Chapter 11 – Deception & Manipulation

It wasn’t until another week later that Wallace understood what in the world Ehlo and Yvonne had been trying to tell him. He wasn’t a slow reader but clients were suddenly piling up that he’d barely get past one chapter since last week and got dragged away from it again. Yvonne had disappeared after that day he dropped her off. He suspected she was still mad at him. But he didn’t want to go after her either. It wasn’t like it was his fault. At least that was what he stuck with as an answer at first. And it seemed like it was too late when he finally put two and two together. He ran into Ehlo first. It was amazing how he didn’t realize that Ehlo and Yvonne had gotten along so well since that day. Because he had walked past Ehlo’s room and was heading for the door when he realized Ehlo was talking on the phone with Yvonne–and not Angela.

“You’re talking to Yvonne?” Wallace asked, having backtracked and entered Ehlo’s room seconds ago. Even if he had heard, but he had to hear it from Ehlo.

Ehlo seemed oblivious to Wallace’s somewhat intense expression. “Problem?”

“I need to talk to her,” Wallace returned, his hand reaching for Ehlo’s phone.

Ehlo wheeled away from Wallace since he was sitting at his desk and was trying to write down something when Wallace stepped in and interrupted him. “She doesn’t want to talk to you. Besides, get on your own phone and call her, we’re sharing notes right now.”

“Huang Yu Rong!” Wallace yelled out, feeling like he was losing control.

Ehlo remained unmoved. “Like yelling out my name in a dramatic manner would help move things along.”

“I’m halfway through the book already,” Wallace said, hinting that he’d already found out the answer.


“I knew what she did.”

“So you’re going after Yvonne for what she did?”

The “she” Ehlo meant was obviously Cyndi and not Yvonne because they’d already established Cyndi’s identity as Xiao Ling Ling weeks ago.

“Of course not,” Wallace replied, his voice still hostile. “I just need to talk to Yvonne. I want to know how she knew. Okay, so she broke into the system but…”

“She’s smart, okay?” Ehlo snapped his phone shut then–indicating that Yvonne probably already hung up–and got up from his seat. “Look, go confront Cyndi first.”

“I was going to, but I heard you were talking to Yvonne so I want to talk to her first.”

Ehlo shook his head. “No deal, I’m not selling my bookworm buddy out.”

“She broke your phone.”

“She didn’t mean it. And she already compensated me. It went to you, remember?”

Wallace couldn’t believe the turn of events, so he had no choice but to leave Ehlo’s room. His anger was still surging though. But before he lost it completely, he turned to Ehlo at the door. “Where’s Jacky?”

“He took Sophia to the airport, remember?”

That was when Wallace realized he’d gone past sanity. Yes, Jacky had told them several hours earlier that he was seeing Sophia and Grandpa Chou off.

“You want me to come with you then?” Ehlo offered, suddenly realizing the seriousness of the situation as well. “You’re in no condition to drive. I mean it, no jokes.”

Wallace nodded automatically, knowing that was his only way to convince Ehlo about disclosing more information regarding Yvonne’s whereabouts. And the reason why he needed to extract information of Yvonne’s whereabouts from Ehlo was because Yvonne had moved already. Though he had been firm on thinking he wasn’t in the wrong this time–and had vouched not to go hunt her down, but he’d broken his pledge and gone past her place several times in the past week, and actually went to talk to the landlady the last time to find out Yvonne was already gone.

“Where to?” Ehlo asked as he grabbed his keys from his drawer.

“I’ll call her first,” Wallace said as they were at the front door.

“Okay then.”

And it seemed like they were back together as the “Huang-Huo” team at long last.


Cyndi had agreed to meet Wallace at East Shore Café. Wallace had omitted the fact that Ehlo was the driver. And Cyndi had omitted the fact that she had brought Josh with her. Ehlo had also omitted the little detail where he had texted Angela about their whereabouts before Wallace got into the car earlier. The reason why Wallace didn’t get into the car at the same time as Ehlo was because his car was blocking Ehlo’s car hence he had to move it before joining Ehlo in Ehlo’s car. Informing Angela about the matter also meant she had dragged Bianca with her to stop the inevitable from happening, whatever that had meant. Ehlo and Yvonne hadn’t told anyone about the secret code because they were waiting for Wallace to figure the clues out himself. But Angela knew too well something was up when Ehlo told her Wallace had cracked the code already. That was why she needed to be there when things unfolded between Wallace and Cyndi. When Wallace and Ehlo arrived, Angela and Bianca weren’t the only ones there. Qiao Qiao, Yan Yan, Chen Yi, Achel, and Kris were as well. It wasn’t like Kris wanted to meddle into their business but he was dragged there by Chen Yi because they were on their way to see a movie as a weekend activity. But now that they were alerted of the matter, they had to head there immediately, canceling their initial plan.

