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  1. littleblm says:

    at the beginning i was like… what a jerk… wallace, you heartless jerk and then it was like oh… what? wait… why are they trying to embarrass the new girl again? Is sly jealous that new girl will be special assistant? Is she really into wallace instead of lex? *giggles at social events* If it’s no higher than knees skirts… why bother asking for skirts?. Awww I’m sure Ling Ling (as wallace calls her on the “first day”) has some respect for wallace now that he said he was “defending” her from the others 😀 mehehe… mehehe… still don’t know what the company does. *shrugs*

  2. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – Wallace’s weird like that! AND yes, I fooled you with that ‘show’! Those knee high rules are only for office, LOL! He didn’t say anything about social events. (YET!)
    And you didn’t pick on the ‘no poster’ part. phew

  3. littleblm says:

    i know it is for the office, yeah… when i comment, everything just blends together like that. anyways if it is for office usually it should be fine with skirt or slacks or are you saying that wallace would prefer more leg showing but since it is the office… lol rules are rules XD
    oh, I could whip you up a poster if you wish… an office looking one? eh, don’t know.

  4. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – No, no slacks OR she’s going to be fired. I’m editing right now. Man, now that I focused on it, it’s so bland. I don’t know. I never like anything I write. (Well, almost anything.) When I go back to read, it’s so blah. Cutting out stuffs and putting in more. AND then I just got my mind carried away and want to write about some ancient wuxia stuffs instead. GREAT? I put Jiro in! BUT not sure when he’s coming in.
    Poster – NOT sure, I’m trying to come up with poster right now. But it’s a temp one ’cause I don’t know what the final story would be. Since I told you I’m editing again. AND kicking stuffs out.

  5. littleblm says:

    Will you ever be satisfied? o.O lol@wuxia and Jiro… should have seen that one coming… the 3rd wheel. XD when you figure out what you feel like doing, we’ll see… we’ll see…. lol hmmm… I think I have to go tell my twinnie about this one haha

  6. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – What? More pressures for me? I think it’s gonna suck again. I don’t know. I can’t make it complicated and good. Ugh…
    Oy, now I’m stuck so I don’t know if I should put Jiro in. OR just invent a new story for them.

  7. littleblm says:

    Eh, knowing twinnie… she will probably appreciate chapter 1.. doesn’t matter if you’re stuck or not haha *bear hugs*

  8. littleblm says:

    they’re all little kids on their little playground. the end.

  9. littleblm says:

    I’m tempted to just grab those two boys by the collar and drag them to “TIME OUT.” “Behave yourself, boys. No threats… no name calling…” *gives them both a stern wag of the finger*

  10. littleblm says:

    huh… so it was an asthma atk … there is that theme going on again carried from TOE with Cyndi needing to be protected from and not remembering stuff lol@chapter 5… they just forget about triggering Cyndi’s atks and go on bickering… theses boys will just be boys…

  11. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – She doesn’t need protection anymore. She fooled them. SO yeah, they had to get back at her. You know them. Crazy.
    AND I wrote that before TOE. Just that I posted the other one first. OH WELL..

  12. littleblm says:

    Chapter 6 they’re still throwing insults at each other like it was a dodgeball game lolol from old grump to old nic… then on the other side hot shot… isn’t Wallace going too far? he’s being out of line >.> nub lol omg this is so dumb… when does her career depend on having hair up or hair down… seriously, she can get another job somewhere else if she wanted haha Oh god… they have to be separated again… lol it’s time-out boys! Beginning of Chapter 7 is exactly where we left the boys after time-out lololo ooo Wallie and Cyndi in a room. XD I don’t think that will do well for Nic. But… it didn’t happen. XD Angela’s got him on a leash does she now… lol Breakfast brings another dose of slapping. lol OMG they’re on the front page? bwahahahhaha serves them right… now everyone can see what they’re really made up… 7 year old boys in grown men bodies XD haha Wallace calls Nic old one moment then junior the next haha… so what is he really… what is Nic hahahah Chapter 8 Angela is the boss lady lololo “No one slaps my boyfriend and gets away with it.” lolololo Cool pictures… and that wins Nic over… drastic change indeed. o.o That Wallace mommy is blind.. just because it’s her niece lol… lol Syliee is a tattletellie hahahah noob Awww… Angela is letting it rattle her… she’s not trying to defend herself… awww… Well Slyiee sounds like the culprit she has every reason to lol and lol@the clothes hahahaha lol when Tammy came into the picture I thought she was some call girl lololo but it’s “best” friend eh? okay… okay Wallie boy… okay… it feels like Wallie is drunk for a couple of chapters lolololo Wallace has too many girls around him… no wonder he is the focus lolololo tsk tsk doubting his ex. Yes… if the bickering between Wallie and Nic disappeared all together, that wouldn’t fly with me either lol since it’s like part of the story now. lololo “He and Nic were delivering their constant attacks once [in] awhile.”

