Chapter 6


It wasn’t until they were home that Penny finally spoke up.

“Promise me,” Penny said, turning to Enson as they got out of the car. “Never follow me again.”

Enson wrinkled his face, knowing too well there was something wrong. “What’s going on?”

“Don’t ask. Just promise me don’t follow me anymore. It’s for your own good.”

After that, Penny continued to the house without saying anything further. Enson wanted to know. Not because he was nosy. He was really worried as to what was really going on. Yes, he had followed Penny earlier when she got up and left the place, thinking he was still fast asleep.


The next day at the wedding parlor, Enson and Penny arrived to see Wallace waiting for them. Enson looked past Wallace to see that Chun and Rainie were inside helping Tammy set up some new display for the shop.

“We need to talk about what happened last night,” Wallace said, his tone serious.

“We have nothing to talk about,” Penny said, tugging Enson along.

“Good morning,” Rainie greeted both with a bright smile.

Enson nodded while Penny looked past both Chun and Rainie to give Tammy a warning look. Chun sensed the hostility, so he turned to look at Tammy also.

“I didn’t know that you two are dating,” Rainie said, her smile still bright yet there was trace of teasing seen in her eyes.

“We’re not…” Enson said, attempting to free his hand from Penny’s and feeling the irony of the situation finally kicking in.

“We’re not ready to tell everyone yet,” Penny corrected Enson, tightening the grip instead of letting him go.

That was when Chun turned to look at Enson with a puzzled expression. Yet Enson couldn’t answer either. He was also looking at Penny.

“But now that you found us out, I guess we don’t have to hide it anymore,” Penny continued right on, ignoring Chun and Enson’s exchange, even shrugging her shoulders and putting on a nervous smile. It was like she was caught red-handed so there was no point hiding anymore.

“That’s great!” Rainie said, not seeing all the exchange of glances among several parties. She had been looking at Penny the whole time, so she didn’t realize the others were appearing uncomfortable.

“Let’s go,” Penny said, tugging Enson along.

“Aren’t they cute together?” Rainie asked, turning to Chun.

“Uh…” Chun managed, not knowing what he had missed either. But before he could muster up an answer, he spotted Wallace heading toward the direction of Enson’s office. He had a feeling it wasn’t going to end well, considering Wallace and Enson’s past disagreements. His anxiousness was building up at an exponential rate. Yet he wasn’t able to leave at that time. The only thing he could do was text Enson to warn Enson of Wallace’s plan.

“Where is this supposed to go?” Rainie asked, turning to Tammy—who was still by the front desk.

Tammy placed her notepad down and walked over to them. The three of them continued to work with the new display.


As for Enson and Penny, they were heading toward Enson’s office. Penny didn’t let go of Enson’s hand until she closed the door behind them.

“I wouldn’t mind helping you,” Enson said. “In fact, it’s really working toward my advantage. But what’s really going on here?”

“Don’t ask,” Penny repeated her answer since last night, knowing too well where Enson was heading toward.

Before Enson could move forward with his confrontation, his phone beeped. He retrieved it from his pocket and checked. It was a message from Chun. A warning message to be exact. He turned to Penny with a worried expression. “Wallace’s coming.”

Penny turned her attention to the door, anticipating the moment of the knock. Enson, on the other hand, didn’t want to wait. He got up from his place and opened the door, seeing that Wallace was really on his way.

“What do you want?” Enson demanded, obvious annoyance seeping into his voice.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to pull with brainwashing Penny,” Wallace said, his anger apparent. “But this has got to stop.”

“Brainwashing?” Enson had on an amused expression. “Who are you talking about exactly?”

“If you have something against me, then go after me. Stop trying to tear us apart.”

“Last time I checked, I didn’t plan the get together with Tammy,” Enson said, knowing it was useless to let it be. “You did.”