Wallace turned to Ehlo then. “I trusted you not to blab it out and you brought the whole town with you?”

Ehlo was still staying calm–like he had nothing to worry about. “They came on their own, I didn’t bring them.”

Wallace knew Ehlo too well to argue with him. He had no choice but to head toward the meeting area. It was ironic that many of their happy events were spent there but it was now also recording one of the most intense moments in their history. The others were still following him but at a safe distance, except for Ehlo, Angela, and Bianca who were walking in a straight line with him.

“You said you wanted to meet with me,” Cyndi said when she saw all of them present. “Not all of them.”

“They came on their own, I didn’t bring them with me,” Wallace returned, his hostility obvious. And he didn’t care if Ehlo had given him a look for stealing Ehlo’s answer. “And you didn’t say you were bringing your latest novel idea with you.”

He had meant Josh without saying Josh’s name. Cyndi understood that part without needing any interpretation from anyone. Her face had turned from annoyance–because of the crowd gathered–to paleness from embarrassment. Like she had been caught red-handed.

“I…” Cyndi stuttered.

Wallace whipped out a book then. It was strange that they hadn’t realized he had been holding it in his hand the whole time. It was just that he had his hand lowered. “So, am I really number 13 or am I one of the ones that you managed to filter out?”

“I…” Cyndi had glimpsed at the crowd in front of her, their faces displayed a united confusion, except for Ehlo.

“Stop it!” Josh bellowed at that time, stepping forward and sliding a hand around Cyndi’s shoulders in a protective gesture. “You’re all here to bully her not long after her brother just died? Do you all even have a conscience? To think that you’re supposed to be her friends.”

“Her brother’s the one who’s dead, not her,” Wallace replied coldly. “She still has time to come clean and start over.”

“And she’s no longer my friend,” Ehlo jumped in. “She’s dead to me now.”

“Huang Yu Rong,” Angela called out–though her voice was light, not sharp and loud like in the past when she tried to stop him from acting rash. Her hands grabbed onto his right arm, her face reflected of much worry.

“What’s going on here?” Bianca interfered, looking at Wallace. “I know it’s none of our business, but seriously, what could happen that even Ehlo couldn’t forgive her?”

Although Ehlo seemed the most hot-headed among them–aside from Angela–most of the time, he had never held a grudge toward anyone in the past. Declaring something such as “You’re dead to me” was already way over the line of extremity. Even if it was Sonia in the past, he only expressed the opinion of not liking her–even way before she got together with Jacky and the inevitable breakup. They still remained friends–even if at a polite distance. But now? It was hard to blame Bianca for speaking up and interrogating Wallace.

“I will admit that it’s my fault for initiating our relationship,” Wallace continued, ignoring Bianca’s question and still staring intently at Cyndi. “But you have no right to write all my feelings out like that to make money.”

“What?” Qiao Qiao exclaimed around then. “What’s going on here? This concerns my boyfriend after all! I have to know!”

“Calm down, Qiao,” Yan Yan said, her turn to slip a hand on Qiao Qiao’s shoulder to calm Qiao Qiao down.

“Who already read her latest book?” Ehlo asked, turning to scan their faces. “It’s in there.”

“I have it at home but didn’t read it yet,” Bianca admitted.

The others either shook their heads or admitted that they weren’t interested in those romance novels.

“Just tell us already,” Qiao Qiao said, her patience draining again.

Ehlo knew too well he shouldn’t trigger Qiao Qiao’s feelings anymore. He knew the poor girl had tried very hard to move on since that day Yan Yan talked to her. “Well, as we all know, this is her 13th novel, right? Number 13 is Wallace. Number 12 is her ex before Wallace and you get the picture with the rest of the other ones.”

Angela’s hand dropped from Ehlo’s side then. She was wrinkling her face but not in confusion, it was more like acknowledgment. “You’re saying that she uses the details from her past relationships as ideas for her novels?”

