Chapter 20

Two years soon passed by. Old wounds had been healed. But it did not mean things were forgotten. Especially a promise once made by two people who had meant it as a joke. Though the witness was no longer with them, the ones who had sealed the agreement still kept their words. And it was about time they took care of the complication once and for all. Or will it solve anything?

During the past two years, Nic and Wallace’s business had reached stability within the market. Wallace was right after all about where their strengths lied. As for Cyndi, she was no longer working for them. Instead, she had gone to help Jiro’s shop. Though it was not what she’d expected–and had not even dreamed of doing such things, it just happened. It was life. And she had to follow her husband. Indeed, Jiro and Cyndi had gotten married a year later after dating. Nic would never get over it. But he tried. He was too occupied with his invention. Or that was a good excuse to not think about it. Angela was gone for two years. Who knew? She had no idea herself. Yvonne also left for two years. She was gone the next day after they had that eventful Christmas gathering. And she never left words either. Contrary to her talkative self, she had not even let it on to Wallace. It was the only way she could leave–without feeling guilty. Yet the others had always wondered if Wallace knew when he asked the question in the garden that night.

What about Wallace? Life always goes on. It never stopped or slid backward. It was not a filmstrip that could easily be manipulated. He never believed in fate or signs. So he did not expect any type of miracle either. He just continued to accept what was tossed his way. The ring on his left hand still shone brightly every time the sun hit it. And he still lived at the habitat he found the most comforting. It was never too suffocated with memories for him. The memories were what kept him intact all along. He knew he wasn’t going crazy because he had Nic. Nic was always tossing challenges his way and keeping him busy with work.


To say that it had been two years was a bit far-fetched or exaggerated. Because when Yvonne and Angela returned, they found Wallace standing in the midst of the autumn breeze like once when it happened. The scene suggested that they had never left in the first place. Yet the only proof of their absence was their reaction upon greeting one another once more. No traces of guilt or wonderment. It was how life was. Why should they waste time to question one another’s disappearance?

“Are you going to get back together with Yvonne?” Nic asked Wallace one day after work when it was only the two of them closing the shop.

The shop was a different one from either of their previous ones. It was bigger–for obvious reasons.

“What are you talking about?” Wallace asked, turning to Nic with a puzzled look. The one that suggested that Nic needed to be rushed to the nearest lunatic facility.

“The promise you two made two years ago,” Nic reminded Wallace.

Wallace wrinkled his face as if deep in thoughts. Then he remembered. He let out a laugh. “Oh. That was a joke.” Then something else hit. Like it wasn’t right. “How did you know?”

“Tammy made me promise her that I would remind you when the time comes,” Nic said. “It was one of those times when I came to the hospital to visit her.”

Wallace let out a sigh, shaking his head. “She’s a silly girl.”

“Well?” Nic never nagged Wallace. Not on serious matters. But he was doing just that at the moment.

Wallace shook his head. “It would never be fair to her because I would never love her like she deserves.”

“What if she doesn’t mind?”

“Don’t be unrealistic.”

Nic waited for Wallace to elaborate.

“All couples fight and one day…one day she won’t be patient enough for me to change my mind. Then we will regret our decision.”

“Why think so much?”

“Because I know I will never change.”

Nic knew that was a hint to stop.

And life goes on. It always does.

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Posted: Sunday, April 17th, 2011