  13. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – I had to look for a bit before found the line but corrected it. Thanks!
    Anyway, YUP, it would be too weird if the boys weren’t fighting? They were too silly. Can’t them just grow up so fast. OR soon… beats the fun?
    Guess who’s going to get drunk with him? Well…that’s next chapter aka tomorrow.
    Nic is old because of his nagging attitude and is young because of his inexperienced in the business world. Got it? Well, Wallace’s insane. (Like me…)
    Regarding the hair up/down thing – You know how silly Wallace is. And how stubborn Cyndi is to not let Nic just tell her to quit like that, etc. She’s not a quitter. It doesn’t matter if Wallace’s crazy.

  14. DTLCT says:

    I have no idea? Again, professionalism versus personal? I love it too that Jiro’s so confused! BUT he’ll be less confused later? Maybe…if he ever get these weirdos.

  15. littleblm says:

    yeah you’re right… Wallie doesn’t need a reason to be less than sane lolol awww the two newest buddies now… drinking and eating… so cute… the dumpeeeees hahahaha lol@controlfreak and poor Jiro… it’s like confused as hell about who is who bwahahha wow… Wallace, that is a lot of things you don’t like about Cyndi… why do you even have her as an assistance if she’s too naggy for you bwahahaha ohhh the irony… maybe he will try and get together because he finds out he’s a masochist? lolololo *faints*

  16. littleblm says:

    lol@WALLIE BOY! haha he’s just too funny so he isn’t really a cool boss… he just puts on a show hahahah *dies* and seriously… he has too many girls… no wonder theres problems everywhere… and Flat-butt… wow… Four months, three days, 9 hours, 47 minutes and 21 seconds… now 22 seconds hahahahah that dude is a serious control freak… Cyndi got out of that one *phew* seriously, they are so worked up about Cyndi and her new boy toy… i mean Jiro that they don’t care what the girls are up to lol… the just continue where they left off *dies* Flat butt and Wallace = Best buddies bwahahahah and i think Flatbutt has rubbed off on Wallace. OMG who is in the hospital… hmmm lol Wallie’s mommy finally had her eyes opened… how is it too late to tell him she was wrong? o.o Hmm.. I don’t know… I don’t feel anything for Tammy’s death. *shrugs* hehe *giggles* i love how they give jindi one gift XD and then Wallie boy brought up the marriage thing and then Nic wanting to smack him bwahahaha lololo the drinking glass… hey… it could be that wedding glasses *dies* for future use. lol@Flatbutt… seriously.. he tried really hard to separate the gifts… i mean hahahaha lol Wallace… is he being romantic with the lights or something lololo and he gave Jindi one gift too… like he’s one to talk pfft. yep… Flatbutt and Wallace…. best buds bwahahahha now business buds bwahahahahah ooo… Cyndi… wrong gift lol Walllie boy is a softie… *sighs* lol at the end only Jindi get together… everyone else just stays single and alone… they all seem to be so distant… except for the best buds.

  17. DTLCT says:

    @litteblm – I don’t know how to make it more dramatic regarding Tammy’s death. It just seems that way to me. I don’t want it to be dramatic either. It just came one day when I was being morbid. And of course from different hints, it was obvious that Wallace loved Tammy the most (aka why it never worked with his past gfs). Cliches and lame but he only realizes it when he’s about to lose her – and then he did.
    And yes, I had to maintain some consistency with Wallace and Nic’s arguments and/or the teasing. It would be too weird without their constant poke at one another.
    “… how is it too late to tell him she was wrong?” <- More like it's late with accepting Angela since Wallace and Angela already broke up AND because they would never get back together again.
    The ending, YES, only Jindi get together. Did I tell you it was an open-ending? I did, right? So yeah…didn't feel like gift-wrapping it. Or do you want part 2? JUST KIDDING…BUT even if there's a part 2, Wallace would still be single.
    And did anyone figure out the box with the question mark in the poster?
    AND (yeah, the last ‘and’, I promise) – it’s ‘slanted thoughts’, it’s not supposed to make sense. mwuhahahaha


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