“Not only that,” Ehlo said, looking at Angela. “Her sole purpose of dating them is so she could use the ideas to write her novels.”

“That’s impossible,” Bianca argued. “I mean, okay, some details could be similar to her daily life, but it couldn’t be helped, right? How could it be that she’s dating because she needs ideas?”

“Just ask the girl, she’s right there, you know.”

“That’s enough!” Josh bellowed again as the others turned to Cyndi. “Stop making stuff up.”

“Tang Feng wasn’t punishing her because she broke up with me,” Wallace spoke up again. “Because you can’t force emotions, but it was because he’d knew what she’d done with her past boyfriends, and I was her latest target. And because Tang Feng exposed her, it explained a lot of things, like her constant absence at the shop. It was because she had to go and meet up with her editor. She never published her photo so we never knew who she was until the will was read. Yvonne broke into the system using her father’s name to search for Cyndi’s information and that was how she knew. But she couldn’t convince me because I was too stubborn to listen.”

“So your girlfriend put you up to this?” Josh asked, his tone interrogative.

“Yvonne’s not my girlfriend,” Wallace confessed, not caring if he’d gone back on his words. “She was just using that excuse to stick around and help us with the funeral.”

“And cause trouble,” Josh finished.

Wallace clenched his fist then, trying to restrain his anger. “Don’t you talk about Yvonne like that.”

“Then don’t talk about my girl like that.”

“Well?” Wallace said, focusing on Cyndi again–and ignoring Josh completely. “Don’t you want to explain yourself?”

“Wait,” Angela interrupted Wallace–though she didn’t mean to do it on purpose. “If she was writing about Wallace, then why didn’t Ehlo discover it yet when he read it immediately after he bought it two years ago?”

“Some things are similar on the surface only,” Ehlo told Angela. “Like the lovers’ bracelet incident. Those are common, right? So, of course, I thought that was so cool something like that happened to us too. I mean it wasn’t rare or strange that some guy out there would think of doing that for his girl too.”

“Then how could you be sure this is about Wallace?” Angela turned to Wallace then. “I’m not saying that you’re lying. I just want to rule out everything.”

“What Ehlo said is only part of it,” Wallace answered, looking at Angela this time–and no longer staring at Cyndi. “The other part is the dialogues were what I had told her in private. She had used them all, not changing a word.”

Angela turned to Cyndi then, studying her as if she’d known Cyndi for the first time. She no longer doubted Wallace. She’d known him way too long. Longer than she’d known Cyndi. He would never condemn his ex-girlfriend like that, even if he was mad. She would know. She was one of them.

“No one has to know about this,” Cyndi finally spoke up. “I mean I already promised my brother that I won’t do it again at his grave. Besides, what you’ve told me are my memories too. Don’t I have the right to use it? And don’t you guys remember Xiao Qiao? She came to visit us and even used us as ideas to get out of her writer’s block.”

It was also then that Josh’s hand slipped from Cyndi’s shoulder. The others were as surprised of her admittance. She didn’t have to admit it because Josh was doing fine with shielding her from their wrath. It wasn’t like they would attack her, but the pressure was piling up. And the others were wrong. They had thought the pressures from them all crushing in at her was too much for her to speak up hence the silence approach. Yet it seemed like she was just reconsidering matters in her mind and conjuring up an escape route after the initial shock of being busted.

“No, it’s not enough,” Wallace said, shaking his head. “If you only had dragged me into it, I wouldn’t be as mad. Like I said, call it stupidity on my own part. But you dragged Chen Yi and Qiao Qiao in too? That was our secret. That was what made us all friends.”

And that was when the others finally understood why Ehlo had declared that Cyndi was dead to him.

“Not to mention Xiao Qiao had especially told us throughout her trip that she would use us as part of the inspiration,” Ehlo jumped in. “We were a small backdrop and part of the town in her story. She even credited us in the after note.”

“What else is in that book?” Angela asked, alarmed–and she had turned to look at Ehlo.

“I’ll tell you later,” Ehlo whispered to Angela.

“If you think repenting just because Tang Feng’s gone, then it is too late,” Wallace continued. “But it seems from your defense tactic of taking a strike at Xiao Qiao, you haven’t repented at all. And I’m planning to keep the shop because I respect your brother, not because I want the wealth.” He tossed the book in his hand on the table before turning to leave.

