Chapter 14 – The Unexpected

Time moved on at a rapid pace for them for the next three months. One way or another, they were very busy with their lives. Within that time frame, they managed to finish Alyssa’s renovation project in the first month. It was at an on and off interval, and the whole debate that had caused the delay. However, Alyssa didn’t mind.

On the other hand, Ehlo’s activeness in Tony’s land development project decreased even more as it was going so smoothly. He was only needed for consultation from time to time. The rest of his time was dedicated to Wallace’s renovation project and also to jump-start his own business. With Wallace’s help, he managed to get the official paperwork out of the way faster than usual with those procedures and moved onto the advertisement side.

As for the others, Jacky had been gradually returning to his past self, joking and smiling more often. Perhaps only Bryant was the only one not used to it. Even though Joanne had already told him about Jacky’s past personalities. Jacky had also quit his job. It wasn’t because he wanted to back down on the challenge of the new environment like he had declared years ago. Yet he finally realized and understood that he was just hiding and torturing himself on purpose just to numb the pain he was going through by forcing himself to change jobs. So he finally returned to KFT after all these years. Indeed, he was welcomed by all staff. Even if some had left and some were new, but they had heard of him and had missed him all these years. Perhaps the happiest person at the station was Producer Lin. And the person who was happiest within their group to see Jacky at the radio station was none other than Joanne. Indeed, they had gone full circle. And the other shocking news yet not so out character was from Angela. She had also returned to KFT because she had also missed the excitement of working there, however briefly it was.

In regard to Janine and Novia, they’d been getting along quite well with the rest of the group. Janine wasn’t as baffled by their bizarre behaviors anymore. Even Eddie was hanging around them more regularly. In fact, he ended up getting along quite well with Andy.

Tony and Esther were back to the point they left off years ago. In fact, it was like they’d never broken up. Although Tony’s mother was somewhat indifferent since hearing the news and then the interrogation, she soon warmed up to the idea again. The only difference this time was not rushing the two to get married. Another reason was how Tony was so occupied with the big project that she didn’t have the chance to pester him either.

All in all, they were busy with their lives–one way or another. Time didn’t slow down for them or they didn’t have any time to halt their pace. Not like they could help it. Not until one day. The day that Sophia returned.

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