“You’re obviously in it with Tammy, trying to tear Penny and me apart,” Wallace said, waving a finger in front of Enson. He then directed his attention toward Penny. “Tammy grabbed me all of a sudden and kissed me. He must have promised Tammy some sort of promotion. That was why she did it.”

Penny didn’t look convinced. In fact, she was more than upset at that point. “Oh really?”

“Penny, you must believe me,” Wallace urged, desperation could be heard in his voice.

“So he planned to meet up with me while I was on the mission?”

Enson looked from Penny to Wallace and back. He knew they were talking in codes. Then he remembered. He knew he had to get it out once and for all. He turned to Wallace with a confronting look. “You’re Silver Fox.”

Wallace didn’t look at Enson. But it wasn’t because he refused to acknowledge Enson’s existence like before. He was really surprised. He looked at Penny. “You told him?”

“How do you know it’s not your Tammy?” Penny returned. “After all, didn’t you say they got together and conspired against you?”

Then Enson understood. Whatever it was, those codes, Tammy was in on it too. That meant Tammy knew about the gun dealings too? Or…

“This is not the time and place,” Wallace said. He reached out to grab Penny’s hand.

That was also when Enson reacted. It was like that one time when Wallace tried to grab Penny. Enson used himself to shield in front of Penny, forcing Wallace back. However, Wallace wasn’t pushed back as easily. Somehow while Enson was distracted with Penny’s safety, he had neglected Wallace’s move. Because before he knew it, Enson heard Penny gasped and had turned in time to see a gun pointing at him.

“I thought you said he doesn’t know anything,” Wallace said, still looking at Enson.

Then something else happened. Penny had stepped out from behind Enson and was also aiming a gun, but at Wallace.

“Penny, are you crazy?” Wallace asked, looking at Penny in disbelief.

“You pulled the gun first,” Penny returned. She was now reaching her other hand out to grab Enson, pushing him behind her in a protective gesture. “Walk away.”

“Penny, you don’t think he’s just going to stay silent, do you?”

A knock interrupted their feud at that time. Or more like three rapid knocks.

“Enson?” Tammy called from outside. “Van said he needs the Stanley files on his desk in half an hour.”

The three in the room were now exchanging looks. Or more like Enson was staring at Wallace, still unsure of Wallace’s possible move while Penny was staring sharply at Wallace—as if warning him not to do anything rash.

“Tell him not to worry,” Enson spoke up at last. “I’ll have it done in fifteen minutes.”

“All right,” Tammy said.

They heard her footsteps making their way back to the reception area.

“What will it be?” Penny asked, still staring at Wallace.

“He knows too much,” Wallace said, his voice still unwavering.

“If you shoot me, Van will find out and call the cops,” Enson bluffed, knowing he needed to grab at the chance.

Wallace smirked. “Really?”

“That means Van’s also in on your scheme?”

“He does know too much,” Wallace repeated, looking at Penny again.

“He doesn’t know anything,” Penny returned, still staring Wallace down. “Put your gun away or I’ll shoot.”

“You would side with him and not me?” Wallace’s hurt expression was obvious.

“Did you consider my feelings when you had that meeting with Tammy? Last chance, put the gun away.”

Another set of knocking was heard at that time.

“Who is it?” Enson asked.

“It’s Rainie,” Rainie returned. “Ruby just came and said she wanted to talk to Penny.”

“I’ll be right out,” Penny answered.

After they were sure that Rainie had left, Penny turned to Enson. “Come with me.”

Enson shook his head. “I have to finish that file for Van. It doesn’t matter what you’re all up to, but we still have work to do.”

Penny turned to Wallace at that time. “If you dare to shoot him behind my back, I’ll personally go to the police with the evidence. So you and your Tammy can rot in prison.”

After saying that, Penny put her gun away and left the room. Wallace had no choice but to withdraw his gun as well.

“What have you done to her?” Wallace asked, still giving Enson the hateful glare.

“I should be asking you that question,” Enson returned, not backing down even if he’d just been threatened.

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