Ehlo, Angela, and Bianca exchanged a look between them before taking leave as well, knowing that chasing after Wallace was more important than attacking Cyndi. The damage was already done. Wasting their breaths wasn’t going to help, considering how Cyndi had stuck with the whole ‘keeping it under wraps’ because no one knew anyway. What was the point?

Yet that was a different case with Qiao Qiao.

“How could you?” Qiao Qiao questioned, her fierce look on Cyndi. “Does our friendship mean nothing to you?”

Yan Yan was still restraining Qiao Qiao at that time, not wanting Qiao Qiao to advance on Cyndi.

“Qiao Qiao, ignore her,” Chen Yi interfered. “Some people will never get it.”

It took both Yan Yan and Chen Yi to haul Qiao Qiao out of there. Achel and Kris followed them in silence.


As for Wallace, he had reassured the girls that he was fine so they headed off to Johnny and Bianca’s house as planned previously if Ehlo hadn’t called them while Ehlo drove Wallace back home. However, when they stopped at a red light, Wallace told Ehlo to go to Yvonne’s workplace. Though it was supposedly weekend.

“What are you up to, man?” Ehlo asked, turning to look at Wallace briefly.

“I have a feeling Yvonne’s in trouble,” Wallace answered.

“Now you’re telling me you have psychic abilities?”

Wallace shook his head. “That’s crazy. I don’t know, I just have a feeling, okay? That was why I wanted to get out of there fast.”

“And looking at her workplace is a good idea?”

Wallace had been looking out at the view. But now he turned to Ehlo. “Then tell me where she is.”

Things clicked in place for Ehlo then. “I see what you’re trying to do. You’re putting me on by telling me about some hunches so I could tell you where she is.”

“Come on, man.”

“No deal.”

Though Ehlo had turned Wallace down with the cooperation of disclosing some information, he still drove Wallace to Yvonne’s workplace. At least he tried. They couldn’t enter the parking area. It was sealed off and there were some police vehicles on site.

“Police business, you can’t come in,” One of the officers said as Ehlo rolled down his window to ask questions.

“What happened?” Ehlo asked, looking past the yellow tape where several officers were spread out on a search for something.

“Unless you work here or have information that could help us, we have to ask you to leave for your own safety.”

“But one of our friends told us to pick her up here. We were delayed in traffic and couldn’t make it until now.”

Wallace had to give Ehlo credit for not even blinking when he just lied to a police officer’s face.

“Whoever it is must have left already,” The officer responded. “Sir, please, we have to do our job.”

“Detective Chen!” Wallace yelled out suddenly, having spotted the man. He had gotten out of the car and was making his way toward the curb.

“Sir, please don’t make this difficult,” The officer who was talking to Ehlo earlier said and moved forward to block Wallace’s way.

While that officer was busy stopping Wallace, Ehlo had taken full advantage of the situation and escaped from his car as well. When the officer was talking to him, the man had been too close to the door hence not allowing Ehlo to open the door. Now was his chance and the officer realized too late.

“Sirs, you’re both making it very difficult for us,” The officer repeated once more. “If you continue to be uncooperative, then I would have no choice but to arrest you.”

“Leave them to me,” Detective Chen’s voice spoke up at that time–since he was near them now and had recognized both Ehlo and Wallace.

“Yes, sir,” The younger officer said and made leave–though his expression was reluctant.

“What are you two doing here?” Detective Chen demanded as soon as the other officer was out of earshot.

“We’re looking for Yvonne,” Wallace replied, scanning the area.

“She’s in the hospital.”

“What?” Ehlo exclaimed–and not Wallace.

Wallace was gripping onto Ehlo’s shoulder for support. Score one for gut feeling, he thought to himself.

“Look, I know you both for a while now so I’ll be blunt with you, but don’t go broadcast it, okay?” Detective Chen said, his eyes darting toward the crime scene.

Both nodded in unison–with Wallace still trying to regain himself. But they were both wrong with thinking Detective Chen would disclose anything else aside from the hospital where Yvonne was currently staying at. They thanked him and left after several more words exchanged.

“Don’t let anything happen to her,” Wallace chanted over and over again.

“Detective Chen doesn’t seem too worried,” Ehlo pointed out.

