yet. That day was his first time actually retrieving any real information.

Wallace tested it by pulling up various files and random data before actually moving on to some other much more sensitive information. The system was indeed complicated and wasn’t organized to make intruders’ day better. Yet Wallace was patient. No, patience was only his composure. His action was much faster than the last few times while testing the system. He knew he had to get in and out within minutes or it would set off alarms everywhere. He can’t afford it.

And just like that, he finally succeeded several minutes later. When he snapped the laptop shut, he reached for the coffee cup as a smile formed on his face.

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