“He’s probably trying to control himself so he could finish here before he could go see his daughter.”

“His daughter?”

“Yvonne’s his daughter.”


Wallace knew he had broken his promise to Yvonne, but he didn’t care. Ehlo might as well know. Ehlo was already practically best friends with her anyway. It didn’t make any difference. Wallace quickly told Ehlo the details that Yvonne had told him previously about her name change on the drive to the hospital.

“Whoa,” Ehlo said after Wallace was done.

That was all Ehlo said. At least until they arrived at the hospital and got past some checkpoint. Detective Chen had called ahead so the officers on guard were able to confirm of their identities thus letting them in.

“Hey, girl,” Ehlo greeted Yvonne as they entered her room.

Yvonne smiled and waved at them with one hand while her other hand was tucked away in a cast.

“What in the world happened to you?” Ehlo asked, realizing she had a cast on. “We were talking fine on the phone earlier.”

Wallace was still quiet and was observing the other guy in the room with Yvonne. Yes, Ehlo had tuned that guy out on purpose, only focusing on Yvonne as they came closer to her bed.

“It happened after I got off the phone with you,” Yvonne replied, attempting to shrug yet winced since she had forgotten she wasn’t supposed to move. She recovered quickly and gestured her uninjured arm toward a chair nearby. “Sit down.”

“Details, girl,” Ehlo said, settling into the chair Yvonne pointed at. He didn’t even care that Wallace was still standing.

“Well…” Yvonne said, attempting to pull herself up to a sitting position but was struggling.

Wallace and the other guy both moved forward to help her at that time. But Wallace was faster. He managed to slip his hands around her shoulders and secured his spot on the edge of her bed. It was enough to force the other party back several steps.

“Be careful,” Wallace chided her.

Yvonne had on her amused expression, understanding too well what was going on. “I’m not a kid.” Yet she didn’t tell him to remove his hands from her shoulders.

“You’re injured,” Wallace reminded her and was adjusting her hand so it wasn’t caught in the blanket as he was helping her sit up.

“Great, I’m witnessing the moment of the century and I can’t even record it,” Ehlo mumbled, his hands tucked into his jacket pockets.

Wallace didn’t care if Ehlo was making fun of him; he still resumed his post next to Yvonne after she was already sitting comfortably with a pillow tugged behind her. And he hadn’t removed his hands from around her yet. But she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. He had a feeling it was the second one.

“Mind telling us what happened to you now?” Ehlo prompted, his patience draining, though he thought they were cute–if he had to admit.

“I got shot,” Yvonne said, sounding like she just went down to the store and bought some salt instead of having been involved in some dangerous situation. “And stabbed…”

Ehlo and Wallace’s face expressions mirrored one another. They had even exchanged a look. Wallace was still letting Ehlo do the talking without interrupting.

“Again, how in the world did it happen?”

“I dodged the bullet and kicked his gun out of the way, but he still had a knife on him so…”

“Wait, can you please start from the beginning?”

“Didn’t Detective Chen tell you?”

“Your dad just told us you’re here.”

“What?” The other person in the room finally spoke up.

“What?” Ehlo returned, finally acknowledging the other guy’s existence.

“Oh,” Yvonne said, smiling to herself. “I forgot to tell you, he’s not my dad. He’s his dad.”

“What?” It was Ehlo’s turn to be confused–again. He looked at Wallace then.

“Justin,” Yvonne turned to the other guy that they’d all had been ignoring. “These are my friends, Ehlo and Wallace.” She gestured toward Justin quickly as she turned to Ehlo. “He’s actually Detective Chen’s kid. I’m not.”

“That was where I was confused,” Ehlo said, looking at Wallace again. “He just told me that you’re Detective Chen’s daughter.”

“I lied.”

“To your boyfriend?” Ehlo had winked.

“What?” Justin exclaimed then.

“I’m her boyfriend,” Wallace said, his eyes staring unwaveringly at Justin.

“And you don’t even know her background?”

“None of your business.”

“Whoa, tune it down, Huo,” Ehlo said, feeling like Wallace was losing it. A little jealousy was cute, but hostility? Not cool.

“I’m not his girlfriend,” Yvonne clarified but didn’t look at Justin. She still stared at Ehlo. “Back to your question, I’m actually a cop. I was put undercover at that firm to investigate possible money laundering activities.” Then she turned to Wallace, just slightly though since he had stopped her from making too much movement, not wanting her to hurt herself any more than she already did. “And you caught us at a meeting so I had to lie about him being my dad.”

“Nice, girl,” Ehlo said, nodding his head–like he was amused more than being sarcastic.

“Hey, I couldn’t blow my cover when we were so close, could I?”

“And how did you get shot then?”

“I followed him, my boss, today and saw that he was coming in. It was strange all right because he had let us have several days of breaks though it’s not even any kind of holiday. I was right, he was up to something. I called Detective Chen before heading inside, but they got there later than I thought so…”

“That’s it, you’re not going to get involved in these dangerous cases anymore,” Wallace said in an as a matter of fact tone. “You have to quit your job.”

“Says who?” Yvonne returned–her amused smile on again.

“Your boyfriend.”

“I just said you’re not my boyfriend.”

“You’re just upset after our last fight.”

Yvonne wasn’t the only one amused, Ehlo was too but he wasn’t going to ruin the fun. He had taken his hands out of his pockets and had crossed them together now. It was indeed an interesting show. He didn’t miss Justin’s darkened expression either.

“He finally read to the essential part of the story,” Ehlo filled Yvonne in as Yvonne was still studying Wallace’s face for traces of Wallace’s strange behaviors.

“Oh,” Yvonne muttered, shifting from her place and trying to put some space between them.

“Don’t move,” Wallace chided, still holding onto her, pulling her back into his embrace. “You’re going to hurt yourself again.”

“Let go of me,” Yvonne said, her voice firm and authoritative this time versus her not caring as much previously.

Instead of obeying her command, Wallace edged even closer, hugging her from behind–and making sure he wasn’t putting any pressure on her injured hand.

“I know you’re mad at me,” Wallace said in a soft voice. “And you have every right to be since I shouldn’t have doubted you. Not after what you were willing to do for me. But just give me one more chance, okay?”

His face was touching hers now so she wasn’t able to shift at all.

“I believe she dismissed you already,” Justin spoke up then.

“I didn’t dismiss him,” Yvonne said, staring at Justin with much annoyance present on her face. “I just told him to let go of me. There’s a difference. Haven’t they taught you to listen properly at Police Academy? Or was it because they thought your father was cool so they passed you without caring what grade you actually earned?”

Wallace smiled though he had let go of her and leaned back on the bedpost. He was actually enjoying the show as Justin’s face turned uncomfortable.

“Ouch,” Ehlo muttered under his breath. “I thought you guys were friends.”

“He’s just here to keep guard,” Yvonne said, looking at Ehlo now, her expression normal again.

“Just out of curiosity though…how come I never seen him before?”

“He just graduated.”

“Oh…” He shifted in his seat a bit as he retrieved his cell phone from an inside pocket. “Look at the time. I think I need to head back.”

“Take care then.”

Ehlo nodded and got up from his seat. He turned to wave to Justin before turning to leave.

“Aren’t you going with him?” Yvonne asked, turning to Wallace.

“I’m here to take care of you,” Wallace replied.

“I’ll bring your stuff later, Huo,” Ehlo said as he walked past the door.

“Thanks, Huang.”

“Wallace, you’re seriously not going to stay here, are you?” Yvonne asked after Ehlo was gone already. “Come on, we can talk about the other thing later. I need to stay here for a while and then…”

Wallace shook his head. “No, you’re not going to get rid of me this time. I’m here to stay.”

“Visiting hours are over,” Justin jumped in then.

“Says you, right?” Wallace snapped. “I can call your father and tell him about it if you want.”

Justin stared at both Wallace and Yvonne before dismissing himself. Though he didn’t look too happy. Wallace’s smile had turned wider.

“Come on, stop it,” Yvonne told him. “I appreciate it that you got rid of him, but you’re digging a big hole for yourself by offending him.”

“You embarrassed him too,” Wallace reminded her of her previous words.

“That’s different. I’m his superior, you’re not.”

“I’m your boyfriend, I have every right to take care of you and be protective of you. And besides, I helped Detective Chen cracked cases before so…”


“Okay, just one or two in the past, but I don’t think Detective Chen would get mad at me because I told his son to stop going after my girlfriend.”

“Oh Wallace…”

She wasn’t touched, she was just feeling the helplessness of not being able to stop him. So she left it at that. For the time being.

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